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Diwali Rockets – Part 6 (The blackmailing sex)

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What’s up, guys?  Hope you are enjoying this thrill ride of the story. So, let’s continue from where we left off in the last part.

What’s up, guys?  Hope you are enjoying this thrill ride of the story. So, let’s continue from where we left off in the last part.

Das uncle and aunty came running to my place. Banerjee uncle was already in my home. Das uncle and his wife tried to persuade Banerjee uncle to delete the video. The conversation was long, but Banerjee uncle was in no mood to oblige.

Banerjee uncle – You enjoyed Rimi the whole night, right Das babu? Now I want to enjoy her sexy body too. So, what’s wrong with that?

Das uncle – I am talking about the video, not about sex, Banerjee babu. You are blackmailing her.

Banerjee uncle – Really? Then how did you convince her about the long night with you?

Das uncle – We agreed to do it on mutual consent. I didn’t need to blackmail her like you are doing.

Banerjee uncle – Oh, so she agreed on her own? She must be desperate for a man’s touch, then. Don’t worry. I will help her with that problem every day.

The conversation kept going and going in circles. Aunty took me to the next room and said.

Aunty – Banerjee babu is obsessed. I have a plan. But you have to do with him this one time only.

Aunty told me her plan. I thought about it and agreed to it. Aunty went to Banerjee uncle.

Aunty – Banerjee babu, come to the bedroom. Rimi is waiting for you.

Banerjee uncle was happy to hear that. He instantly ran to the bedroom. I was lying on the bed waiting for him. I am sure aunty told Das uncle about the plan. Both of them sat in the next room. They could see the bedroom from where they were sitting.

Banerjee uncle came to the bedroom and saw me lying on my bed. He came and sat beside me and was looking at me hungrily. He then got naked within seconds and came over to me. I was still wearing a dress. He started licking my nipples over the dress.

Unlike Das uncle, he was a slim and short guy around my height. He was biting and sucking my nipples and fondling them like a kid getting a lollipop. After enjoying my boobs, he came up, licked my neck, and bit my shoulders and ears. He made my neck and ears wet with his saliva and kept licking them.

It was kind of gross. Then he came up to my face and kissed me. He was a bad kisser and only bit my lips. After enjoying biting my lips, he got up and turned me over on my belly. He came and grabbed my ass, slapped them hard and again started biting them over my pajamas.

Biting both my ass and enjoying them for some time, he got up. Pulled me up and started removing my dress. He first pulled down my pajamas and threw them outside the door to where Das uncle and aunty were sitting. Then removed my top and threw it toward them.

He told Das uncle about his victory to have me in bed naked. He started to suck my boobs and immediately pushed 2 fingers into my pussy. I moaned a little, getting fingered. He kept fingering me continuously for the next 7-8 minutes until I came.

Then he laid me on the bed, separated my legs and was ready to enter my pussy. I saw his dick was hard and veiny. His size was only 5 inches, and he was proud that he would be fucking them with that. That was the smallest dick I have seen. He entered the pussy and pushed hard, and started fucking.

Honestly, it was not big enough or thick enough to make me enjoy it after last night. He fucked me literally for less than 5 minutes and cum. I was wondering how his wife lived with his small thing. She must be craving good long, and hard sex, I wondered.

Uncle dived on my boobs after fucking. He sucked and fondled them. That was the only pleasure I was getting, which made me wet. He was not going to satisfy me with that small thing of his. Still, according to aunty’s plan, I played along.

I grabbed his dick and started giving him a handjob. His dick was ready and hard in minutes.

Me – Uncle, you lie down. I will jump on you.

Uncle liked the idea. He lay down on the bed. I got uncle’s phone and said.

Me – Banerjee uncle please unlock the phone and open the camera. I want to record when I jump on you.

Banerjee uncle was very happy listening to that. He happily unlocked the phone, opened the camera app, and gave it to me. I got on top of uncle, put his small dick inside, and started riding slowly. I took the mobile in one hand and held it. Uncle was smiling at the camera and blowing kisses.

He was happy to record his sex with me. Uncle grabbed my boobs while I was riding and started giving thrust from below. He seemed excited about the video, kept fondling my boobs, and gave thrust as much as possible. Yet he didn’t last 7 minutes.

I got down, and he cum all over my boobs and waved to the camera. He seemed like an idiot doing those silly things. Uncle kissed me after cumming and slapped my ass. He held my hand and took me to the next room. Das uncle and aunty saw us coming out and approaching them.

Aunty gave me a thumbs up to me, and I returned a thumbs up to aunty. That meant the plan was successful. It was a two-fold plan to trap Banerjee’s uncle. However, Banerjee uncle thought that thumbs up meant the sex was good.

Banerjee uncle – Das babu, Rimi is now our daughter who we can fuck daily.

Hearing that, all 3 of us started laughing.

Banerjee uncle – What happened? Why are you laughing?

I left Banerjee uncle’s hand. I went and sat on Das uncle’s lap. With his actions, Das uncle held my waist and told Banerjee uncle that I was more of his daughter than his.

Das uncle – Rimi, how was the sex?

Me – Most pathetic sex I ever had, uncle.

Banerjee uncle was stunned by my words.

Banerjee uncle – What are you saying, Rimi dear? I just fucked you twice!

Das uncle – Twice? in such a short time?

Das uncle was shocked to hear that.

Me – Yes, uncle, he was pathetic. Let’s show him how it’s done.

Saying that I pulled down Das uncle’s pants and started sucking his king kong dong.

Banerjee uncle – What the fuck is that thing?

Me – This is called a dick, which you don’t have.

Das uncle started laughing. He pulled me up on his lap and entered my pussy. He started ramming me hard and mad. I started screaming and moaning very loudly. His dick was a fat 8-inch one.

Banerjee uncle was shocked and couldn’t say anything. He was even more shocked that I could ride his dick. Then Banerjee uncle looked at aunty and was dumbfounded now.

Banerjee uncle – You let your husband do this with girls? Are you crazy?

Aunty was extremely angry with his comments. Aunty screamed out.

Aunty – You also did the same thing right now with her. Are you not married? Also, you blackmailed the poor girl into doing it. Did you see that she willingly came and sat on his lap? Did he blackmail her as you did?

Banerjee uncle couldn’t believe what was happening and remained silent and watched me getting fucked by Das uncle. I rode Das uncle for more than 20 minutes, then he cum once. I got down from his lap and sat between Das uncle and aunty.

I kept my head on aunty’s shoulder and was catching my breath. Aunty held my head and kissed me on the forehead. After catching my breath, I was in a payback mood.

Me – Banerjee uncle, that’s called fucking

Banerjee uncle was looking at me while sitting on the sofa.

Banerjee uncle – Still, you will have to sleep with me and get fucked by me. Else your video can be shared with other neighbors. Now I have 2 videos, one Das babu fucking you in the verandah and one with me.

Me – What videos, uncle? And when did we have sex that you recorded?

Banerjee uncle went to get his phone from the bedroom. By then, Das uncle and I got dressed. Banerjee uncle came with the phone and said, “Let me show you which videos.”

Uncle opened the gallery and found nothing. Even his previous video of me and Das uncle was gone. Banerjee uncle now broke down.

Banerjee uncle – Where did the videos go?

Me – I deleted them after you unlocked the phone. And no, I was not recording.

Das uncle – Let me show you what blackmailing is all about.

Das uncle opened his phone and played a video. It was Banerjee uncle making me naked and then touching me, sucking my boobs and fingering me. I was looking at the camera and acting like I was crying.

Aunty – We can now show this to everyone and say how you forced a girl to do what you wanted with her. We should start by sending this to your wife. What do you think, Rimi?

Me – Let me call Banerjee uncle’s wife now and show it to her.

Banerjee uncle – Please don’t do that. Why are you all doing this with me?

Das uncle – What? You did the same to her, so you should be happy we all learned something from you.

Aunty – Never again bother Rimi else we will show this video to everyone in the neighborhood. And you will face embarrassment everywhere.

Me – Get out!

Banerjee uncle was crying and pleading not to show the video. He promised not to do anything and left. Well, Banerjee uncle’s issue was solved. Now my mind was on Shweta and taking a bit of revenge on her tonight.

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