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Tricked my friend for threesome with his wife – Part 2

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Thank you for all your love and support. Initially, I planned to drop this series as I was unsure if I would get a proper response from the audience. But looking at the likes and comments, I decided

Thank you for all your love and support. Initially, I planned to drop this series as I was unsure if I would get a proper response from the audience. But looking at the likes and comments, I decided to continue this story. If you have not read the first part, I request that you read it first.

Hello everyone. So, returning to the story, Sanjay used to get excited whenever I talked dirty about his wife. He would bring up the subject of his wife whenever we had alcohol. One day he sent me a topless photo of Nisha, claiming she was his ex-girlfriend.

But I knew better. I know Sanjay inside out. I knew about all his girlfriends as I was the one who set him up with them.

Sanjay is my best friend. He trusted me a lot. I have helped Sanjay on multiple occasions financially. He is from a poor background. He belonged to a small village. His family shifted to Indore after his father got a job as a security guard at a local industry in Indore.

He had a lot of dreams he wanted to fulfill, like going on expensive trips, doing late-night parties, and fucking the prettiest girls. I helped to fulfill a lot of his dreams. He always preferred a city girl who was open and independent.

He wanted someone who could work and help him out financially and take the initiative in bed. But his parents forced him to get married to an illiterate village girl. This was one of the reasons he was so attracted to Roshni.

Nisha is a beauty. I’ve never understood why Sanjay was so depressed. Nisha is an ideal wife who is good at house chores. She is a good cook with a beautiful body. Once you see her, all you can think about is all the dirty things you would do with her.

But Sanjay always mistreated her. He used to act normal in front of his parents. But behind the closed doors of his bedroom, there were a lot of differences between them.

Sanjay lives with his father, mother, Nisha, himself, and Radha, his younger sister. Radha is in the 2nd year of her college. When Sanjay got married, I was in Bangalore. Because of work pressure, I could not attend his marriage. All I did was help him financially.

This was not the first time I had helped him like this. We both completed college at the same time. I was able to land a good job and move to Bangalore through my family’s contacts. Sanjay was not so lucky. He could not get out of Indore as his parents didn’t allow it.

Even though he was married, he was in a sexless relationship with his wife. Nisha, a simple village girl, did not mind Sanjay’s rude behavior. But I was sure she was sexually frustrated. After all, Sanjay did not touch his wife once I introduced him to Roshni.

All three were drowning in the pleasure of a threesome. Though it was costing me money, I did not care. I had an end game planned in my mind.

When Sanjay sent me Nisha’s topless pic, saying that she was his ex-girlfriend, I did not respond to his message. All I did was save the image and keep my iPhone aside. I had to start working on the next part of my plan.

Nisha was an ideal wife. It was not that simple to barge into her home and convince her to have sex like the sex stories we read. And I was not an animal who would force someone to have sex with me. I wanted her to accept me and move her hips on her own.

To do that, I needed as much information regarding Nisha as possible. And the best source was Sanjay. By introducing Sanjay to Roshni, I could pull out the dark desires Sanjay had in his heart. By pushing Roshni away and mentioning Nisha, I was able to make Sanjay feel guilty.

I convinced him what a good friend I was. A pal who will allow his best friend to fuck his girlfriend. Now it was time for the next step of the plan.

It had been two weeks since our fight. Now we are back to being good friends. We were still hanging out every day at my apartment, most of the evenings. All I needed was to get Sanjay drunk, and getting him to talk was easy.

Me: Roshni called today.

Sanjay: Really! What did you guys talk about?

Me: Nothing much, just the usual stuff.

Sanjay: Any plans to get back together?

I looked at him with annoyed eyes and asked,

Me: Tell me the truth, please. You don’t care about me getting back together, right? You just want to fuck her!

Sanjay (embarrassed): No… it’s… it’s not like that!

Me: So you don’t want to fuck her?

Sanjay: I… I…

I cut him off before he could complete the sentence.

Me: Hahaha… don’t worry, bro, I am pulling your leg.

(Relieved) Sanjay: Fuck you, man… you scare the crap out of me! But…

Sanjay paused. It was like he was thinking about how to put his thoughts into words.

Me: But… what?

Sanjay: But you should know this… you are my best friend. You were always there when I needed help throughout my life. I appreciate everything you did for me. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.

Me: Are you high? Do you know that I consider you family? I just did what any family member would do.

Sanjay: No, bro, you did more than that. None of my relatives helped my family, but you always did. Even in college, you always helped me out with money and everything. And then you helped me with my marriage and Radha’s college fees. Finally, you let me have sex with the girl you love.

Me: It’s okay, bro. There is no need for you to mention all of these.

I was calm throughout the conversation.

Sanjay: Thank you. By the way, are there any plans for Roshni to come back?

Me: Yes, maybe next week.

Sanjay: Wow, that’s great!

Me: Why are you so excited? It should be me who should be excited. After all, it’s been almost a month since I last had sex. On the other hand, you have Nisha.

Sanjay did not speak. I could see a grim expression on his face. So I asked him what had happened.

Sanjay: To tell you the truth, it’s been almost a year since I had sex with Nisha.

Me: (“Yes, so my calculations were right,” I was thinking in my head)

Me: What?! Seriously, bro?

Sanjay: Yes, bro, she is very shy and introverted. Sex with her was boring, so I stopped having sex with her. It’s been quite some time. I do occasionally touch her, but her reactions turn me off.

Me: Have you ever given her an orgasm?

Sanjay: Well,  I tried at first, but she started to scream and cry like she was hurting, so I stopped after that.

Me: So she never had a proper orgasm? Seriously, man, what are you doing? Do you even love her?

Sanjay: Yes, I do. I do love her a lot. But I am not satisfied with her sexually. The sex with Roshni was the best sex I ever had. Compared to Roshni, Nisha does not turn me on at all.

I can understand his feelings. Nisha is pure, like an angel. Roshni is hot, like a succubus. Roshni is like a top-class model, whereas Nisha is a simple girl. But I was sure about one thing. If Nisha puts on some makeup and expensive clothes, she will be in a league of her own.

Me: But if you do something like this, she may have an affair. What would you do if someone fucked her? Who knows, maybe it’ll be someone like me… Hehe… (The last part, I said sarcastically, with a grin on my face.)

There was a pause. Sanjay did not say anything. I was not sure how he would react this time. Will it be the same as last time? Or will it be different? I was planning my next sentences in my head, what I should say to Sanjay, but before I could speak, Sanjay broke the silence.

Sanjay: I… I don’t mind… I don’t mind if it’s you…

Me: What?

Sanjay: But I should tell you this: she is very old-fashioned. She may never agree to let any man touch her except for her husband… hehe…

But something was off; it was too easy. I was expecting a little more resistance, but he said it was okay if I tried my luck with her. Sanjay was trying to pass off the last sentence as a joke. But I knew he had just given me a challenge and his blessings.

At the same time, I could feel a hint of arrogance in his tone. It was like you can try, but you may never be able to convince Nisha.

Even though we were best friends, Sanjay was always very competitive. He wanted a lavish lifestyle like mine, which he could never have. So there were so many times when he got jealous of me. When I first introduced him to Roshni, I could swear I saw the hint of jealousy on his face, which he was trying to hide.

Roshni was someone who checked out all the points on Sanjay’s ideal girl list. So I can understand he wanted her all for himself, but him telling me to go and try on Nisha was something new. Something was off. We talked about stupid stuff for the rest of the night, and then Sanjay left for home.

I was holding a beer can in my hands, but there was no beer inside. Instead, it was orange pulp juice. It had been quite some time since I had a drink. I pretended to be drunk in front of Sanjay while drinking the fruit juice in the beer can.

I had to place a special order for these beers. I had a contact who would get me there. He used to deliver the stock every week. I kept these in the mini refrigerator in my bedroom. Whenever Sanjay gets a beer, I will sneak out and swap the cans with the fruit ones.

To avoid any complications, I always ask for a specific brand. If it is not available, I will not have a drink. So Sanjay made sure to get me some beer of my brand.

The view from the 7th floor was amazing. I grabbed my iPhone and dialed a number. A man with a thick voice was speaking on the other end.

Man: Hello

Me: Hello, I have a need.

My voice was very calm but stern.

Man: What are your needs?

Me: Everything.

Man: You know the drill.

Me: Yes


The phone disconnected.

The drill was very simple. You need to transfer half the amount of money in advance with the basic information about the targets you want information about. It was referred to as ‘need’ during the phone calls. And the rest of the money needs to be transferred when they hand over the information to you.

When he said, “What are your needs?” he meant what information I was looking for. You can’t trick them, but you can guess why. If you try to cheat these people, they will make your life a living hell.

With the right amount of money and contacts, you can have anything. This was one of the things I learned from my gang while I was staying in Bangalore. We were like animals who would look for young, beautiful married women and seduce them.

But that’s a story for some other time. Maybe someday I will tell you all about Bangalore Days!

I dialed another number on my cell phone.

**Ring Ring**Ring Ring**

A girl picked up the call. Her voice was sweet, and she was talking in a very friendly tone. It was Roshni.

Roshni: Hello, boyfriend. (she said in a sarcastic tone)

Me: Hello, sweetheart.

Roshni: Hehehe, tell me how I can serve you this time.

Me: Why are you so sure that I want your service?

Roshni: I’ve known you for quite some time now. You never call unless you need something. I know what you are looking for.

A small grin was on my face. I took a sip of fruit juice, gulped it down my throat, and spoke again.

Me: I do want you to do something for me. It may be one of the biggest jobs you have ever done.

Roshni: Hehehe, it has something to do with your friend Sanjay, right?

Without answering her question, I just continued,

Me: I am booking your tickets for next week. Once you are here, I will explain everything.

Roshni: Sounds like we are going to have a lot of fun… hehe…

Me: Okay then, see you. Bye!

Roshni: Wait!

Me: What happened?

Roshni: I have a surprise for you.

Me: Surprise? What surprise?

Roshni: Hehe… I will tell you once I see you… Bye!


The call disconnected.

I was still standing with a glass of juice in my hand. I was wondering what Roshni was talking about. After some time, I pushed Roshni’s words out of my head and grabbed my iPhone.

I opened the gallery and searched for Nisha’s topless image, which was shared by Sanjay. These perky breasts will be mine soon, and I will play with them day and night.