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Desi Indian Milf Cuckolded In New Jersey

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Hello all, I B. This is my first time sharing my experience on this site. This is a true story and all the details are exactly as happened. Now, let’s move to the story.

Hello all, I B. This is my first time sharing my experience on this site. This is a true story and all the details are exactly as happened. Now, let’s move to the story.

I live in New Jersey, USA. When I was looking for MFM experience, I found this site called SLS. After so many unsuccessful attempts to find a couple and when I was about to give up, I got a message from this Indian couple who also happened to live in New Jersey.

The husband’s name was Chirag and Charmi was the wife’s name. Charmi was a mid-aged desi Indian milf with chubby assets. We chatted for a few days on Kik and finally decided to meet in person.

So, on the day of the meeting, we all met and checked into our hotel rooms. They had kids so we took two attached rooms. A few minutes after checking in, Chirag came into the other room where I was eagerly waiting. As soon as they entered, we greeted each other and started seducing Charmi.

The Indian milf Charmi had very big boobs. Her size was 44″. Who wouldn’t want to suck on those huge melons?!

My dick was rock hard as soon as I saw her. I went behind her and hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck. After that, I slowly moved to her earlobes and started giving her small bites. She started to moan and I took that as a sign. Then I moved my hands to the married woman’s boobs and pressed them hard and played with her nipples which were erect by then.

While I was playing with her nipples, I moved my left hand over the sexy desi milf’s pussy and started rubbing over her pussy. Then I slowly inserted my hand into her leggings and found that her panty was wet by then. Meanwhile, her breathing had increased.

Then I turned her around and started smooching and sucking her lips. She reciprocated too. We were so deeply involved in eating each other’s lips and our tongues were fighting.

Finally, we were out of breath and took a short break. Now I started unbuttoning her top and giving her kisses on her boobs over her bra. While doing that, I pushed her onto the bed and pushed her bra cups under her boobs.

Then I started sucking Charmi’s boobs and playing with them, giving gentle bites on her nipples now and then. Every time I bit her nipple, the Indian milf let out a moan in a husky voice that would make one bite even harder.

I started kissing her body and slowly moved to her pussy. I removed her leggings and panty. I smelled her pussy and started giving tiny kisses on it. Then I started licking her pussy slowly and gradually increased my pace.

After that, I brought a vibrator and kept it aside as a surprise for her. But I had told her husband about it. As I was increasing my sucking speed like a thirsty dog drinking water, I asked Charmi’s husband who was sitting next to her and watching all of this act to hand me the vibrator.

Her husband handed over the vibrator to me. I put the vibrator in high speed, pushed it into Charmi’s pussy and started sucking her pussy again. She started coming within 30 seconds with moans and shivers.

I did not stop but continued to lick and suck this Indian married pussy with the vibrator still running. A couple minutes into sucking, she was squirting, moaning very loudly and yelling to stop the sucking as she could not take anymore. But I did not bother to stop and continue to suck her pussy.

5 minutes after that, Charmi squirted all over my face with a very loud moan and moved away from me. I let her take a couple of minutes to recover and removed my clothing and presented my dick to her. (I would not lie and say I have a very big tool. My tool is 6 inches long and 3 inches thick.)

Then I asked her to return the favor. Charmi was very shy to suck my dick and only did it for a few minutes. Not the best blowjob one would hope for, so I decided to enjoy her.

I climbed onto her and started sucking those big Indian boobs again and also kissing her neck and biting her earlobes to get her into the mood again. Charmi started moaning.

Seeing her moaning, I put a condom on my dick and started entering her pussy. It was so wet so I had no trouble entering her while sucking her huge boobs and biting her nipples. I kept fucking this married woman from India in the missionary position. I wanted to keep things real. No individual would be able to fuck more than 15 minutes and me being an average guy, I lasted for 7 or 8 minutes.

As I was getting close to climax, I increased my speed which was now making a loud “thap thap” sounds. I was also biting her nipples so hard that she started crying out loudly and moaning at the same time. (Yes, I like to fuck rough!) Then finally, I released my cum in my condom.

In the next story, I will tell you about how I fucked this Indian milf in the night after smoking ganja together. Please write your feedback or suggestions to [email protected]

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Thank you for reading very patiently. I hope to hear back from some of you. If I don’t hear back from any of you, this will be my last story. If I do get some responses, I will share all my experiences with strippers and hookers and my forever unforgettable experience of fucking out in nature while camping.

Again, I am hoping that you liked my narration and the story details. You will enjoy reading my other sex stories as they involve white women and Brazilian women who are the most pleasing in bed!