Indian Sex Stories


  • Milf Seduction During The Lockdown

    This is a fictional story. No events or people depicted in this milf seduction story are real. Things have not been the same between mom and me since I returned home for lockdown. Actually, things ha[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:26 Classification:Incest
  • Mom’s Hot Friend – Aishwarya Aunty

    My summer vacations had just ended and I was returning home from my granny’s place in Chikmagalur. Since I was already 19 years, my parents had no problem in allowing me to travel so far alone.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:20 Classification:Couple
  • Ultimate Bathroom Sex With Mom

    I am not an idiot. I have always known that my mother, Savita, is a sexy MILF. Even since before I knew about sex and porn, I have always noticed how men of all ages would ogle at her as we walked do[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:10 Classification:Incest
  • Fucking My Horny Housewife Mother – Part 1

    My mother Neelima was lying on the bed, naked, fucking her clean shaven pussy with a thick long carrot. She inserted the carrot deep inside her vagina and violently rubbed her erect clitoris and moan[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:05 Classification:Incest
  • Fucking My Horny Housewife Mother – Pt 2 (Open Air Sex!)

    After our little adventure in the afternoon, I took a bath and fell asleep till evening as I was exhausted. Dad was home by the time I had woken up. Mom was wearing a different nighty and it looked l[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:05 Classification:Incest
  • Fucking My Horny Housewife Mother – Pt 3 (Hot Beach Sex)

    The next morning I woke up to a flurry of activities in the house. I had slept late as I was busy fantasizing about my sexy mother all night, even jerking off to her bra once.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:05 Classification:Incest
  • Mom Is My Secret Wife

    Mine is a simple Bengali family currently living in Mumbai. My father Biplab is 50 years old and works in a bank. He is an average Bengali Babu, frail in structure, tall and a chain smoker, who is he[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:05 Classification:Incest
  • Hunky Son’s Accidental Affair With Cum-Starved Mom

    My family consists of three people – my father Shekar, who looks way older than the 56 years that he is. Thanks to the immense work pressure in his business, he has to stay late in the office,[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:05 Classification:Incest
  • Sensual 18th Birthday Present From Mom!

    My father passed away when I was a young boy. So, my mother, Tisca, took on the responsibility of raising me since then. She was a hard nut and a tough disciplinarian who never let even a small mista[detailed]

    2022-05-11 13:05 Classification:Incest
  • One Night With Mom

    “Umm. What are you doing?” I immediately grabbed the blanket next to me and covered my crotch, and looked up at her in shock.[detailed]

    2022-05-11 12:39 Classification:Incest