Indian Sex Stories


  • Nerd Pimps His Mom

    It was my 19th birthday. Usually, I won’t go to college on my birthdays.  But I had a test that day, so I was forced to go. Thankfully we had a few free periods on that day, so I spent most of[detailed]

    2022-05-11 15:47 Classification:Couple
  • Son Helps Sex-Starved Mom

    It was 4 pm already, everyone’s parents had come and gone, except my sex-starved mom. My class teacher Suresh met with the last one and came out.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 15:43 Classification:Couple
  • Son Helps Sex-Starved Mom – Part 2

    My hotmom prepared dinner and was getting dressed up in her room. Suresh texted he’ll be here in 10 more minutes.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 15:43 Classification:Couple
  • Son’s Bully Fucks Me – Part 1

    As an Indian housewife mom, I made a decision. This had to end today. Sunil, my son came home today without his shoes for the fourth day straight. I’ve been asking him why he’s losing his[detailed]

    2022-05-11 15:43 Classification:Couple
  • Indian Housewife Mom And Son – Part 2

    Please make sure you’ve read the previous story about my Indian housewife mom. I’m gonna start this one right where I left.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:11 Classification:Incest
  • Indian Housewife Mommy And Me – Part 3

    I hope you enjoyed my previous two stories about mommy and me. If you haven’t read them yet, please do.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:11 Classification:Incest
  • Horny Stepson – Part 1

    It was our first night. It was an arranged marriage. Things happened so quickly that we didn’t even get much time to get introduced to each other, leave alone knowing about my horny stepson.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:10 Classification:Incest
  • Son Helps Sex-Starved Mom – Part 3

    I woke up a bit late the next morning. It was 9 am when I woke up. I hurried quickly, took a bath, and went to the living room. Mom wasn’t there. I went to the kitchen. My horny mom was sitting[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:10 Classification:Incest
  • Son Helps Sex-Starved Mom – Part 4

    My sexy horny mom and I arrived at the hotel, we walked to the table with our palms interlocked. “Your palms are sweaty. Just relax. You’ll do fine,” she whispered.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:10 Classification:Incest
  • Indian Housewife Mom And Son

    Hi guys, my name is Abhishek. I am 19 years old. My family consists of me, my mom and my dad. My mom is a housewife and my dad, Kumar works in an IT company. He spends most of his time at his office.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:30 Classification:Incest