Indian Sex Stories


  • Domination of The Hotwife and The Cuckold

    A text ‘Hey’ came into my inbox from someone named Salman. He claimed to be a huge fan of the stories I wrote on ISS and wanted to know if they were real. I explained that some stories like ‘[detailed]

    2022-11-02 09:19 Classification:Group
  • Gangbang of owned slut

    Her phone rang with the name saved as Master. “I’m here in Kolkata, I’ll text you an address, and I want you to be there at 7 PM. Any delay will be punished severely,” said the other voice. As so[detailed]

    2022-08-17 09:19 Classification:Group
  • Fucking an old friend with new urges

    You were with your friends, wandering through the streets of Delhi. You saw me afar, standing in the crowd. You could recognize me instantly but somehow couldn’t believe my existence. We never[detailed]

    2022-08-08 09:19 Classification:Group
  • Shy girl with a secret

    This is a POV story of BDSM. First, I like that you’re uncertain because that gives me a chance to show you on your journey. Now coming to your story.[detailed]

    2022-08-01 09:17 Classification:Couple