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Two Guys And Their Plan To Fuck Their Moms – Part 2

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Hi guys, let’s start the next part without any delay. Please comment with your thoughts on the story which will encourage a lot.

Hi guys, let’s start the next part without any delay. Please comment with your thoughts on the story which will encourage a lot.

My dad came home and I was like, “The plan is ruined for today.”

I went to my room and started to watch the video of my friend Sid’s mom. I was horny and felt like I had to do something. I was thinking about how to proceed and decided that if I couldn’t make it today, I’d try it tomorrow by taking a leave from college.

So I wanted to start my “acting career” today. I went out and got some food as I was hungry. My mother gave me chapatis, I ate them and complained that my stomach hurt a lot. My mother suggested that it could be because I hadn’t eaten anything for a day. I did not respond to that, but mom said to get some tablets from the medical store.

So I went to medicals and on the way, I thought of buying condoms so that I could fuck mom and there should be no pregnancy issues. On the way, I met some of Sid friends who talked to me as a friend because of Sid. So I asked if they could buy me condoms because I had met a girl at my college.

They started to laugh and agreed. They bought me condoms and wished me to have a great time as they were not aware that I was on my mom.

Then I went home. It was a large pack of condoms. I went straight to my room and hid it, explaining that I was taking medicine and asked that no one disturb me. I went and slept that night and woke up around 3 am and started to think of the day’s activities. I saw the video once again and masturbated. I felt so tired and slept off.

It was 7 in the morning and there was a knock on the door. It was my mom calling me to get ready for college. I came to my senses and opened the door and went to the kitchen where mom was preparing food for everyone. I told mom I wasn’t feeling well and that I was going to take a sick day because my stomach was still hurting.

Mom asked me if I had taken the tablet. I said I had taken a dose and had to take another one today. I said I would sleep for some time. But I was watching porn videos in my room to practice what all I could do.

My father and sister left for work and college, and they were expected to return only in the evening, leaving me and my mother alone. It was 10:30 am. I went out and said to mom –

Me: I feel hungry and want something to eat.

She had prepared some food, but I said I didn’t feel like eating any food. So I asked her to make some bread toast, the same strategy as Sid.

Then I ate one and there were three more. So I added some natural oil to help increase the sexual appetite and returned them to mom, who began scolding me for not eating well.

I said to mom: You have it, I can’t eat it.

She was in the hall watching TV, so I hoped that she would eat it while watching TV. I gave it to her while she was sitting on her sofa. She immediately began eating and I explained that I needed to work on my laptop.

Then I played some porn movies and paused them. They were minimized. I went to the hall and sat near my mom, who was watching TV. After 5-10 minutes, I could see that she was focused on TV and did not blink her eye.

I slowly started to talk. We could see the movie on my laptop, so I turned off the TV. Then I played a romantic movie and fast-forwarded it. The scene could be where the couple started to kiss and she was watching it and was not having any reaction.

I slowly moved my mouse to the minimized browser and opened the porn and played it. It started a conversation between mom and son, and eventually, the boy started to kiss her and fondle her. I slowly slipped my hand behind her waist as there was some space between her and the sofa. I held her waist slowly and she was not bothered by it. She was keen on watching porn.

Then I slowly kissed her neck and started to lick her neck. She was just moving a little. I undressed my mom slowly without standing up and started to touch her breast and rub it. Her breathing was heavy. I slowly kissed her neck. In the video, the boy slowly seduced his mom by kissing and fondling her and I did the same thing here as well.

I then slowly held her hand and started to move slowly on my penis as I was already naked. I made her hold it and slowly moved her hand up and down for a few seconds, then left it. She was doing it slowly while watching the movie. I was in heaven that my mom was masturbating to me.

Then I suddenly thought of condoms and thought I had to get them. I went upstairs to get the condoms. I took the condoms.

My penis was rock hard. I went back. The boy in the porn movie started to strip his mother and I thought of doing the same. I came behind the sofa where my mom was sitting and cupped her boobs. She didn’t resist at all. She was fully aroused by then.

I directly held the saree on her shoulder and dropped it down. Now she was just sitting with her jacket exposed. I started to unhook her.

I unhooked her blouse completely and opened the front, showing just the bra. I was so horny seeing my mom this way. I just came near her the right way and started to suck her nipples over her bra.

I sat on her and my penis was on her face. I started to rub my penis on her lips. Then I lifted her. I was totally mad now. I started to hug her and started holding her face and kissing her. She was just hanging with me as she was unable to stand firmly.

I then moved my mom’s bra upward and her nipple was visible. I held it with my teeth and bit her a little and she moaned loudly. I got scared because the sound was so loud. Then I started sucking her tongue to stop the sound abruptly. I called my mom’s name in her ears –

Me: Swetha, I want to fuck you and I believe you will like it.

I was fondling her crouch-over saree. Now I made her sit on my lap and I sat on the sofa. I put my condom on. Once after that, I made her sit on my penis by lifting her saree to her waist. It was awesome. I entered my mother’s vagina and I was pumping her. She started to respond by jumping up and down. I was constantly calling –

Me: Swetha my wife. If you love me, fuck me hard.

After about 10 minutes, I just lifted her and fell on the sofa in a missionary position. It was the sexiest moment of my life. I pumped her and kissed her lips. I sucked her lips hard and she was moaning. I fucked my mom to the core and fell on her after cumming.

I was so tired, but I did not want to miss the opportunity. I slowly made her stand, hugged her, and started to kiss her. She was out of this world. Then I made her bend on the sofa and changed my condom.

I was loaded again and started to poke her ass. I thought I had to lubricate, so I took the old condom and took the sperm and applied it to her ass, and tried hard to penetrate. It went in and I started to fuck her while kissing her neck, licking her ears, and squeezing her boobs. I fucked my mom 3 times in her pussy and once in her ass. I felt so tired and it was noon.

My mom was also tired and she lied down on the sofa. Then I went to my room and fell onto the bed with the sheer success of fulfilled desire.

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