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Encounter with a 42yo Milf in Bangalore

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Hello, everyone. This is Coolguy. My previous account got deleted, so I am writing from my new account, Coolguy007. I am a 30-year-old guy. Due to a change in my job, I moved to a new city, Namma Ban

Hello, everyone. This is Coolguy. My previous account got deleted, so I am writing from my new account, Coolguy007. I am a 30-year-old guy. Due to a change in my job, I moved to a new city, Namma Bangalore.

This is an encounter I had with one of my female clients. Her name is Pooja. This happened in early 2022, and I had to travel to Bangalore to meet her. She is 42 years old, married, with a kid. Her family consists of herself, her husband, who is into business and a 12-year-old kid.

She looks like the beautiful woman that you often see in serials. She had long black hair, a whiteish complexion and was a bit heavy-bodied. She pinged me after reading one of my stories. Initially, she started a conversation on curious topics, like whether the story was fake or real.

A few days passed when we introduced ourselves and came to know about each other’s families. Slowly I started asking about her sex life and her frustration. I am a patient listener. Hence, I was an emotional dump house for her. She used to tell me all her life frustration, kid’s education, husband issues etc.

It then came to my notice that her husband was abusive and never used to satisfy her. He treated her like a toy for his pleasure. I felt bad for her. There were also times when she cried to me about her husband’s behavior.

Days passed by we started to talk about intimate things. Slowly audio calls started to become video calls. She had a slutty side in her, and I was her object. She likes teasing me with her curves and buns. So she always wears a saree with a blouse and comes for video calls.

We used to pleasure ourselves through video calls. One day I asked her will she let me fuck her. Initially, she was hesitant, but she loved having sex with a young guy who would satisfy and worship her. We were waiting for the right time.

Opportunity struck when her husband had to leave out of town for some family issues. We decided to meet on a weekday so her kid would not be home. I came to Bangalore on a Thursday. I took a room near her home. She was residing in Rajajinagar.

She texted me around 10 am after sending her kid to school. She pinged me her address and also the location. I took an auto and reached the place. She indeed had a big house. I pinged her when I reached. She opened the gate, let me inside, and locked the front door.

After getting inside the hall, we sat on the sofa. She was sitting opposite me. I asked her to come close to me. She was wearing a yellow chiffon saree with a black blouse. She went inside the kitchen to get a glass of water. After returning, she came and sat next to me.

We made eye contact, and she asked about my stay and the journey. I gently put my hands inside her saree through the side and grabbed her melons. An electric current passed through me when I gently squeezed her boobs. It was soft and supple but big.

I was fondling the boobs over her blouse. She slowly closed her eyes. She was enjoying her boobs being pressed and rubber by me. I started playing with her nipple area over her blouse. I could feel the nipple poking through her dress. Then I removed her pallu and used both my hands to grab her boobs.

I started playing with them. She started to bite her lips and make sounds. Then we proceeded to her bedroom. After reaching the bedroom, I started to undress her. I removed her saree; she was wearing a black blouse and a yellow petticoat.

She was bold in front of me after all our semi-nude video calls. So she was not hiding her assets. Then I pushed her onto the bed, removed my shirt, and jumped on her. I grabbed both her boobs and started to squeeze them.

Slowly I removed her blouse and her white bra. There they were, her massive whiteish melons with big dark nipples. The size was 36DD. I started to squeeze those. Both my hands were not enough to grab onto one. I played with her boobs for a few minutes.

I made her stand up on the bed and removed her petticoat and her panties. She was standing nude in front of me. I quickly undressed and was ready to fuck her. But I wanted to make her cum first. I asked her if she had a carrot at home. I fetched it from the kitchen fridge.

I took out the lube I had with me and applied some of it on the carrot and my fingers. I teased her sensitive area by rubbing the carrot near her anal area. She closed her eyes and started to moan. She was breathing hard and was shaking her body in pleasure. Then I started to finger her clit.

Her breathing increased, and she buried her head in the bed. Then I slowly brought the carrot and inserted it in her anus. She uttered a sharp cry as that was the first time someone penetrated her anus. I increased my pace on both her clit and her anus.

She screamed that she was about to cum, and then she hit the jackpot. Her whole body was spasming, and her eyes rolled up. She was gasping for breath and was breathing through her mouth.

Now she said she wanted to be dominated and abused by me. So I used the saree to tie her hands. I made her kneel on the floor with her boobs resting on the bed. I went behind her and started to spank her white ass hard. It turned pinkish due to my hard smack.

I put on a condom and started to fuck her pussy in the doggy position. I pulled her hair hard and squeezed her boobs while fucking her. She was screaming words like, “Yes, fuck me.”

After fucking her pussy for a few minutes, I inserted my dick in her asshole. She was begging me to do slower, but I remembered her earlier wish to be abused and dominated. So her begging fell on deaf ears. I pounded hard like a bull, and I came. We both were tired and crashed on the bed.

I pulled her into my arms, hugged her, and gave her warmth. We hugged like lovers, and she was stocking my dick to make it hard again. I soon regained my hardness, and I started fucking her mouth. She was giving me a sloppy blowjob. Her saliva was all over my dick, and she had tears in her eyes.

I took turns to fuck her pussy and then her mouth. When I reached my climax, I pulled my dick from her pussy and sprayed all my cum on her ass. It was a great sex session and tiring for nearly 2 hours. The time was almost noon.

We decided to take a bath together. Inside the bathroom, we hugged and kissed and madly applied soap to each other private parts. She gave me a soapy hand job, and I made him lie down on the bathroom floor, where I fucked her in her ass.

Guys, soapy anal sex is the best. There is smooth penetration and heavenly pleasure for both. After that, we had lunch, and then I left the place.

It was a great session, and we are still in contact and making video calls, etc., for pleasure. As her husband seldom goes out of the city, we didn’t get much chance to have another session.

I hope you guys liked my beautiful encounter. Do write to me for feedback. Please don’t waste time asking me for her details. She is my friend, and I wont be sharing any of her details. So name seekers/photo seekers, stay away.

Any ladies/married, single, or divorcee who want some discreet pleasure and fun can mail me. My contact mail is [email protected]