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Costumed Indian MILF fucks Cosplayers at Comic-Con

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This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here. Savita Bhabhi and Ashok were supposed to head to Comic-Con for the weekend. Ashok’s boss called at the last

This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here.

Savita Bhabhi and Ashok were supposed to head to Comic-Con for the weekend. Ashok’s boss called at the last minute, and their plans got screwed.

Ashok: I already bought the tickets too. I don’t want them to go to waste. So you go instead of me, Savita.

Savita: But you’re the comic book guy. What am I supposed to do there?

Ashok: Savita, you’ve seen all the movies, and we’ve been awesome at all the costume parties. It will be ok. You have fun.

Savita agreed reluctantly. She decided to leave in regular clothes and change near the convention centre. She arrived at the centre and entered the fast food place next door.

She ordered a coffee and asked for the bathroom so that she could change. When she got in there, a woman was crying over her costume.

Savita: Everything alright? Why are you in your underwear?

Girl: I’m supposed to be dressing for Comic-Con, but my boyfriend tells me the costume makes me look ugly.

Savita: Oh no. What’s he going to dress as?

Girl: He’s not going. He says it’s for nerds.

Savita looked at the costume in her hand. It was pretty sexy. The girl was really cute too. Savita undressed to start changing. But she wanted to console the girl, so she talked to her.

Savita: You look gorgeous. Let’s get you into your costume.

Girl: It’s pretty revealing. Right now, I wish I look as good as you do when I’m your age.

Savita (chuckles): Oh, I’m sure you will.

Before Savita could react, the girl kissed her. She tried to protest, but she pressed her boobs against Savita’s and kissed her passionately. Savita was wet. She grabbed onto her and kissed her hard. She sat back on the counter as the girl straddled one of her legs.

She was dripping onto Savita’s thigh. They moaned as they kissed each other. Savita reached down and squeezed the girl’s soft ass while she ground against Savita’s warm thigh. She laid Savita on the counter and licked her pussy fondly. Savita held the girl’s hair back as she drooled on her pussy.

She laid on top of Savita and ground against her pussy, making Savita restless. The girl straddled Savita’s face. Savita licked her pussy furiously as its juices dripped down both sides of her thirsty mouth.

Girl: Oh fuck! I’m so turned on! I want to have an orgasm! My boyfriend never gets me there!

Savita kissed her deeply and opened her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet as she opened the girl’s legs and made their pussies grind against each other. The girl ground her hips hard into Savita’s as they scissored passionately. Their moans got louder as the girl’s pussy dripped wildly into Savita’s.

Savita couldn’t take it anymore. It felt too good. She got up and pushed the girl down on the counter and ground her pussy into hers faster as they moaned louder. She held the girl’s leg against her shoulder as their hips ground ferociously.

Savita: Oh fuck! I don’t even know your name, but I fucking love this pussy!

Girl: Yea! Fuck me! Please fuck me! Make me cum! Please!

Savita (moaning): Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

The girl screamed with Savita as all her pent up aggression left her body as she came. They felt each other’s sweaty bodies and twirled their tongues softly after they fucked. It smelled like sweat and sex in that bathroom. They moaned softly as they soaked it all in.

Savita felt the girl’s ass and squeezed her hips. The girl purred as she fingered Savita softly and tasted her pussy again. They ground softly for pleasure against each other a bit more. Once they were both satisfied, they got up and dressed for Comic-Con.

Savita tongued the girl again after they dressed. The clerk at the fast food place stared at their sexy costumes as they walked out, but they didn’t care. She was dressed as Wonder Woman. But she kept replaying the hot sex she’d just had and tried to get over it.

The girl had gone her own way, and Savita wanted to know where the panels would be.  Everyone stared at her Wonder Woman costume, both men and women. She could sense them sexualising her, and she secretly loved it. She was turned on after what had happened. She wanted to be fucked again.

Savita asked the inquiry about the panels, and they pointed her towards a hallway. But when she went down that hallway, it was empty. She turned back, but a woman in a Cheetah costume stopped her.

Cheetah: I’m supposed to be the sexiest woman at this Convention. Here you come with your perfect tits and juicy ass, trying to take that away from me.

Savita: I wasn’t trying to-

Before she could finish, the Cheetah put her in a headlock and dropped her to the floor. She could feel the Cheetah’s curvy body push into hers, and despite the pain, Savita was a bit wet again. Before pushing the Cheetah off of her, she heard another voice. It was a man dressed as the Flash.

Flash: That’s enough! Get off her!

He stepped in and pulled the Cheetah off of Savita Bhabhi. The Cheetah retreated, and Savita thanked the Flash.

Flash: Are you alright?

Savita: Yea, I didn’t expect to get attacked by my character’s enemies.

Flash: Oh, she does that every year when she gets jealous of prettier women.

They walked together to an empty meeting room to get some water. He had Savita Bhabhi to himself. Both of them felt the tension. Savita’s pussy was moist.

Flash: Is this your first Comic-Con? You look so much like the actual character. It’s awesome.

Savita: Yea, it’s my first time. You’re too sweet. Thanks.

Flash: I’d be first in line to see you in one of those films.

He moved in closer to Savita as he looked deeply into her eyes. Savita bit her lips as he came inches from her face and stared at her body. He leaned in with his lips.

Flash (whispering): Are you here alone?

Savita (whispering): Yes!

Flash: I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like when superheroes kiss.

He grabbed Savita and kissed her. She melted in his arms as her breasts squished into his sturdy chest. He kissed her neck and licked her collarbone. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it as she wrapped her leg around his sturdy thigh.

Savita: This feels so hot! Let’s do this with our costumes on.

The Flash pulled down his pants and pulled out his huge cock. Savita got on her knees and pulled her breasts out of her tight costume. She moaned as she swallowed him whole. She purred with lust as she swallowed him fondly.

He picked her up and turned her upside down.  Her pussy was in his face as she sucked his cock. He thrust his cock in and out of her as he held Savita by her tight waist and licked her pussy.

It was tiring, so he put Savita on a table and licked all the visible parts of her body. He teased her pussy with his warm cock. She sighed as she spread her pussy lips and felt his monster cock pound into her dripping pussy.

Savita: You’ve got a super cock, you fast freak!

Flash: Normal humans couldn’t handle it. That’s why I love your super pussy!

He turned her over and pounded her hard and fast as she moaned and screamed with her sultry mouth wide open. Savita drooled as she felt his cock enter deep into her lusty womb.

The Flash picked Savita up and fucked her hard. She was moaning too loudly as she kissed her masked lover. She didn’t notice the Cheetah was back.

The Cheetah stood at the door, touching herself heavily as she watched them fuck. The Flash kept thrusting inside Savita as they both looked at Cheetah. She walked over and licked Savita’s pussy. Savita moaned and stopped.

Cheetah: Wow. (she squeezed her nipples) I can’t hold back. I have to join you guys.

Cheetah undressed. Savita and Cheetah ground their pussies against the Flash’s super cock. He groaned as he felt both their bodies. Savita sat on his cock again as the two of them licked her tits.

Cheetah licked her pussy as she bounced on the Flash’s cock. Cheetah straddled the Flash’s face as she made out with a moaning Savita Bhabhi. Cheetah ground her pussy on the Flash’s face and moaned loudly.

She then got off and licked Savita’s pussy and bit softly on the Flash’s cock as Savita fingered her. The two of them moaned together as they kissed. Cheetah licked Savita’s hard nipples.

Savita: Oh! You guys! I’m about to-

Flash and Cheetah together: Me too!

The three of them yelled. The Flash exploded inside Savita as her pussy tightened, and she threw her head back. Cheetah drenched Savita’s fingers in cum. The Flash left his pants down and dragged his cock against Cheetah’s sweaty back as she sucked the cum out of Savita’s pussy.

Savita moaned and licked her fingers, coated in Cheetah’s cum, as she squeezed Cheetah’s juicy tits. Cheetah fingered Savita gently as Savita opened her legs wider. She tongued Cheetah and moaned as the Flash brought his cock closer to their lips.

They both moaned softly as they twirled their tongues against his cock together. They all got up and felt each other up one last time as they got dressed. Savita looked at the Flash with a naughty stare.

Savita: One more thing!

Flash: What?

She pulled off his mask to see who he was. It was the clerk from the fast-food joint. She smiled as she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him deeply. Cheetah felt Savita’s curvy body as she kissed him. The clerk squeezed their asses as the three of them walked out of that meeting hall and went back to the Convention.

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Costumed Indian MILF fucks Cosplayers at Comic-Con