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Romantic Sex With Friend’s Sister Khushboo – Part 1

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Hi friends, I am Raj, age 27 from Mumbai. I am originally from Delhi, but staying in Mumbai for the past 6 years and working in an IT company. I had a monotonous and boring 9-6 job and had no spice i

Hi friends, I am Raj, age 27 from Mumbai. I am originally from Delhi, but staying in Mumbai for the past 6 years and working in an IT company. I had a monotonous and boring 9-6 job and had no spice in life. Just then I got a very exciting phase in my life.

I got a call from my school senior Neha who was married and was staying in Delhi. She was my friend too and she asked me for help. Neha told me that her younger sister Khushboo was coming to Mumbai as she had got into a job and her company had relocated her. Since she and her family knew me, they asked me if I could help her in settling down. I was more than welcome and gave her my address.

Let me tell you in detail about Neha. She was somewhat 29 and Khushboo was 24 years old.

So, the day arrived and Khushboo came to my house with her luggage. She was a nice-looking, pretty young girl with nice assets of a young girl. She was fair that added to her cuteness. When we started interacting, I found her quite a friendly and happy-go-lucky type of girl.

Then we started talking about our school as we three grew up in the same school. I offered her alcohol and she happily accepted it and then slowly, she opened up with me and we had a few clouds of smoke too. She told me not to tell all this to Neha as no one in the family knew about it.

We started gelling up nicely and soon, we found her a new flat just near my society. Since she was new in Mumbai, I would often take her to pubs and clubs and she just loved partying. Also, I used to buy her new dresses which she loved. I never knew she had started developing a crush on me which led to the exciting part ahead.

Once we were drinking at my flat and we started getting cozy while drinking.

Khushboo: So Raj, I know you had a crush on my sister in school.

Me: That’s when we were in school. She was my senior.

Khushboo: I know, but I still remember many school girls who had a crush on you.

Me: Ohh! Was it?

Khushboo: Yes, and I was one of them hehe.

Me: Ohh! You are such a cutie, but I think you had a boyfriend.

Khushboo: He was an idiot, so I dumped him.

Me: You deserve better.

Khushboo: What about you Raj, are you committed?

Me: No, Khushboo.

Khushboo: Hmm, looks like I have a chance now.

Me: Hmmm (blushing).

I got up and went inside to get some snacks and just then, Khushboo came inside the kitchen and started moving his hand over my back. I was getting nervous as she was younger than me and my friend’s sister.

As soon as I turned toward her, we ended up kissing each other. It was intense. Her hands were on my back and my hands lifted her a bit through her butt.

She was not so tall and must be 5’2”. So I lifted her for a long time to be comfortable kissing. My cock started getting hard I didn’t know anything. After a few minutes of intense lip-lock, I broke the kiss and that was when she sai d-

Khushboo: What happened, Raj?

I said: Khushboo, I don’t know if it’s right.

She whispered: Raj, don’t worry. If you don’t want this, it’s ok.

That night, my friend’s sister left and I kept thinking about it the whole night and was not sure what to do. Soon, I started getting sexually frustrated and had no matches on Tinder. That was when I thought of Khushboo and my dick got hard.

I messaged her saying that I wanted to meet her and she came home for a few drinks. As soon we were set, I made up a romantic setup and kissed her. This time, she asked me –

Khushboo: Raj, what happened? Do you love me too?

I didn’t know if it was love or just lust. I nodded my head and she was smiling with happiness. Then she grabbed me and started kissing me madly. I was aroused and she noticed my stiffness.

She pulled my shorts down and my underwear too. I quickly removed her top and PJs too. Ohh, my god! Her black color bra and her pink panty were making me go mad.

My friend’s sister’s soft cute boobs must be 33” or 34” and her butts were so fluffy. I was so happy holding her nice butts.

She opened her bra and pulled her panty down. She had nice cute nipples. I started playing with her cute boobs and started licking her nipples. She was moaning in pleasure-

Khushboo: Raj, make me yours. I love you aaahh…

I kept sucking my friend’s sister’s nipples and boobs. She had very few hairs on her pussy. I inserted my finger inside her pussy and my god, it was tight and sent a current run in my body. She was having that heavy moans while I was fingering her.

Then I went down on her and started licking her pussy and clit. She was shaking and twerking her ass in pleasure. Ohh my god, such a cute girl she was.

After a few minutes, she got me on the bed and slowly kissed my manly nipples and caressed my chest. She got down on me and started giving me a french blowjob. She kept on sucking my cock for 5 minutes and then I got her in the doggy style.

I put some oil on my cock and lubricated it as my friend’s sister’s pussy was quite tight. I entered her tight pussy without a condom as I had none at that time. It was so tight that I could see tears in her ears, but a smile on my face.

I kept stroking my cock harder inside her pussy for almost 2-3 minutes when she decided to lay down in missionary. This time, she locked her legs on my butt and I was fucking her pussy hard in missionary. Her pussy was so wet and red. I knew I had pounded her badly. She was hugging me tightly.

Soon, I got her in a standing cowgirl position and that was my favorite and I could see her pleading with me to cum soon. I had no condom so I was cautious and pulled my cock out and sprinkled my cum on her face. We then cleaned ourselves and she hugged me and we rested for a few minutes kissing and cuddling each other.

We again had one more round where we did it in with her on top. Her tight pussy and cute figure got me hooked on her in a relationship.

In the morning, she wore her undies and clothes and I left her at her place.

Guys, this was just the starting and I never knew that I would get a chance to get laid with her married sister again and with my friend Neha too, which I will share in the next part.

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