Indian Sex Stories


  • The Sex Files – Part 3

    The first time – continued: “Wake up, sleepy head,” Adnan said, waking Gayatri. It was 1:00 pm.[detailed]

    2022-11-12 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • The Sex Files – Part 2

    The first time When Gayatri was at college, she wasn’t in good shape as she was nine years after. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t fit, so she wasn’t self-confident.[detailed]

    2022-11-06 09:22 Classification:Virgin
  • The Sex Files – Part 1

    “Chiru, are you sure you’re okay with me going on my own?” Gayatri asked his boyfriend Chirag, ready to leave for Mumbai.[detailed]

    2022-10-27 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • A Muslim Sex Story – Part 1

    Note to readers: The following story is fictional. Any relation to a real-life person is completely unintentional.[detailed]

    2022-10-19 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • The XXX Sleeper – Part 7

    Previously : Saturday 10th of August: Aamir, Rashid Shaikh, and Saeed, 55, the new commissioner, meet, where Aamir explains to Saeed the new developments.[detailed]

    2022-09-13 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • The XXX Sleeper – Part 6

    Previously: Richa, an old friend of Komal, visits her. On the same night, she ends up getting fucked by Aamir. That night, Richa explains to Aamir about the first time she had sex with someone other[detailed]

    2022-09-06 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • The XXX Sleeper – Part 5

    Previously : Richa, 31, came to visit Komal after a long time. That night, Aamir got to have fun with Richa in his room.[detailed]

    2022-09-02 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • The XXX Sleeper – Part 4

    Aamir and Monica were lying in her bed, exhausted. Aamir suddenly remembered that it was the day Raj was coming back.[detailed]

    2022-08-29 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • The XXX Sleeper – Part 3

    On the next Sunday evening, Aamir met Rashid Shaikh. He took the ‘pressure cooker’ that Rashid, and later Bashir, had reminded Aamir to ‘prepare’ inside his large travelling bag.[detailed]

    2022-08-24 09:21 Classification:Teacher
  • The XXX Sleeper – Part 2

    If you’re new to this series, please read part 1 first. Previously… Aamir Chisti rents an apartment at an apartment complex. He then gets to know his neighbour, Raj, and his wife, Komal.[detailed]

    2022-08-19 09:17 Classification:Couple