Indian Sex Stories


  • Sex on the campus

    “I can’t just book them for asking for your introduction,” said Ashu ma’am, putting down her glasses. She had called all the boys of MCA 1st year to the faculty office to discuss ragging.[detailed]

    2022-09-12 09:21 Classification:Teacher
  • Love Child With Saali

    Ever since she turned 21, I was supposed to treat my hot saali like an adult. She visited us frequently in Delhi. Now that our kids were going to school, we had more time to spend with Ramola.[detailed]

    2022-09-05 09:20 Classification:Incest
  • Dating Cousins

    ‘Smitten’ was the only word to explain my reaction after seeing her. I’d seen her earlier when she was younger, but she looked definitely attractive that day. I felt ashamed at first because we we[detailed]

    2022-09-02 09:22 Classification:Virgin
  • The Young Tenant – Part 2

    By the time Shalu had completed her M.Ed., I was 25, and she was two years younger than me. Shalu had started teaching in my old college. Meanwhile, I’d realized that my stepmom wasn’t interested i[detailed]

    2022-05-28 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • Consensual Sex – Part 2

    It was Ashu’s farewell function that day. I’d first seen her 6 years ago during my marriage with her elder sister. She was a shy kid studying in 9th class. I thought it was unnecessary to ask her f[detailed]

    2022-05-23 09:20 Classification:Incest
  • Double trouble

    A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Very apt, but what if one lands in the bush? Then there’s no choice. I found out for myself a few months ago.[detailed]

    2022-05-20 09:22 Classification:Virgin
  • Cuckolded On Wedding Day – Part 3

    I slept soundly and woke up at 8 with a raging hard-on. My pretty wife was under the sheets. I admired the sharp features that made her look sexy even while sleeping.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 16:17 Classification:Couple
  • Femdom BDSM Inspired Sweet Wife – Part 2

    A year later, my wife Tripti was still 26, with stats of 36C-26-36 and her height was 5’6” with smooth golden (or yellow) skin. She had permanent eyeliner, inked lip color, and recently had her bro[detailed]

    2022-05-11 16:17 Classification:Couple
  • GFE With Stepmom – Part 2

    “It’s official. Lockdown is on till September 21st,” said the pilot to Halie and the recruit. It was right after landing. Halie smiled. There must be some arrangement for the cabin crew, she assum[detailed]

    2022-05-11 16:07 Classification:Couple
  • CR Park Villa – Chapter 2 (A Trim And a Quickie)

    Neelam came out after her shower in a sexy blue salwar with wet hair to serve me lunch. At the dining table, I saw Neelam closely. She was between 5’7” to 5’8”, slim waist, almost flat stomach, s[detailed]

    2022-05-11 16:07 Classification:Couple