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Wife turns into a wrestling dominatrix – Part 3

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My wife Supriti has me in a very painful wrestling hold. I am lying sideways on the floor, my neck trapped between her huge tree trunk-like thighs. My left arm was bent behind my back by one of her h

My wife Supriti has me in a very painful wrestling hold. I am lying sideways on the floor, my neck trapped between her huge tree trunk-like thighs. My left arm was bent behind my back by one of her hands, the other squeezing my balls tightly.

I am completely immobile. Just imagine the pain, physical, mental as well as sexual.

Me: Hey, you have made your point. I’m stuck for 15+ minutes now. You are stronger than me. I am sorry to underestimate you. I beg you to let me go.

Supriti: I can. But I love to dominate sissy men like you. Let’s face it. If I wanted to, I could have broken your arm or injured you at any instance, but I didn’t. Moreover, I want to show my little sis how strong I have become and your humiliating position.

Supriti: Besides, this is too good a hold to let go of. I mean, I have your head, arm and balls simultaneously.

Suddenly there was a crank on the door. Someone had used the doormat keys. It was Shreya.

Now let me describe my sister-in-law a bit. Shreya is a 5’4, slim, wheatish-looking girl with a good figure, a huge rack (like her sister’s) and sharp features. She works in an MNC. She is very polite and had a crush on me when I used to date her sister.

I knew at that point I would lose all the respect that I had.

Shreya enters the living and is shocked

Shreya: What is going on? What are you guys up to? (While covering her eyes) Damn, Jiju is naked. Why did you call me now?

Supriti: Nothing to be ashamed of, sis. Open your eyes and watch. This is how a physically strong, sexy, hot woman dominates his weak as fuck wimp of a man.

Shreya slowly makes eye contact with me (my dick, mostly). She looked like a Goddess. Wearing a leaf green chiffon saree paired with a deep U-necked black sleeveless blouse and looking drop-dead gorgeous. She pierced her navel.

Her toned abs meant that she was hitting the gym regularly. She even flaunted her sexy tribal tattooed bareback. She tied her blouse with just a couple of strings.

She knelt in a squat position to inspect the wrestling hold that my wife put me in. I immediately noticed her popping melons and slowly got a hard-on.

Supriti: Oh, someone is getting hard! Shreya, you look hot, and your Jiju can’t resist.

Shreya: (Blushes a bit) Hey, Sup, where did you learn this? I mean, he is frozen at your mercy. You have full control. Pretty sexy hold…Nice! Let’s see, you have his head, left arm and balls… Ouch, that got to hurt!

Shreya: And one more question. How hard are you squeezing his nuts? (winks and giggles). I always thought about it but never dared to try it out.

Supriti: It is a jiu-jitsu hold I learned from my MMA classes. I will teach you someday. And you should know how to squeeze man balls in this day and age. That’s how you control men.

Supriti:  Keep the range between 30-40%, at max 50% if you want to inflict pain. Not more than that, or else you’ll pop them. Come on, give it a try!

Shreya (laughs out loud): Hahahaha! Are you serious? Like now?

Supriti: Come on now, give it a try. I know you want to. (winks)

I was shocked to hear this. I was speechless.

Shreya:(Pauses for a moment) If you say so. I could give it a try.

She slowly grabbed my bare nuts along with my rock-hard dick and gave a good squeeze. She had a terrific grip.

I screamed, “Ahh, it hurts. Stop! Stop! Let go, Shreya, please! Mercy!”

She let go.

Shreya: Oh, sorry, did I hurt you, Jiju?

Her tone seemed different now. It seemed she was turned on and mesmerized.

Supriti: How did you feel?

Shreya: Wow! I felt so sexy and dominating. I had his life in the palm of my hands. Jiju was my bitch for a moment.

I felt so berated. Humiliated in every way in front of 2 hot babes mercilessly.

Supriti: Now, let’s try some wrestling.

Shreya: Are you kidding me? I’m in a saree! Wrestling a grown man in a saree?

Supriti: Babe, I think you can take him easily. You are working out. It’s evident from your hot-toned body.

Shreya: Yeah, I am weight training and taking protein shakes. And he does look like a wimp, though. Ok, I’ll give it a try!

I was nervous now. My sister-in-law was about to kick my ass. Her sleeveless blouse revealed her toned biceps and round shoulders.

Shreya tucked her pallu in her tummy and tied her hair in a cute ponytail. Just then, I noticed her bulging triceps and toned lats. She was like a fitness model. First, we arm wrestled. I gave full force, but she beat me in seconds.

Shreya: Woah, you lost under 10 seconds, Jiju.

Now she had a wicked smirk on her face. She knew she was the stronger of the two, and I was there for the taking. Next came wrestling. Despite her saree, she put me in a nasty headlock. I tapped out instantly, and she let go.

Within an instance, she caught me in a vicious chokehold that left me gasping for air. I almost passed out and tapped out as usual. But this time, she didn’t release me.

Shreya: Oops, I think I got you good, Jiju.

Supriti: Amazing, Sis! You are a natural! Wearing a saree and using such a good move. Did you wrestle before?

Shreya: (Winks) A bit, yeah, in high school.

Supriti: Ahha, Chupa Rustam you are. Go for his balls now.

Shreya: Again? Are you sure? That would be humiliating and painful.

Supriti: Do it, babe! He deserves it. Losing to his younger Sali. He should be ashamed to call himself a man!

Shreya: Sorry, Jiju. You are weak and pathetic. I didn’t want this, but…

A vice-like cold hand gripped my balls from behind while still trapped in a one-hand chokehold. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My senses were numb, my body was beaten and exhausted, and I felt like passing out.

Me: Shreya, I’m your Jiju. Please stop this! You are hurting me. I beg you.

Shreya: Umm, let me think…No, Jiju, I think I’m enjoying this. I always wanted to do such kinky stuff to weak men like you. I want to try something new. Can I, Sis?

Supriti: (Smiles) Oh, a special move! Go on. He is all yours, babe. Make him scream.

She released me from the choke and started pinching and pulling my nose from behind with her index finger and thumb tightly while still grabbing my balls with the other hand. She sat sideways to me on her knees and squeezed my balls with one hand.

The other pulled back my nose so much that my head was facing the ceiling above me. I was on my knees, head tilted back with my nose and balls at her mercy (visualize the scene). Within seconds I was gasping for breath with a blood-red nose.

She alternately squeezed my balls and nose in a rhythm while having a mean smile on her face. I couldn’t speak. My face became red, and tears started rolling in my eyes. But she was cold in her punishment. My balls felt like popping, and I slowly passed out in extreme pain.

Supriti: (Claps) Bravo! Bravo! That is quite an innovative hold you have put him in. He is so red! He looks like a fucking tomato. Let me record this on my cell.

Shreya: Haha. Thanks, Sis. I saw this one on a porn site used by a dom. The pain is so excruciating that the receiver turns red. I loved it and always wanted to try it out on some wimpy guy. (In a proud tone) I call it THE NOSEPINCHER!

My wife kept recording and laughing while my sexy, cruel sister-in-law was cooly punishing and humiliating me.

Let me know in the comments how you all liked it. The next part is coming soon.