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Horny Indian MILF fucks neighbor during a Power Cut

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This story is based on an episode from Velamma comics which you can read here. The power went out in the neighborhood abruptly. Velamma was trying on different lingerie when it happened. She didn’t

This story is based on an episode from Velamma comics which you can read here.

The power went out in the neighborhood abruptly. Velamma was trying on different lingerie when it happened. She didn’t know what could cause a power outage at that time. She thought about it. She realized it was the perfect time to introduce herself to the new neighbor.

She tried to find out if everyone in the neighborhood was in the dark. She threw on a black saree in such a hurry that she forgot her underwear. But she was out in minutes.

Velamma rang her neighbor’s doorbell, and a man opened the door. The expression on his face was blank. He seemed to be looking through Velamma. She introduced herself as his neighbor. He told her that his name was Chinmay and invited her in. They sat on the couch and began talking.

Velamma: Sorry that my husband and I haven’t come by sooner to meet you.

Chinmay: That’s ok, you’re here now!

Velamma: I just came over to check whether your electricity was out as well.

Chinmay: I wouldn’t know. I can’t exactly see. Since I’m blind. (He put on a pair of sunglasses)

Velamma: Oh no! I’m sorry I didn’t realize!

Chinmay: It’s ok. I’ve been this way since birth. Since it’s a new house, it’ll take me some time to have it fully memorized. (He walked over to a light switch and flicked it on and off) Do I have electricity?

Velamma: No, it doesn’t seem like it. Is there anything I can do to help?

Chinmay: You can join me for a cold drink. Since the AC is off, it’ll get warm in here soon.

Velamma: Sure, I can do that. Should I help with…

Chinmay: (cutting her off)…no, I got it! I haven’t needed help in a long time.

Velamma sat on the couch, embarrassed about her actions. Chinmay called out from the kitchen, asking for help carrying the tray to the living room. Velamma got up to help him, but she stopped herself as soon as she saw him.

Chinmay had taken off all his clothes. He stood in the kitchen doorway with his cock dangling between his open legs. He had a tray with drinks in his hand. Velamma set the drinks down, and they sat to chat.

Chinmay: It’s so hot here, and since it’s dark, I decided to make myself more comfortable. I hope you don’t mind.

Velamma realized that Chinmay thought it must be pitch black in the room. He didn’t think she could see his cock in the dimly lit room. Chinmay got up to stretch and stuck his cock in her face. She looked at it and realized she could smell it.

Chinmay: Feel free to shed some clothing of your own.

Velamma: (suspicious) No, it’s ok. I’m fine.

Chinmay: It’s totally fine. It’s not like I can see you anyway.

He had a point, and she thought about it. She dropped her pallu and pulled off her blouse. The electric feeling of being completely nude in a room with a stranger who can’t even see her gave her a buzz.

She sat on the couch with her thick thighs spread open, airing out her juicy pussy as they spoke about various things. Velamma felt the heat, and she couldn’t stop looking down at his crotch.

Velamma: So, do you have someone? A partner, girlfriend…?

Chinmay: No, unfortunately. Not many people want to babysit a disabled man.

He looked disheartened, but Velamma tried to console him.

Velamma: So, what if your eyes don’t work. (She eyed his cock) Everything else seems to be in working order. (She chuckled to herself softly)

Chinmay: I’ve never even kissed a girl…or had sex.

Velamma: Well, most women are superficial. You have to meet the right person. That’s all.

Chinmay: You don’t seem superficial.

Chinmay leaned in and kissed Velamma on the lips. She let him do so and licked his tongue softly as he did.

Chinmay: Wow! That was everything I dreamt it would be.

Velamma: I’m glad you liked it.

Chinmay: Do you mind if I touch your breasts? You have been the nicest woman ever, and I just thought I’d ask. I’ve never had the experience.

Velamma was turned on, but she tried to shut down the idea. However, Chinmay’s sad and pathetic expression made her soften. She looked at his hard cock, and gave him permission to play with her tits.

His fingers touched her tenderly. Each touch was making her nipples hard, and she resisted the urge to grab his hand, making him squeeze her huge breasts harder.

Chinmay: Wow, now I understand. I just wish I knew if my cock appealed to women as these breasts appeal to me.

Velamma: (she felt flattered as she eyed his hard cock) You have nothing to worry about in that department.

Chinmay: Does it even compare to your husband?

Velamma: You’re actually much thicker and longer than he is. (She didn’t realize that she had grabbed his shaft and gently stroked it slowly for a second.)

Chinmay: (he moaned silently) Can you please show me what a woman’s mouth feels like? I’ve never experienced it.

She didn’t feel like stopping herself. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his hard cock as she put it into her mouth and sucked fondly. Chinmay grabbed her head and pushed her down on it. Her pussy got wet at his touch.

Chinmay: Can I touch your pussy? I just want to use my fingers to see what it looks like.

Velamma wiped her mouth and opened her legs for him. Chinmay stuck his fingers in and began to finger her. His touch was soft and tender, and it made her pussy wetter. She moaned louder each time he stroked the walls of her pussy.

Chinmay: Oh no! I feel some wetness. Are you bleeding?

Velamma: No, I’m just excited!

Chinmay: I wonder what would happen if I sat down and you sat on my lap with my dick inside you.

Velamma: Then we’d be having sex.

Velamma bit her lip as she pushed him back and sat on his cock. She leaned her huge tits into his intrigued face and rocked on his cock. She let herself go, knowing he couldn’t see how much she enjoyed rocking his throbbing cock inside her. She rocked her thick thighs on his lap. Chinmay put her on her back.

Chinmay: I thought that all people had sex in this position.

Velamma: There are many positions to have sex.

Chinmay: Really? What’s your favorite?

He thrust his meaty cock inside her as they talked. His face tightened from how good her wet pussy felt.

Velamma: (moaning louder) They all feel so good!

Chinmay: (grunting as he fucks her) Good to know that women enjoy sex too!

Chinmay turned her over and put her in the doggy style. She helped with surprise and looked back at him as she felt his thick cock penetrate her insides. She moaned loudly as she felt him thrust inside her.

Velamma: Fuck! It’s so big!

Chinmay: Does it feel good?

Velamma: Yes! It all feels so good!

Velamma bit into the cushion as he fucked her. She let herself go as she felt his thighs slam against her sweaty ass repeatedly. Their bodies stuck together as she moaned into the pillow. She could feel his sweat drip onto her wet back as he pounded her with his novice cock.

She bit into the couch harder when he split her asscheeks open and squeezed them firmly as he thrust into her. She dropped the pillow and moaned louder to the rhythm of her cheeks clapping. He was fucking her so good that her mind was numb.

Chinmay: Fuck, my cock is tightening!

Velamma: You might be close! Wait!

Chinmay: I’m trying! But your insides feel so good!

Chinmay pulled out and grunted as Velamma got on her knees and grabbed his cock. She stroked him off, and he came on her juicy tits. She moaned with satisfaction as she twirled her tongue fondly on the tip of his musty cock.

The power came back on as she sucked his cock dry. Chinmay looked up and panted as she sucked him off.

Chinmay: Finally! The power came on!

Velamma was shocked at what he said.

Velamma: How do you know that? You’re blind.

Chinmay looked into her eyes and smiled sheepishly.

Chinmay: Oops (he chuckled nervously).

Velamma: I can’t believe this!

She threw on her clothes and walked away from the house, furious that he’d taken advantage of her. She felt furious that all her neighbors were such perverts. She didn’t know what to do.

Just then, the electrician came to check on a line inside the house. She let him in, and she realized she was still horny. He had been watching her as she tried on the lingerie earlier. He confessed it to her.

He knelt in front of her, pulled her panties down, and sniffed her freshly fucked pussy. She liked how he did it. He picked her up and put her on the bed. She liked that too. Velamma willingly opened her sweaty legs and let him pound the shit out of her. Chinmay didn’t make her cum, so maybe he could.

The electrician licked her tongue and kissed her deeply as he fucked her hard. She moaned and grabbed onto him with her thick legs as they fucked. She kissed him and licked his shoulders and chest as she felt her body tighten. He came on her pubes.

She rubbed her clit, covered in his fresh cum, and milky white cum oozed out of her pussy as she came with him.  He laid there and felt her up, and she felt the lustful need to be touched as well. After a while, he smacked her ass and squeezed it, thanked her for a good time and walked out.

Velamma was in disbelief about what the day had been like. But she took the dicks she was given and moved on with her day.

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Horny Indian MILF fucks neighbor during a Power Cut