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Diwali Rockets – Part 3 (The group sex)

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Hey guys, I am sharing the next part of the story about what transpired after we left off. Now getting back to the story.

Hey guys, I am sharing the next part of the story about what transpired after we left off. Now getting back to the story.

Uncle and I were lying on the bed, all worn out and tired. I fell asleep. I woke up and felt that both my boobs were being sucked. I moaned, enjoying them getting sucked and licked together.

Then I felt hands on my legs, the hands parted my legs, and I felt a tongue on my pussy. I was enjoying the moment of being sucked everywhere when suddenly, it hit me.

Did uncle invite others when I was asleep? I was afraid, and I got up and opened my eyes.

Me – (scared) What are you doing?

It was Sunny and Riju sucking on both my boobs. The most surprising was Das uncle’s son sucking my pussy. They held my waist and shoulder and pinned me down on the bed, and started feasting on me.

Me – What the fuck are you all doing?

I couldn’t get free even if I tried. I saw Das uncle sitting beside me and watching the boys.

I learned later that Riju and Sunny were looking for me as I was taking a long time to return. They were not confident about coming alone, so they brought Das uncle’s son. When they entered, they saw me in the bed naked and were shocked.

Das uncle’s son was the one who came first and started to suck me while I was sleeping. Sunny and Riju got the confidence and joined after that. I knew Sunny wouldn’t let this opportunity pass him by. He was always trying his luck with me.

Sunny and Riju were 2-3 years younger than me, but I didn’t expect Das uncle’s son to join too. He was almost 9 years younger than me and was in college. He was a virgin of 19 years.

I started to get all riled up inside while the 3 boys were sucking my boobs and pussy. I was getting turned on and started moaning while being eaten. They started to rotate themselves, and everyone sucked my boobs and pussy in turns.

It started with Das uncle’s son sucking my pussy, Sunny sucking my right boob and Riju my left boob. Then they changed position. Riju sucked my pussy, Sunny on my left boob and Das uncle’s son on my right boob. By now, I was moaning loudly.

After this, Sunny came between my legs and started sucking my pussy. Riju was sucking my boobs, and Das uncle’s son started kissing and sucking my lips. Das uncle took my hand and placed it on his dick. I was getting wet with all the mouth working on me, which led me to rub uncle’s dick fast.

Sunny getting the opportunity to come between my legs, started fingering me while licking my clit. That made me jump around like a fish out of water. I was being kissed by Das uncle’s son in a sloppy manner. He enjoyed sucking my lips and playing with my tongue.

Riju was sucking on both boobs, pressing and fondling them, biting my nipples. I was losing my mind, and lust was taking over. Suddenly I felt 3 fingers inside my pussy, sending electric shocks all over my body. I was struggling to break free from all 3. It was too much for me now.

Sunny then started to finger me faster and faster. It sent jolts of electricity all over my body. My nipples became ultra sensitive and Riju sucking on them was more than I could take. I cum all over Sunny’s hand while raising my waist.

Everyone saw how my body twitched and bent. Riju and Das uncle’s son stopped to let me take a break. Sunny pulled out his fingers. I took a breath of relief. But he put his dick inside in one strong push instantly.

Me – Aaahhh!

I screamed out loud. Sunny got on me in missionary and rammed like a mad dog. I could sense his desire to have me take over him. He kissed and licked my nipples while fucking like a beast. Though his dick was only 6 inches, his strong thrusts made me mad. I grabbed onto Sunny while he mercilessly fucked me.

Sunny – Scream louder, bitch.

Me – Slowly, yaar, please…

Sunny – Sexy bitches deserve a hard fuck.

Me – Aah, uff, please, slowly.

Sunny just kept ramming me hard mercilessly. He fucked like a typical rabbit, lasting less than 10 minutes. He seemed happy and victorious after the fuck and cum all over my tummy and boobs.

Sunny – Finally got you in bed after a long time. The best Diwali pataka I had.

He moved away between my legs, and Riju was ready with his dick. He pulled me up and made me sit on his lap. His dick slowly entered my pussy. He was the cuddly type and held me in his lap and started kissing me. After sucking my lips for a few minutes, he moved down to my nipples and sucked them.

Then he lay on the bed and made me ride him in cowgirl. He also had a 6 inches rocket in his pocket. He played with my boobs and slapped my ass while I rode him.

Riju – I didn’t expect you to be this hot with such a sexy body.

Me – Good boy.

Riju – Ride as much as you want. You can have it whenever you want

Me – No thanks, I am good. You are all lucky for tonight only.

I kept on jumping on his dick. He was holding out well. Sunny came and put his dick in my mouth all of a sudden.

Sunny – Make me hard.

He started to fuck my mouth with his soft dick. It took him some time to get hard again. On the other hand, Riju held on for around 15 minutes. Then he put me down and cum on my face.

As soon as Riju moved, Sunny again got between my legs and started where he left off fucking hard instantly.

Sunny – Another round of good hard fucking for the lady coming up!

And he started ramming hard. He held my waist with both hands and fucked. My body started moving up and down on the bed, my boobs were jumping, and I was screaming.

Sunny – Scream, baby.

I guess he got turned on more by making me scream. The louder I screamed, the faster he fucked. There came the point when even the bed started to move. I already knew I was fucked with uncle, but with these guys being lucky. I knew I was not gonna be able to walk tomorrow at all.

Sunny lasted longer this time and made me cum. He smiled while I was cumming. He felt victorious in his own right. He kept fucking for another few minutes, and this time made me drink his cum. He put his dick in my mouth and held my face and cum.

Sunny – Awesome!

Sunny seemed extremely satisfied with his labor work. Riju wanted to cum in my mouth and asked for a blowjob. I started to suck his dick. Sunny started to lick my ass and pussy from behind while I blew Riju. I loved getting rimmed, and it turned me on a little.

I sucked Riju hard because of that. He enjoyed his first blowjob. One of his hands pushed my face on his dick, his other hand fondling my boobs. He seemed to love the boobs, so I also used them. I put his dick between my boobs and licked the top.

He was enjoying the view and the action and cum hard all over my face, mouth and boobs. Sunny licked me for a few minutes, then again got between my legs.

Sunny – Ready or not, here I come.

I was pleading with him to go slow this time. But he wasn’t interested to hear and started ramming me again in full force. He cum twice already, and this time he lasted more than 20 minutes, making me crazy. His stamina didn’t seem to end.

His hard thrusts made my pussy red, and his eyes were glued on my boobs, bouncing and moaning. He loved to hear me moan on his dick. The moment I stopped my moaning little, he thrust harder so I would moan loudly.

Sunny – Damn, what a pataka you are!

He fucked the hardest for the next couple of minutes and cum over me. All I could do was moan while he ran his engine in my pussy at full speed for 20 minutes straight.

I really needed a break now because of Sunny and his brutal hard fucking. I asked for water from Das uncle.

Das uncle – Thirsty dear? Wait, I will get you water. You, boys, enjoyed enough. Now you can leave.

Don’t forget to tune in to the next part to find out about the fireworks, spark and Diwali sex! You can share your thoughts, suggestions and feedback at [email protected]