Indian Sex Stories


  • Me And My Girlfriend In Kodaikanal

    I and Anjana have been in a relationship for over a year or so. It took me all my courage to speak to her and ask her out. I tried to give her the best evening possible which may be the reason that w[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:15 Classification:Couple
  • A Company Outing Made Her Mine

    Hi guys, it’s been a while. She was holding the phone, on the other side was her fiancée. She was sitting nude on the bed, I was lying on the bed, and immersed my head between her legs which were o[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:10 Classification:Couple
  • Getting ‘Handsy’ In A Photoshoot.

    I am a college student. Basically, as most of the college students, I try to make a few bucks for myself by using my skills. I like to think of myself as a good photographer. I have done decent photo[detailed]

    2022-05-11 14:10 Classification:Couple
  • Fucked My Girlfriend’s Sexy Mom

    Hy guys, How are you. hope you all are having fun. This is my story which happened to me very recently. It’s about my girlfriend and her family. Her family consists of her, her mom and dad. Her[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:30 Classification:Couple
  • A Forbidden Love In Delhi

    Hi guys. Colleges days had been very hectic. Assignments, attendance, no sleep – yet we find some time to chill out. That’s why it’s the favorite time for everyone. We had been given a o[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:26 Classification:Couple
  • Final Submission Of The Widow

    Hey guys, I am back with another story. This one is about my aunt Tinu. She is a widow. She was a pretty lean girl but after marriage, she put on weight. I used to love her milky thighs. I was basica[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:20 Classification:Couple
  • A Juicy Sister-In-Law

    Hi guys. It was hard to cope with my studies. I had a crazy fight with my girlfriend and a failure in my mid semester’s examination results. Let’s say my life which was going on a fairly[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:16 Classification:Incest
  • I Fucked My Girlfriend In A Theatre

    Hello ISS readers. My name is Jaggs. I am from Bangalore. A normal guy with a normal physique. One of these days I met my junior. Her name is Amitha. She had hot looks. She was a little dark with a l[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:15 Classification:Couple
  • My Abhilasha My First Love

    Hey guys. My first time in Indian Sex Stories. My name is Jaggs. This story happened in 2 years back. I did my studies abroad. My parents took me there. We had a flat for ourselves. At first, It was[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:10 Classification:Couple
  • Despite That I Still Love Her

    Hy guys, thank you for all the good comments and feedbacks that came to my account. My name is jaggs. I am from Bangalore. This story happened last year when I returned home for my brother’ wed[detailed]

    2022-05-11 12:57 Classification:Incest