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The Sex Files – Part 2

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The first time When Gayatri was at college, she wasn’t in good shape as she was nine years after. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t fit, so she wasn’t self-confident.

The first time

When Gayatri was at college, she wasn’t in good shape as she was nine years after. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t fit, so she wasn’t self-confident.

This was the case during the first semester of her college. Also, because she was rather shy, she had no male friends except one.

He was Raj.

So this happened at the end of their first year of college. Gayatri went home for the summer vacation. When she did so, she also met Anvi, her cousin from Delhi, who had come to meet her, and Anvi was nothing like Gayatri.

Anvi was a regular gym goer, and thus she was fit. She was fit, and she was beautiful. On top of all, the most important aspect of a girl being fit was something that Gayatri came to know accidentally. Here’s how it happened.

Gayatri exercised hard while she was in Delhi. This was because she met some guys and girls who had an education with Anvi at college. They were quite good-looking because they were exercising.

So, Gayatri spent most of her vacation in Delhi and exercising at a local gym. Thanks to Gayatri’s hard work, she started looking good in no time. Soon, she started stealing the glances of guys at the gym.

It was about a week away from the end of her vacation. Gayatri was ready to go home and spend the week with her family before returning to college. Anvi’s family left for a cousin’s function, and Anvi was at home with Gayatri.

“Hey, you know what I plan to do while the family is away?” Anvi asked Gayatri after her family left home.

Anvi and Gayatri sat on the sofa, wearing short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts.

“I’ve called my boyfriend, Prateek, and he’s coming here today!”

“Wow, seriously?”

“Yeah. And you can guess that we’re about to get so naughty!” Anvi said and laughed.

“Wow, how far have you gone with Prateek, anyway?”

“Actually, all the way.”

“No, seriously!?” Gayatri asked in disbelief.

“Come on, Gaya, it’s no big deal,” Anvi said.

“One day, you’ll know…Oh, he’s here!” Anvi said, standing up from her seat.

Prateek was a tall guy in his early twenties, similar to Anvi. Behind Prateek was another guy who seemed to be younger than him.

“Oh, Anvi, this is Raj, my younger brother. Raj, this is Anvi, my girl,” Prateek introduced the two to each other.

“Wow, you told your brother about me?” Anvi asked in disbelief, shaking Raj’s hand.

“Come on, Anvi, it’s no big deal. He’s my brother. By the way, why don’t you introduce your friend to us?” Prateek said, looking at Gayatri.

“Oh, she’s Gayatri. She’s my cousin from Mumbai. Gaya, meet Prateek, and Raj,”

“Hi, Gayatri. Nice to meet you,” Prateek said, shaking Gayatri’s hand. Raj followed.

Gayatri just smiled.

“You don’t talk much, do you, Gaya?” Prateek asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. She doesn’t talk a lot,” Anvi said.

“Oh, okay. By the way, Anvi, why don’t you and I go upstairs and…you know?” Prateek asked with a perverted smile.

“You perv! I love it!” Anvi said, taking Prateek’s hand.

“Okay, guys, watch it in case someone comes,” Prateek said and winked before following behind Anvi toward her bedroom.

“So, Gaya…err, can I call you ‘Gaya’?”

“Haha, of course, Raj. You’re my cousin’s boyfriend’s…brother, after all.”

“Haha! So, Gaya,” Raj said, sitting on the sofa.

“What do you do in Mumbai?”

Gayatri and Raj talked a bit.

“I wonder what Anvi and Prateek are doing upstairs.”

“Probably something naughty, haha!” Gayatri said, smiling.

“Speaking of naughty,” Raj said, getting closer to Gayatri, “have you been naughty?”

“No, never.”

“You wanna know what it’s like?” Raj said, putting his right arm around Gayatri’s shoulders and pulling her face closer to his.

Gayatri wanted to push him away, but she thought it would be rude. Plus, Raj wasn’t being forceful either. On top of all, she was also curious and horny.

“Umm, I don’t know, I guess,” Gayatri said as her and Raj’s faces got closer. The two slowly closed their eyes and locked in with a lip kiss.

Raj wasn’t forceful at all. He slowly rubbed his fingers through Gayatri’s hair, locked in with the smooch.

With his left palm against the back of Gayatri’s head, and his right arm around her waist, Raj slowly laid Gayatri on the sofa and slowly laid on top of her.

Raj kissed Gayatri’s lips and then her right cheek. Then the right side of her neck, rubbing her belly and pulling her t-shirt towards her face simultaneously.

“Ahhh,” Gayatri moaned with her eyes closed.

Raj exposed Gayatri’s belly and repeatedly kissed the right side of her waist, all the way towards her right boob, which was covered in a bra cup. Raj tried to push Gayatri’s bra cup off her boob, but it was impossible, so he started kissing the part of her boob that wasn’t covered by the bra.

“Wait,” Gayatri said, sitting on the sofa as Raj moved a bit away, allowing her to sit.

Gayatri slowly took off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra, exposing her boobs. Raj’s eyes shined. He smiled before grabbing and starting to suck Gayatri’s right boob.

“Ahhh,” Gayatri moaned.

While sucking Gayatri’s boob, Raj put his right arm around Gayatri’s torso and held her close. Raj then slowly slid his left hand into Gayatri’s pants and then her panty and touched her pussy.

“Ah,” Gayatri gasped, feeling a new sensation on her pussy and hardened clitoris. She started to feel getting wet in no time.

After sucking Gayatri’s boob for a while, Raj repeatedly kissed her down to her pussy, and tried to push her pants and panty off her legs.

Gayatri, taking the signal, took them off her legs and put them aside, getting fully naked.

“Oh wow!” Raj exclaimed, looking at Gayatri’s shaven pussy. “Whom did you shave this for?”

Gayatri did that because she was concerned about cleanliness, but this time, she was too horny to say that.

“For you, Raj,” Gayatri moaned. Raj smiled.

“Okay, then,” Raj said as he moved her knees away from one another and started eating her pussy.

“Aaah,” Gayatri moaned as her eyes and mouth opened wide. Then, she closed her eyes as her right hand fingers ran through Raj’s hair. Raj kept eating Gayatri’s pussy until she squirmed a bit. It was then he stopped.

He stood up. Gayatri was surprised.

“Why did you stop?” She asked him. “I was close to cumming.”

“I can’t allow you to cum like that,” he said, pushing his pants down and exposing his now half-erect cock. “I want you to take this in, Gayatri. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle with you,” Raj said reassuringly.

Gayatri felt a bit concerned because of the size of Raj’s cock. Gayatri laid back and widened her legs. As she was lying on a sofa, her left leg couldn’t move to the side as freely as her right leg.

Gayatri’s left knee was towards the upper floor, while her right knee was towards her right hand side. Raj got fully naked, exposing his lightly hairy and somewhat muscular body to Gayatri.

Gayatri was happy she had her first sex with such a good-looking man. She smiled. Raj smiled back as he slowly lay on top of her. He pressed his right palm against the sofa by Gayatri’s side and held himself above her.

He started sharing a kiss with Gayatri and, at the same time, playing with her right nipple using his hand. As Gayatri was lost in the emotion, Raj slowly entered her.

Gayatri was so horny, and Raj had made her feel so relaxed that her cherry loosened, allowing Raj to enter her. Initially, Gayatri felt a little pain, but she didn’t bleed.

As Raj slowly entered Gayatri, he lay on top of her. He smiled, rubbing fingers through her hair. The two smiled at one another.

“See, Gaya? I didn’t hurt you,” Raj said, slowly moving up and down.

As time passed, Raj paced up, but he didn’t reach his full speed, worried that it might hurt Gayatri.

“Ah, ah,” soon, Gayatri moaned in Raj’s rhythm.

It didn’t take long for Gayatri to cum, exploding on the sofa. Raj paused.

“Oh my god…oh, that feels so good,” Gayatri moaned as she started cumming.

After Gayatri stopped cumming, Raj started fucking her again. He kept fucking her in the same position for about ten minutes more.

After that, Raj stood up and off Gayatri. “Let’s try something else,” he said, taking Gayatri’s right hand. Gayatri stood up.

“Turn around, bend forward, and hold the sofa’s backrest,” he commanded Gayatri.

Gayatri did as he said. He stood behind Gayatri and held her hip with both his hands.

“Arch your back a little backward, and push your ass towards me…that’s it, good girl.”

“Wait,” Gayatri said in a concerned tone. “Are you about to get inside of my ass?”

“No, sweetheart, in your pussy. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you,” Raj said as he slowly entered her.

“Ahhh,” Gayatri moaned with her eyes closed. Raj started fucking her.

Raj fucked her like this for about another twenty minutes. Gayatri climaxed again at the end.

“Oh my god!” Gayatri exclaimed, slowly sitting on the floor. She then turned towards Raj.

Raj took his cock in his hand and rubbed it back and forth for a little while.

“I think I know what you want me to do now,” Gayatri said, taking Raj’s cock in her right hand.

He closed her eyes as she slowly took it in her mouth. It tasted salty at first, and Gayatri reluctantly swallowed the salty saliva. She then started moving her head back and forth, getting face fucked by Raj’s cock.

“Ahhh…yeah,” Raj moaned with his eyes closed, stroking Gayatri’s hair.

Gayatri kept moving her head back and forth with increasing speed.

“Aaaaaaah…fuuuuuck!” Raj finally exclaimed as his juice hit the back of Gayatri’s throat, one spurt after another.

Gayatri swallowed it all, and when it stopped, she sucked off whatever was remaining in Raj’s balls.

“Oh my god!” Raj exclaimed, falling on the nearby sofa. He then looked at Gayatri, who was still on the floor.

“Oh, Gayatri, you horny little bitch,” Raj moaned happily.

To be continued.

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