Indian Sex Stories


  • Passionate Sex With Hot Ex-Colleague Payal

    Hello guys, this is Amit once again with my latest escapade. I have been a marketing professional and hence interacted with many media and PR agencies. During one of the events, I got in touch with P[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:10 Classification:Couple
  • Making Love With Gorgeous Delhi Girl Chandni

    Hi, this is Amit, once again. This incident happened recently and has been etched in my memory forever. For those reading my story for the first time, I am 39, quite good looking, 5.10 in height and[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:30 Classification:Couple
  • A Love Making Saga With Marketing Manager Garima

    Hi all, I am back with another exciting escapade of mine that happened a few months back. For those of you reading my story for the first time, I am Amit, 39 years old and from Mumbai. I am 5’1[detailed]

    2022-05-11 12:46 Classification:Couple
  • Unexpected Sex With A Married Lady Suman

    Hi there, I am back with another escapade of mine. Well, this particular incident was completely unprecedented and it unfolded in a very different fashion. For those reading my story for the first ti[detailed]

    2022-05-11 12:24 Classification:Couple
  • Passionate Night Of Sex With My Schoolmate Stella

    Hi again! For those reading my story for the first time, I am Amit from Mumbai, 5’10”, athletic build, quite adventurous and fun loving.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 12:24 Classification:Couple
  • Hot Mallu Neighbour – Madhu

    It was a winter morning when I opened the door of my flat, after hearing some noises. I checked and noticed some activity at my next door flat. A new tenant, hot mallu had taken up the place and was[detailed]

    2022-05-11 11:59 Classification:Couple
  • A Sensuous Escapade With Kaveri

    Hi there, I’m sharing an experience of mine that changed the course of life and made me more sensitive and loving as a person. This incident happened a few years back when I was working with an MNC[detailed]

    2022-05-11 11:28 Classification:Couple
  • A Hot Encounter With Sexy Simi

    Hi guys, this is Amit once again with an all-new encounter. I’m 38, living in Mumbai and am sexually quite active. I believe in living live to the fullest and utilizing whatever skills I learn. You[detailed]

    2022-05-11 11:08 Classification:Couple
  • A Rainy Wild Day With Raksha

    Hi, this is Amit again to share with you another exciting sex story that happened sometime back. To re-introduce myself, I’m 38, 5’10, very adventurous and an easy going guy from Mumbai. You can to[detailed]

    2022-05-11 10:43 Classification:Couple
  • Blissful Moments With Sexy Richa

    Hi this is Amit again. I’m sharing another true encounter which happened a few months back. I’m 36, 5’10”, well-built and very adventurous. I live in the western suburbs of Mumbai where the sea b[detailed]

    2022-05-11 09:21 Classification:Couple