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Amazing Sex With 7-years Unfucked Landlady Lalita

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Hello, Raj welcomes you all. Let’s start the story. I took a new room. The owner was a divorced woman. Let me first introduce you to the landlady.

Hello, Raj welcomes you all. Let’s start the story.

I took a new room. The owner was a divorced woman. Let me first introduce you to the landlady.

My new landlady was a 36-year-old Indian woman. Her name was Lalita Yadav. She was divorced and had a son and daughter. Her son lived with her ex-husband and the daughter lived with her. It had been two months since I lived in this new building and everything was going well.

One day, I was resting in my room when my landlady came into the room.

Lalita: Raj, please come with me quickly.

I got up and followed her. Her old mother’s health had suddenly deteriorated. She asked me to accompany her to the hospital. I could not refuse after seeing the situation.

After reaching the hospital, my landlady admitted her mother. The doctor checked and told my landlady that her mother would have to be admitted for a few days. Then Lalita talked to me –

Lalita: My sister’s boy will come the day after tomorrow. Can you please stay in the hospital for two days at night?

I said: Okay.

Then I stayed there for the night and sent her home.

After two days, her mother’s health got better and then we brought her home. Due to the recent help, Lalita began to give me a lot of affection and I used to visit Lalita bhabhi’s house every day.

Now she would often ask me to eat. Slowly, I also became friends with my landlady’s daughter Divya. Her grandmother’s health was slowly getting better.

One day at night I was lying on the bed in my room reading stories of infatuation. I was lying naked and was caressing my cock. I didn’t even notice when my landlady Lalita came into the room! She was standing there silently, looking at my cock.

I was caressing my cock while reading the sex story on my mobile. Suddenly I saw her, and the color of my face went off. I quickly put the sheet over myself. Now I was very ashamed.

Then Lalita came to me and said: Raj, why do you do all this?

I was silent.

My divorced landlady laughed and said: Don’t you have a girlfriend?

I said slowly: No, that’s why I am running my work by shaking myself.

She laughed and my courage increased. Then I told her:

Me: You must have liked it too. You too are young and very beautiful.

Lalita got sad after listening to me and said: My life has become useless.

Saying this, she sat on my bed. I moved toward her and said:

Me: Why do you speak like that? You are very good. The one who left you, it is his loss.

Then she said: My husband used to doubt me a lot and used to beat me after drinking alcohol at night.

I comforted my sad landlady by placing my hand on his shoulder and said:

Me: You have done very well. Only lucky people get a wife like you.

Then Lalita bhabhi started crying. Her head was bending toward me. I put her head on my shoulder and stroked her back.

Lalita was feeling very good about all this. She clanged to my chest but was still crying.

Lalita: Raj, you are so good. You have helped me so much.

Now, turning my hand on Lalita’s back, I said:

Me: Oh, this is my duty.

My house owner lady lied down beside me. I put Lalita on my side and started kissing her. After a while, suddenly Lalita pushed me away!

Lalita: Raj, what are we doing?! This is all wrong. I was married once and now I have two children.

I said: Nothing is wrong in this. You too have needs too, don’t you feel that?

Without waiting for her reply, I kissed her again and mashed her nipples over the blouse. She was protesting very weakly. Then I slowly came over to her and sucked her lips.

Now Lalita’s breaths were heating up and she said –

Lalita: No Raj, I have kept myself in restraint for 7 years.

I unheeded her words, opened the buttons of her blouse and separated both the fronts of the blouse. Now her big nipples were open in front of me without a bra. Then I took a boob in my mouth and started sucking it. Within a few moments, Lalita bhabhi became so aroused.

She said in my ear: Raj, the door is open.

I got up and went to close the door and came back. Then I took off her saree and petticoat. She was not wearing panties. Both of us were naked now. My landlady bhabhi’s big boobs were looking amazing. There were bunches of hair in the pussy, which had not been cleaned for long. She started caressing my dick and said,

Lalita: Raj, today after 7 whole years, I have got a cock in my hand.

I said: Now, get ready to taste it.

I put my cock in her mouth and started pushing it in. My sex-starved landlady was sucking my cock with great pleasure. I also started pushing it inside and out.

She was sucking my cock like a lollipop. Perhaps she wanted to fulfill the lust of seven years in one go. I put Lalita bhabhi on the bed and started sucking her lips. I mashed her nipples.

Then Lalita started speaking: Raj, don’t tease me anymore, quickly put your lauda in my thirsty pussy.

So I put my cock on my landlady’s pussy and pushed hard.

Lalita started shouting:’s hurting..I am gonna die in this pain..Aaaahh. Please take it out.

Lalita’s pussy had become tight like a new girl due to not taking cock for seven years. I stopped my lad and started sucking her nipples.

After some time, Lalita got some relief. She started stroking my back. I then pushed once more and my whole cock went deep inside the divorced milf’s hungry pussy.

Lalita shouted again: Uiii mom.. My pussy is shrinking slowly..

I said: Have some patience, now the pussy will widen.

Without caring about the pain of Lalita, I started to fuck her very fast and started moving the cock inside and out. I felt like I was fucking a fresh 20-year-old girl.

Lalita: Keep doing that..ahhhh..

And I increased my speed and kept fucking my landlady. Slowly, Lalita also started enjoying it and in that fun, she started speaking:

Lalita: Ahh ahhh nice it feels…

Her legs were spread and the pussy had left a succulent substance, due to which my cock started running in the pussy. I started to fuck her pussy with more strength. Lalita also started supporting me by lifting her ass from the below.

After some time, I started licking her pussy after pelting the cock from behind. Now she also started giving her ass back and forth and giving full support in sex with fun.

I started squeezing her nipples, kissing, and pushing more. She also started responding to my every push. Her pussy soon left the water. Due to the wetness in the pussy, my cock started coming out quickly after making the sound of, “fach fach fach.”

Then I put Lalita bhabhi on the bed and put my cock in her mouth. She started sucking my cock.

She said: Raj, after so many years, my pussy has left the water by fucking it with a cock.

I said: Now, let the cock also take out the water.

Lalita immediately sat on my cock. In his raspberry pussy, my cock went inside comfortably and she started jumping by saying ‘ahh ahh’.

I also started pushing from below.

In no time, Lalita bhabhi started slamming her ass on the cock with fun and started saying:

Lalita: How deep is the secret going? My thirst has been quenched.

She leaned towards me and asked me to suck her nipples. I started sucking both her nipples of her in turn. Her excitement was increasing and she was enjoying rubbing her pussy on the cock.

Now, both of us started kissing each other with fun and lust. After some time, my landlady got tired and started telling me:

Lalita: It will not happen to me now.

I again put Lalita on the bed and spread her legs and started rubbing. This time, my cock started going straight to the uterus, and Lalita was shouting, “Oye oye..”

I increased my speed and started moving the cock inside out. Both of us were about to reach the peak, due to which our lust-filled hiss started coming out.

Then both of us started kissing each other very desperately and after losing the sense of time for a long time, got engaged in sexual intercourse.

The flood of both of us broke out and we left the water together. We both stuck like this for a few minutes. When I looked at the mobile, it was 1 am. Then Lalita started crying.

I asked: What happened?

She said: Nothing Raj, these are tears of happiness.

I put her head on my chest.

Then Lalita said: Raj, now I am going downstairs.

I caught her and said: Are you leaving me alone now?

She said: Yes Raj, let me go now, it is too late.

I said: Divya and Amma must have slept, you stop here, please.

She said: No Raj, if someone sees me, then I will be defamed.

I said with fake anger: Okay then go, and now there is no need for you to come back.

Lalita came to me and said: Why are you angry?

I said: I am not angry. Alright, go home, it’s night.

Then Lalita bhabhi put on a saree and started leaving. After seeing my sad face, she came to me and said –

Lalita: Shall I stop?

I said: Who am I to stop?

Lalita started laughing and said: Good, sir.

Then she said: Ok, I will leave at 4 in the morning.

As soon as she said this, I put her on the bed and started sucking on her lips. I started rubbing both her nipples and opened the blouse. Lalita bhabhi took off the saree, and petticoat, and started kissing me. She started sucking my lauda like a skilled player. Now Lalita was again in her color.

Lalita bhabhi, who was looking like a new girl some time ago, now she had come in the form of a mature woman. She was sucking the cock with great love. I put Lalita bhabhi on the bed and came upstairs and started fucking.

She was screaming, “Aahhh ahhhhh..” in a louder tone. Now I was having a lot of fun in sex and Lalita bhabhi was fully supporting me. I started to fuck my landlady at full speed and started putting the cock inside out.

Then I made Lalita in doggy style again and started fucking her from behind. She also started having fun with her ass, back and forth. I started pressing her nipples and kissing her neck. She was taking my cock with excitement by moving her ass back and forth rapidly.

When my testicles hit her ass, the sound of thumping intensified and the sound of sex was echoing in the room.

Then I asked her to sit on the cock. She sat down on the cock, took it in her pussy and started slamming her ass with pleasure. I started mashing her nipples and she rubbed the ass and started taking the cock deep inside. In no time, both of us were excited. Then Lalita started shouting –

Lalita: Aah Raj, fuck me fast..I am having too much fun.

She started screaming and taking cocks in her pussy. At that time, it seemed to me that Lalita bhabhi was fucking me. Then Lalita’s hiss started intensifying and she started jumping very quickly. I also increased the speed of my bumps.

In the next few bumps, Lalita’s pussy oozed water and my cock became wet. The water from her pussy started flowing slowly outside. I picked her up and put her on the bed and started fucking her by lifting one of her legs.

My cock started coming out. Then I bowed down to her and started kissing her. I had Lalita’s foot in one hand and a teat in the other hand. Lalita bhabhi closes her eyes. She was shaking and I started to push fast.

Then I put Lalita’s leg on the bed and made her lay straight. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her. I sucked her lips at the same time. She also was sucking my lips back. My cock had swelled up and I moved it in and out sensibly.

We both kissed each other. Lalita was answering my every push by lifting her back. Both of us were enjoying sex to the fullest. Then I felt I was at the peak. So I kissed Lalita bhabhi at full speed and was fucking her in and out quickly. She too had got into full swing.

Lalita: Ahhh Raj..oh, quicker Raj…Harder..harder aahh..

The sounds of moaning were heard throughout the whole room. I forgot that I was fucking my landlady. Like a maniac, I squeezed both her nipples.

Me: Today I will tear your pussy.

I bit her lips and was going to release my sperm.

Lalita: Ahhhh…It is paining.

But I didn’t listen to her anymore and kept having sex. Then Lalita screamed and her pussy oozed orgasmic juices.

I was fucking her wet pussy hard and almost felt like hitting the uterus. I increased my speed and was churning every bit inside her. The water from my landlady’s pussy started coming out more. Slowly, my cock also started twitching and shot cum like from a canon.

Lalita bhabhi’s pussy was full and I lied on her body. We kept kissing each other for some time and then both of us drifted to sleep.

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Then I woke her up and took out my cock from her pussy. Lalita quickly dressed up and went to her house.

I slept naked just like that. After I woke up at 8 in the morning, I got ready. Then Lalita told me that my breakfast was ready. I had breakfast and went to duty.

This was how I fucked my divorced landlady overnight. Even after that, I fucked her many times in my room and her room.