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Hot bhabhi fucks a horny teenager in a train

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This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here. Darshan and his fat sister Madhur traveled on a train when they spotted a hot and milky lady traveling on the same

This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here.

Darshan and his fat sister Madhur traveled on a train when they spotted a hot and milky lady traveling on the same train. “Want me to go tell the bhabhi that my little brother has a crush on her?” Madhur asked Darshan, mocking him as he was peeking at the hot butt of Savita.

The lady had noticed Darshan sneaking at her hot curves. Finding a seat opposite him, she sat crossing her legs. Savita made sure she gave him a peek of her inner thighs and her panties.  Darshan was awestruck when he realized the lady was giving her positive hints, but he was too shy to start a conversation.

“Excuse me, young man. But I noticed you staring at me. And I just want to let you know that I’m flattered,” Savita decided to take the first move. Surprised Darshan was too shy and timid, especially with a hot woman sitting opposite him. However, they created a good bond despite being strangers.

After the peak hours were over, she moved closer to Darshan. They were sitting next to each other as she had requested Madhur to shift to another seat. Madhur was more than happy to shift to another seat far away from her horny brother.

She touched his legs with her toes and moved her hands into his shirt. The lady was always fascinated by young men. They would have hardly experienced the world of lust and open to anything in bed. Darshan was a perfect fit for her needs.

The lady did something Darshan never expected. She leaned in for a kiss and pecked on his lips. Darshan was worried about other passengers. But the lady was least bothered.

Her sweet slutty red lips locked over his lips. It was his first kiss, and it was wet. She was literally eating his face, and this made him rock hard inside his jeans. Her hands slithered between his thighs and poked at his boner.

Darshan sighed when he felt her squeeze his cock over the jeans. The lady seems to be too horny and hot. Not worrying about the people around her, she unzipped his jeans. Other passengers were either sleeping or busy in their world.

The lady took out his amazingly hard cock and stared at it for a few seconds. He was throbbing hard since it was the first time a woman had touched his penis. She jerked him a few times. His tip was wet with his pre-cum.

Quickly she kneeled between his legs and sucked the tip. Smiling, she deep-throated him in a single go. Darshan tried hard to, but he couldn’t stop moaning. His moans only made her even more enthusiastic about sucking him.

Darshan felt like she was sucking out even the last drops of juices from his penis. She squeezed his balls to make him moan louder, but she controlled it as he was bothered about the other passengers.

Darshan couldn’t last long since this was the first blowjob he experienced. He shot his load right into her mouth. Like cream, she swallowed it. Smiling at him, she even smacked her lips.

“Ah! Oh, God. Where am I?” Darshan screamed as he felt shooting pain on his shoulder. It was his sister Madhur trying to wake him up. Darshan had fallen asleep at the railway station. He had to rush to the washroom to wash to clean up. The wet dream had made him literally wet.

Darshan, Madhur, and their parents were traveling on the train. But they could not get a seat and had to adjust with RAC. Darshan was surprised to find out that he had to share his seat with a lady called Savita.

Savita had the sexiest curve he had ever seen in a woman. She was the perfect milf, even better than the women in his dreams. But she was rude and seemed to despise teenagers. “I’m sure we can manage fine without even touching each other,” Savita said to Darshan in an angry tone.

Savita was tired, and she soon dozed off into a hot and erotic dream of her own. Savita dreamt of Ashok all buffed up and muscular, picking her up from the railway station as she had reached early morning.

Ashok looks so handsome and well built. He smiled as he planted a deep kiss on her lips. Ashok showered Savita with so many gifts. Savita had never been this happy in her life. She jumped on Ashok and kissed him like it was her last day with him.

She wanted him to be naked and hard. After all, it was a dream, and her wishes were her commands. Ashok soon stood there naked with a huge boner. Not just his muscles, even his cock seems to have grown. Savita giggled in her sleep. But the dream didn’t last long. The noises of the train woke her up.

“I’m exhausted, Darshan. You said you just turned 18. So we’re both adults, and as two adults, surely we can sleep in this berth in our clothes without making it weird, right?” Savita groaned at Darshan.

Darshan nodded and went back to reading the comics he had under the flashlight of the mobile he carried. Meanwhile, Savita was drifting in and out of sleep. After another hour, she woke up again as she felt something poking on her lower back. She felt like it was his knuckle, and she was annoyed.

Darshan, who was aroused by the amazing curves of Savita, was rubbing his cock against her ass over her saree. He was able to find the spot between her ass cheeks and felt good as he rubbed his cock.

Savita, who considered this to be his knuckle or knee rubbing against her ass in his sleep, decided to push him off. She moved her hand behind and gently held it to move him away from her.

Darshan was more than happy when he felt her hold his penis. He pumped right into her palm, wetting it with his pre-cum. Savita was shocked to realize that the teenager was rubbing his cock on her palm.

“He is just a teenager. If I wank him and let him finish, he’ll fall right asleep. And so can I,” Savita thought.

Savita jerked him a couple of times. He was already hard and was oozing his juices. Savita’s expertise in handling cocks only made the process quicker. He shot his jizz all over her palm, making her withdraw her hand. She wiped it off on her saree as he thanked her.

“It’s nothing. Now let’s get some sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open,” Savita whispered to Darshan.

But Darshan was not done. He lifted her saree and exposed her ass. Savita turned around to face him. She was annoyed as he was not letting her sleep.

“If I let you have sex with me, will you finally let me sleep afterward,” Savita asked him

Savita let Darshan peel her panties after he rolled up her skirt even higher. Darshan’s cock was rock hard even though he had just released, but he was still an amateur when it came to sex.

Savita guided Darshan to her pussy. He held his cock right above her pussy and gently entered her. He giggled as he realized he was no longer a virgin. Darshan was pretty good with his cock. He was growing in size inside her, and Savita started feeling good.

She ordered Darshan to pump faster in the missionary position as she felt he could make her orgasm. Savita moaned and sighed as he poked her G-spot while she rammed with all his might inside her. She was close to her climax too. Finally, with a loud moan, she came.

Neither Savita nor Darshan had noticed that Madur was watching them the whole time.

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Hot bhabhi fucks a horny teenager in a train