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My first sexual encounter

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Hi friends, my name is Ishika. We are a family of five. Mom, dad, elder sister, elder brother and me. My father is a government employee, and we live in government quarters.

Hi friends, my name is Ishika. We are a family of five. Mom, dad, elder sister, elder brother and me. My father is a government employee, and we live in government quarters.

The colony was located near a society that was notorious for crimes. My father never allowed any of his children to mingle with kids from that area. But as we grew older, he couldn’t control our every move.

My elder brother, Jai, was not good at his studies. Somehow my father got him admitted to a private college in the city. Since it was a private college, which was only concerned about the fees, no one cared about the students attending. So my brother used to skip college and hang around with his idiot friends.

One of his friends was Suresh, who lived in that area. He was like the don of the area. My brother was 21, and Suresh was 24. Since Suresh was involved in petty crimes, he always had money. He used to spend it on his friends, my brother included. They used to smoke, drink, and do other unknown things.

I was in junior college and focused most of my time on my studies. I used to go to school and for tuition on a scooty. My father bought it for me, so I don’t waste any time and focus on my studies.

One day my scooty broke down. I was stranded on the road, late for my tuition. Suresh and Jai were passing on Suresh’s bike, and seeing me, they stopped. Jai asked me.

Jai – What happened?

Me – The scooty broke down. I am getting late for tuition.

Jai – Did you call Dad?

Me – Yes. But he didn’t pick up his phone.

Jai thought for some time and told me that he would drop me off and told me to come with them. He asked Suresh if that was ok, to which he replied.

Suresh – I don’t mind. But there are police checkpoints everywhere nowadays, and seeing us tripling, they may stop us.

Jai – Oh. Ok. Let’s do one thing. You drop Ishika to her tuition and come back to pick me up. The tuition is only 10 minutes away from here.

Suresh – Ok.

I wasn’t comfortable riding with Suresh, but I was already late for my tuition, so I agreed. I hesitantly sat on his bike. Suresh started his bike and started speeding towards my tuition. I told him to slow down. But he said that I would be late for my tuition if he slowed down. So I didn’t say anything.

As he was speeding, I instinctively grabbed him not to lose my balance. During the ride, my boobs pressed against his back whenever he applied breaks. I thought he was doing this intentionally. I reached my tuition on time and thanked him. He said it was ok.

After my tuition, I saw Suresh standing outside to pick me up. My friends were with me. So I didn’t know whether to go with him or ignore him since he was a known goon in our area. I didn’t want to be associated with him. I was in this confusion when a boy in my tuition commented.

Boy – Ishika babes. I don’t see your scooty today. If you don’t mind, I will drop you, sexy. I promise I will apply minimal brakes. Lol.

I was used to such comments from boys at my school and tuition, so I ignored him. But Suresh heard him. He went to him and slapped him hard on his face. Everyone in our tuition was stunned. Suresh said to the boy.

Suresh – Bhosdike. Yaha padne aate ho ya ladki chedne? (Bastard, you come here to study or tease girls?)

The boy didn’t say anything and just left. I was happy and realized I need not be ashamed of being associated with Suresh. So I went to him.

Me – Thank you, bhaiyya (elder brother).

Suresh – It’s ok. Don’t worry about it. If anyone troubles you again, just let me know I will handle it.

I sat behind him, and he started the bike. Unlike when he dropped me to the tuition, he rode the bike normally and never applied sudden brakes. I asked him.

Me – You are not driving as fast as before.

Suresh – That was only because you were late for your tuition.

I realized I was wrong about him when he drove fast to my tuition, and my boobs pressed his back a few times. He didn’t have any bad intentions in mind.

Suresh – Your scooty is with the mechanic, and Jai is there. I will drop you there so you can take back your scooty.

Me – Ok.

Suresh – So, what did you learn today?

Me – What?

Suresh – At your tuition. What did you study today?

Me – Oh. It was maths class today. We studied integration.

Suresh – Inte…what?

Me – Inte…gra…tion.

Suresh – Integration?

Me – Yes. Something like that.

Suresh – Good. Jai tells me that you are very smart and will become very successful one day. You focus on your studies and if you have any problems ever, just let me know.

Me – Thank you. What do you study? Are you in college with Jai?

Suresh – Haha. I only studied till the 8th class. Then my father died and left us with a lot of debt. My poor mother had no means to raise me, so she started working as a maid at houses like yours. She tried very hard to put me through school.

Suresh – But seeing her struggle, I couldn’t study and decided I needed to provide for her. I couldn’t see my mother struggle so much. So I did whatever I could. I am sure you know what I do. I know it’s not noble, but I do whatever I can.

I was sad hearing his story. He was not like this by choice. It was his helplessness. We soon arrived at the mechanic’s shop, where Jai was waiting for me. The mechanic informed us that the scooty was fixed. But it could break down again if ridden for more than 5 km.

It needed to be fixed by the company itself. Because of the families’ financial situation, we didn’t want to burden our dad. So Suresh suggested that I go home. He would drop and pick me up from school and tuition every day until our financial situation improved and the scooty got fixed. I agreed.

From then on, I left home and dropped the scooty at the mechanic’s, and Suresh used to drop by and pick me up from school and tuition. He used to enquire about my studies and how they were going. If anyone was teasing me or not. During weekends also, he texted and asked me about my studies.

This continued for a few months, and my final exams soon arrived. On my first exam day, Suresh and Jai picked me up in a car. I asked him where he got the car from, to which he replied.

Suresh – It’s your exams. You need to relax and revise. So I thought a car would be better.

Me – So this is your car?

Suresh – No. I just borrowed it. It belongs to my boss.

Me – Oh. Even you have a boss?

Suresh – Haha. Everyone has a boss. Now you focus on your revision.

My exams went well. Soon, I had my college entrance exam, and that went well, too, and I was super happy. Then one day, Jai told dad he wanted to go to a college friend’s birthday party. My dad agreed.

Before leaving, Jai told me that it was Suresh’s birthday party that he was going to. Suresh never told me about his birthday, so I texted him.

Me – Happy birthday, bhaiyya (elder brother). You didn’t invite me to your birthday party.  (a sad smiley face).

Suresh – Thank you, sweetheart. I want no one more than you to attend my party. But there are only guys here. You wouldn’t be comfortable. That’s why I didn’t invite you.

Me – Hmm…I understand.

Suresh – But I still want my birthday present.

Me – What do you want?

Suresh – A cute pic of yours. I cannot spend my birthday with you, but at least I can see you so I can imagine that you are with me on my special day.

I took a selfie with a pout and sent him. He said thanks. I said welcome. And I went off to sleep. I got up in the middle of the night to the sound of my phone pinging. I got up to see it was 2 A.M.  I had 22 WhatsApp messages from Suresh. All ‘hi, what are you doing, where are you?’ etc. I replied.

Me – Yes. I was asleep. Is your party over?

Suresh – Yes.

Me – How was the party?

Suresh – It was normal. Cake, food, drinks.

Me – Haww. Do you drink?

Suresh – As if you don’t know. What else would a guy like me do?

Me – Haha, ok.

Suresh – Can I tell you something?

Me – What?

Suresh – Promise me you won’t mind.

Me – What is it?

Suresh – Promise me first.

Me – Ok. I promise.

Suresh – Do you remember the first time I dropped and picked you up from your tuition?

Me – Yes.

Suresh – And do you remember how a guy teased you there?

Me – Yes. I also remember how you slapped him and threatened him.

Suresh – Well. To be honest. He didn’t say anything wrong.

Me – What?

Suresh – He called you babe and said you were sexy. He was right.

I was a bit surprised by his message. But I also respected him for everything he did for me. I thought he was drunk and playing with me.

Me – Oh. You find me sexy too?

Suresh – You are super sexy, babe.

Me – What do you find sexy in me?

Suresh – Everything. Your face, your smile, your boobs, your ass. Do you know how your ass moves?

Me – How?

Suresh – It twirls from left to right. It’s irresistible.

I thought he was playing with me, but things were getting serious now. I decided not to reply to him.

Suresh – Hey. You there?

Suresh – What happened?

Suresh – Look outside your window.

Seeing the message, I looked outside the window and saw him standing outside. I texted him again.

Me – What are you doing here?

Suresh – Just wanted to meet you. Please don’t say no. It’s my birthday.

Me – I can’t come outside.

Suresh – No one will know. Just come out the window and meet me. It will only take two minutes.

I went out the window and met him. He asked me to get in the car. I said I had to go back soon. He said he would drop me off in a few minutes. I got in the car, and he took us to a nearby park.

Suresh – I am sorry I made you uncomfortable before. It’s the truth.

Me – What’s the truth?

Suresh – You have this effect on me.

Suresh then took out his dick, and it was rock hard. This was the first time I had seen a dick in my life. I froze looking at it and had a weird sensation inside me. I was getting wet.

Suresh – I don’t want to force you into anything. But I find you very attractive.

I kept mum, and Suresh took my hand and placed it on his dick. As soon as my hand touched his dick, it twitched. I didn’t take my hand off it.

Suresh – I am in love with you, Ishika.

I started stroking his cock slowly. Then he told me to get out of the car and took me inside the park. It was dark everywhere. Once inside the park, he grabbed me and started kissing me. I felt a man’s touch for the first time and got carried away. I responded to his kiss.

Then he grabbed me, pressing my boobs and ass. I was going wild. I let him do everything he wanted. He took me to a bench, removed my top and bra and started sucking on my nipples.

A man’s touch was unique to me, but he was sucking my nipples. I couldn’t control myself and was lost in pleasure. He put his hand inside my pants and touched my pussy.

Suresh – You are so wet.

Me – Aahh. I like your touch.

Suresh – I want you.

Me – I am yours.

He started to undress me when suddenly we saw a flashlight at the park’s gate. There were two policemen on patrol. We quickly dressed, and Suresh made me jump over the park fence from the other side. Once outside the park, he kissed me again, to which I responded fully, and we walked to his car.

He drove us back to his home, where everyone, including Jai, was sleeping drunk in the hall. He took me to his room. As soon as we entered the room, he closed the door and grabbed me.

Suresh – I want you, Ishika.

Me – Take me.

He took off my clothes and got out of his. Then he pushed me onto the bed and came over to me. He started kissing me and kept rubbing my pussy with a hand. My pussy had hair, and he was grabbing them and pulling them now and then, making me cry in pain.

He spread my leg, placed his dick on my pussy and started rubbing it on my pussy. I was going crazy with his every touch. Then he placed his dick at my entrance and pushed it in. I cried out loud in pain. He pushed it in again, and I shrieked.

I had tears coming out of my eyes now. I begged him to stop, but he didn’t. He thrust me again, and now his dick was completely inside me. Blood had started coming out of my pussy now. I was crying and begging him to stop, but he didn’t listen.

He took his dick out and pushed it in again and again, first slowly and then increasing his pace. After some time, my pain was rescinded, and I started enjoying his strokes. I was participating now. “Aaah…aaah….yes, Suresh. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Suresh fucked me for about 10 minutes and came inside me. We went again. He fucked me till 5 in the morning. I told him I had to be home when my parents woke up. He agreed if I promised to meet him this evening. I agreed, and he dropped me home.

The next day I woke up and felt sore between my legs. I came out of my room and was going to the living room when I heard Jai talking on the phone.

Jai – Bro. Did you hear the sounds coming out of Suresh’s room last night? Whoever that bitch was, she sure got a nice fuck. She was moaning like crazy.

I didn’t know how to react to my brother’s comment. But a smile grew on my face as I thought of my first sexual encounter. I came to the living room, where mom served us breakfast, and my dad asked.

Dad – You woke up late today.

Me – Yes, dad. Give me a break. My vacation just started.

To be continued.