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Crazy sex with my hot co-worker

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So first of all, her name is Bhavya, she’s about 25 years old. We both are living and working in Mangalore. She’s a local who has been working with me for 7 months. Never had a thing for

So first of all, her name is Bhavya, she’s about 25 years old. We both are living and working in Mangalore. She’s a local who has been working with me for 7 months. Never had a thing for her.

Until the last month, I started checking her out. Most of the time, she’s always in front of me. She has a very thin body. She wears a t-shirt and jeans to work. Her boobs are not visible. At that time, I thought it was very small. I was attracted to her ass a lot.

Whenever I’m behind her, I always look at her ass. I want to grab it. She has a fair-looking face with chubby cheeks. Doesn’t look that attractive, but I’d kiss her anyway.

Whenever we talk, she always smiles or laughs. Sometimes she makes a naughty face as well. When she does that, I feel like putting her up against the wall and fucking her. She doesn’t make that face to anyone else. All these things made me feel so horny for her.

She knows I’m checking her out. She stands there in front of me confidently and allows me to look at her cock raising body. In the beginning, while checking her out, I was being careful. I didn’t want her to know. But at one point, I realised she knew.

So then I made it obvious that I was checking her out. Day by day, I made it even more obvious that I was checking her body. I look at her boobs while talking to her. Finally, one day, it was just me, her, and another staff member at the back.

I was sitting, and she was standing in front of me, facing her sideways. I got up to go to the washroom, checking her out on the way. When I returned, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her butt. I was surprised.

I asked, “What are you doing?”

She said, “You’re always staring at my ass, so I wanted you to touch it.”

I was so happy and just sat on the chair next to her, grabbing her ass. She smiled back and made that naughty smile, biting her lips. I was rubbing her ass and pressing. Then my hands went slowly inside her shirt. I asked her if I could continue.

To which she said, “Yes, of course.”

Then I continued touching her bareback. And went up to her, which I unhooked, to which she just laughed and made a naughty smile.

After that, I asked, “Where else can I touch?”

She said, “Where else do you want to?”

And I said, ” Every part of your body. I don’t want to miss a spot, and you can touch me too.”

She just started biting her lips and made a horny face. At that point, we just wanted to take off our clothes and go wild. That was the vibe between us. She said, “Okay, sure, let’s do it after work.”

Our work shift ends at the same time. So it was perfect for us. After our shift was over, we got in the elevator. We decided to go to the 4th-floor bathroom, which is always clean, dry, and safe. In the elevator, I went behind her and hugged her.

My hands were moving all over her body, her boobs and belly. She took my hand and placed it on her crotch, and I just grabbed it. She moaned, and I just sucked her neck and licked her face. We were so fucking horny. She was wet as fuck, and I was hard as fuck.

When the lift stopped, we both got back to normal and walked to the bathroom. Then we got into the bathroom, locked it, dropped our bags, and started kissing. Our hands were all over each other. Our kisses were very sloppy, and we were playing with each other’s tongues inside our mouths, exchanging saliva.

It was so hot. I was leaking so much precum that I could feel her panty’s wetness. We did this for about 10 minutes. We stopped, and then we looked at each other. She just made this naughty smile. Indicating she was ready for more.

Then we took off each other’s t-shirts. She glared at my chubby body and touched my boobs and belly. And glared at her thin body and unhooked her bra. She was a bit shy to show her tits. After a bit of hesitation, she showed it. And my goodness. It was small, but I loved it. I always wanted to enjoy small tits.

I told her, “It’s so nice,” and I touched her boobs and then sucked her boobs hard. She enjoyed it so much and was making these sexy moans and holding my head tightly. Then I slowly started kissing her neck and then looked at her. We kissed again.

Then out of nowhere, she started sucking my nipples. It felt amazing. She stopped and laughed, and I told her it was damn good. Then I sat on the toilet with the cover closed. And she sat on my lap, and we started kissing again. After that, I took her hand and placed it on my bulge.

She playfully looked at me. Then she just got on her knees, pulled down my pants, and grabbed my 5.8-inch tool. She looked at me and just started giving me a handjob. She was biting her lips while doing it. It was so good. Then she just put my cock in her mouth and sucked me so hard. Like it was candy.

I was on cloud 9. I was like, “Oh my Bhavya.” When she heard that, one of her hands went up my body. She wanted me to suck her fingers, which I did. She sucked me for 10 minutes. She even sucked my balls. I was edging so hard. She was too good.

After she stopped, she just looked at me, smiling. I asked her how she was so good at this. She said she had a bit of fun in her college days. I said, “You’re the best. I couldn’t ask for a better blowjob.” She just kissed me after that. Then I looked at her pants.

She just sat down on the floor and spread her legs, giving me the obvious invitation. I just got down, took off her pants, kissed her wet panties, and licked them. She was moaning. Then I just removed her panties, and my goodness. It was wet, dark hairy pussy. It was a dream come true.

I took a deep breath of her pussy scent and kissed her thighs. I could hear her moans. I just started licking her clit. My goodness, it felt so dirty and salty. I feasted on it like a wild beast, licking her clit and fingering her. Her moans were so loud that if anyone were outside, they would have heard her.

Her pussy was so wet that it was all over my face. She put her legs over my head and crossed it behind as I devoured her pussy. She orgasmed so hard 2 times. Then I looked at her, and she was smiling. We just kissed while my mouth was full of her pussy juices.

She loved the taste. After that, she told me to lay back on the wall, and she went down, kissing my neck, boobs and belly. She started spitting on my cock and sucked it, then spat again, looked at me, and rubbed her pussy a bit. Then I knew she wanted to fuck.

She slowly started riding me, and my goodness, I was on cloud 9. Holy shit, it felt so good to be inside her and listen to her moan. I hugged her tightly as she rode me. Our bodies were up close. Then we started kissing so much. Then we changed our position to doggy style.

I fucked her in the doggy style for another 4 minutes. Then she turned and kissed me and whispered in my ears that she wanted my cum on her body. Then I put her on the floor and started fucking her in missionary. Fucked her for about 4 to 5 minutes.

While fucking her, she kept saying, “Cum on me,” softly, while looking at me. I couldn’t handle that, and I pulled out and immediately cum on her stomach. It was a heavenly orgasm. There was so much cum on her. She took some of it on her fingers, wiped it on her nipples and sucked her finger.

We both were exhausted and so sweaty and stinky. We just laid back on the wall and relaxed. There was silence for a min. Then I told her that she was an experienced pro. She said she only fucked twice in her life. The last time was 3 years ago.

Since then, she had been waiting to fuck again and planning how she’d do it. I told her she’s the hottest and dirtiest slut I’ve ever met. And she said I’m the sluttiest and dirtiest guy she ever met. I told her that we should do this often very carefully.

The best part was she lives a km away from me and in a 2 bedroom rented room with another girl. So she won’t have a problem sneaking me in.

So ever since this happened, we’ve been having oral sex after work. She even started to swallow my cum. We started doing a lot of dirty stuff. We’ll be so stinky whenever we leave, either cum or sweat. We fuck 3 times a week in her room. I’m so lucky to have an affair with a hot colleague like this.

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