Indian Sex Stories


  • An Unexpected Entry – Part 2

    Please read the first part before reading this. On the one hand, Shaaz is surprised about how Mr. Sehgal is here. On the other, another orgasm is building up in her body. She begins to tremble as she[detailed]

    2022-11-17 09:19 Classification:Group
  • An Unexpected Entry – Part 1

    Feedback welcome – Gmail or google chat on ID audityeah ——————— Shaazia slammed the door as she walked out of the house.[detailed]

    2022-11-16 09:21 Classification:Teacher
  • Impregnating a neighbour

    As Shoaib held the baby in his hands, he was so happy. He looked at his wife. She was radiant, although she just had been through excruciating labour pains. Their families are so happy. But 9 months[detailed]

    2022-07-09 09:19 Classification:Group
  • Unexpected intercourse with a horny MILF

    I still vividly remember that day, 2007 November. I was sitting in the coffee shop of Leela Palace (Bangalore) with a friend. I looked up when I heard a pleasant voice say, “I never imagined that I’[detailed]

    2022-07-04 09:17 Classification:Couple