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Crazy hot sex with my teacher

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Hi readers, since you like my last story, I am back with another real-life incident, and this time it’s with a sexy teacher.

Hi readers, since you like my last story, I am back with another real-life incident, and this time it’s with a sexy teacher.

I consider myself lucky in terms of genetics because I look really good. I fuck real good. I perfectly know when and how to touch women (like I was built to fuck). That’s how I ended up banging quite a few.

I will tell you how I managed to fuck one of my teachers. Not from my school or college but a coaching institute for engineers. I got admitted to a coaching institute in Mumbai in my second last year of college. After taking admission, I started going regularly.

I learnt 3 software, and all the 3 teachers were females. After learning the first 2 software in the first 4 months, I thought I’d spend the next 4 learning Ansys, which is the most important. I didn’t expect my lecturer to look good or sexy. The first 2 teachers were married and in their mid-30s (not very good-looking).

But as soon as she entered the small classroom, every guy checked her out. She was perfectly brown, had a pretty face and an irresistible body. She was wearing an Indian kurti with leggings.

I could make out that her breasts weren’t really big. They were average. But her lower body looked like that of a model. That’s exactly what I love in women, thick ass and legs.

She introduced herself as Payal Ma’am. She started her first lecture by telling us what she would teach. She wanted to get to know her students too. She was older than me but still young (25). It got me hooked on the subject. I wanted to be in her good books as a good student.

A few days passed, and honestly, I noticed the universe was giving both of us signs. Whenever I opened my classroom door, I would find her on the other side, about to open the door. Twice her pallu got stuck to my jacket zip.

We even bumped into each other quite a few times in the lift, the classroom, and the washroom corridor. These things happened often. One fine day she asked me, “Why do I always keep bumping into you?” She blushed and walked away. I knew she secretly liked it.

By the end of 2 months, we both knew we liked each other. But she was a bit awkward. I was probably younger than her but irresistible. She used to stand next to other students while she cleared their doubts. After she was done, she used to come to sit next to me for a minimum of 10 minutes to clear my doubts.

She used to sit next to me with her legs crossed, one on top of the other. I used to find her feet or thigh bumping into my legs while she cleared my doubts. She was fine with me checking out her tits and legs while she cleared my doubts. She never said a word while I used to check her out.

I knew she liked me and wanted to be touched. I once waited after the lecture when everyone left for home. I intended to spend more time with her. I just liked watching her speak and was sexually interested in her. While clearing my doubts, I noticed her legs were crossed as usual.

She kept tapping into my shin on a regular interval. I felt a bit naughty and placed my hand on her thigh. As soon as she was done clearing a doubt, I thanked her for helping me. I felt her thick things shiver a bit with nervousness.

I removed my hand later. In about 2 minutes, she kept her hand on my thigh while clearing my second doubt and rubbing my thigh. It was a perfect moment. We kept looking into each other’s eyes, almost about to kiss, but we didn’t.

That day I managed to take her phone number. I’ll have her subject for next semester. If I have doubts, I can ask her. She said she was not allowed to share numbers with her students as she typed her phone number. She asked me not to give it to anyone or tell anyone about it.

Soon the semester and my coaching class ended, and the next semester began. I regularly sent her a few questions to ensure she didn’t forget me, and we stayed in touch. Soon, the semester ended, and we had our practical exams. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get in touch with her.

I called her on a Friday and told her I had forgotten a few things she had taught me. If she could meet me at the centre and help me go through all the basics. I called her at the centre because the software was expensive and available at the coaching centre.

She told me I couldn’t go to the centre as I am not a student anymore. There was a pause. She said why don’t you come to my house for a few hours tomorrow, and she would clear all my doubts. I said, ” Okay, let’s meet tomorrow, ” I asked her to send her address.

It was Saturday, and I was ready with my fake doubts. I took my bike and went straight to her house at 10. I knew she lived alone. I could wait at her house for as long as I wanted. She had taken her day off just for me.

She offered me some special masala tea. We both sat on her bed to clear my practical doubts. Initially, we both were sitting with our legs crossed on the bed. Soon our legs and back were in pain, so we laid our backs on the bed’s backrest. I placed my arm around her shoulder cause we were sitting so close.

My hand was in the way. She said nothing, placed her laptop on her lap, and kept explaining the basics of my test. Slowly I ended up rubbing her hand, and while teaching, she landed her hand on my thigh and kept it there for a few minutes.

We both knew what we wanted from each other, but no one was making the first move. She kept her hand on my thigh again for a few minutes. As she rubbed my thigh elegantly, my dick started getting hard. She felt it, and I could see she was finding ways to get to feel my tool.

Before she tried to touch me, I stared at her lips and asked her if she liked what she felt. To which she replied, “Felt what?” I took her hand and placed it on my dick. I could see her face turn speechless as she started feeling it. She felt it from the tip to the base of my dick.

She said it was really big and bit her lower lip. I took the opportunity and made my move. I placed her laptop to the side, pulled her close to me and started making out with her. I slowly took her t-shirt off. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra at the moment and took mine off.

We got comfortable making out. So I slipped my hand into her pant while still kissing her. I slowly started rubbing her clit with my fingers in various motions while making out and rubbing her breasts with my other hand. The rubbing got so intense that her panties got wet.

She asked me to wait a minute and started taking her pant off, so I took mine off too. She was shocked to see my dick out as it’s quite big, porno type (8 inches). I could see what she was thinking. It was in her face. I grabbed her waist and placed my hand on her ass.

I lifted her, pushed her against the wall, and made out with her. My erect dick was rubbing her body, and I could feel the fluids dripping from her pussy to my thighs. I pushed her onto the bed, lifted her legs and kissed her pussy. As soon as she closed her eyes, I started licking it vigorously.

I made alphabets and numbers on her clit with the tip of my tongue and could feel a constant rush of fluids hit my face. She did taste really good. So I kept at it with full focus and made her orgasm 3 times. She was getting violent with my hair as I licked her pussy.

Pulling it against her pussy violently made me feel like she wanted my dick in her. So I moved up while she was lying down and placed my dick in her mouth. I told her to make it wet as it was soon about to enter her pussy.

Because I gave her amazing oral sex, she wanted to return the favour. Trust me. She was making love to my dick like a pornstar. I could feel her devotion. I asked her to stop after 10 minutes and said its time to put it in.

I told her I had a Condom but asked if she was fine taking an I-pill cause I wanted to go in raw. She said yes and spat on the tip of my dick, rubbed it all over till it got really hard again. She slipped it inside of her.  It took a good 2 minutes to get used to it.

Her pussy was tight and small, and my dick was big and fat. Her face was in pain initially, and she was uncomfortable. But as time passed with each stroke, she kept getting wet and slowly enjoyed it. She weighed less and was just 5’2”.  I kept lifting her and pushing and pulling her body like a toy.

At one point, while I had grabbed one of her legs in a hugging manner, the other was just to the side. I could see her eyes get rolled to the back of her head. I was thrusting her pussy violently. Her pussy got wet as we kept fucking. I could hear a splashing noise.

She was having multiple orgasms. Seeing my ex-teacher naked on the bed, with her tits giggling to the beat of my dick, made me about to cum. So I pulled out and gave it a break for 5 seconds and started fucking her with her on top of me. I held her waist and kept rubbing her body against my hard dick.

I could feel the back of her pussy hit my dick, but it got me even harder. She came on my dick. We both were wet, and the bed was dirty too, but she didn’t stop. I raised my knees and opened her pussy with my fingers. I pulled it so it became more tightly stretched.

I started thrusting her like a machine. I knew she was in pain as she kept making painful sounds. But she found her pleasure in that pain and enjoyed it thoroughly. Later we fucked in the doggy style. I spanked her real hard, leaving red hand marks on her brown ass.

I left hickeys all over her body as she had no boyfriend or man who would care. By now, I had stopped myself from cumming 3 times. She had lost all the energy in her body. She had cum too much. It looked like she was brutally beaten up because of the hickeys, smudge lipstick and dripping eyeliner.

I flipped her over one last time and kissed her pussy with a lot of passion. It started turning wet again. I spat on my dick and pushed it in one last time in missionary position with the sole purpose of cumming inside my ex-teacher.

We both knew that now was the perfect time to make me or say let me cum, and we were at it vigorously. She bit my ears, neck and shoulder. I kept ramming my dick violently into her pussy. As she bit my ear and said, “I never knew I would fuck a student, and it would be so much fun.” I got excited.

But the moment she whispered, “Cum inside of me already, daddy.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I felt a gush inside my testicles and launched all the built-up load inside her. It got extra slippery and wet, and she gripped her pussy tight, so no one drop escaped her.

She was tired, and I was done with my doubts. I packed up and left. It was an amazing day. Later (semester end), I even got good marks in FEA.