Indian Sex Stories


  • Erotic Visit To Grandmother’s House – Part 2

    This is the sequel to the Erotic visit to grandmother’s house. After fucking his granny, Dhruv and granny were lying on the bed naked. She was lying near his cock. He was slowly patting her hea[detailed]

    2022-11-19 09:20 Classification:Incest
  • Sex Cam with mom

    Harsh lived in a small village. He was 22 and lived with his father, Nitin and his mother, Amrita. She was a very simple lady. She usually wore a saree. Her bust and ass were huge. She had pretty thi[detailed]

    2022-10-28 09:20 Classification:Incest
  • Prostitution Academy – Part 2

    After having a steamy session with Candy, Rishi decides to explore the academy more. Candy was tired from all those multiple orgasms, so she stayed behind. Rishi entered the building and was astonish[detailed]

    2022-10-05 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • Prostitution Academy – Part 1

    Rishi was a 30-year-old man unable to get married as he was financially unstable. He worked in the private sector. His boss always scolded him even for minor mistakes. Rishi was frustrated with his d[detailed]

    2022-08-21 09:17 Classification:Couple
  • Queen of Whores

    Mukul: Holy shit. This feels so good, stop it, Nia or else I will go crazy. Nia: Shut up, nerd. You have a big dick and nothing else. Just cum already and pay me.[detailed]

    2022-07-25 09:19 Classification:Group
  • Desperately horny wife and a slutty maid

    Yash and Gauri’s marriage was forced due to their parent’s pressure. But even with that, they both tried their hardest to protect their marriage.[detailed]

    2022-07-13 09:20 Classification:Incest
  • Son’s Seduction And Taboo Sex With His Mom Tanvi – Part 2

    Vinay after making his mom Tanvi his woman got a call from his aunt Rashmi. Rashmi was Tanvi’s little sister. A 37-year-old milf, who was unable to conceive a child. If Tanvi’s arousing f[detailed]

    2022-07-08 09:20 Classification:Incest
  • A Teacher’s dirty secrets

    Samir was a college student. He, Tushar, and Neeraj were good friends. They study together sometimes. Despite being in college, Samir doesn’t find girls his age attractive. He was into older wo[detailed]

    2022-07-01 09:21 Classification:Teacher
  • Son’s Seduction And Taboo Sex With His Mom Tanvi – Part 1

    Vinay was a young man of 20 who had an uncontrollable lust for his mother Tanvi who turned 43 this year. Tanvi had a very sweet nature. She usually wore a saree. She had a great body with big tits an[detailed]

    2022-06-10 09:20 Classification:Incest