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Diwali Rockets – Part 4 (The neighbor’s confession)

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Hope your enjoying and liking this series. So, onto the next part. Sunny – Please, uncle, let us join you for a full night. It would be a waste to let this awesome pataka go without fucking the

Hope your enjoying and liking this series. So, onto the next part.

Sunny – Please, uncle, let us join you for a full night. It would be a waste to let this awesome pataka go without fucking the whole night.

Das uncle – Want my rocket in your ass?

Sunny was shocked to hear uncle say that.

Sunny – No.

Das uncle – Good, then leave. This is my home. You both had fun. She is paying me for the damage. If you want to pay with your ass, you can stay.

Riju – No, no, uncle, we are leaving.

Das uncle escorted Sunny and Riju to the main door. Sunny was sad to leave, which was visible on his face. Uncle went to the kitchen to get water.

He returned to his bedroom. I was moaning, getting fucked by his son on the bed. Das uncle’s son had a thick dick like his father. It’s like what they say.
‘Like father, like son.’

His dick was almost as thick as his dad’s, but around 7 inches. It was a little smaller in size than his dad’s. He was standing and carrying me on his lap while fucking from below. He was also going to the gym and had good strength and physique. It seemed to run in the family.

He kept kissing my neck and biting my ears while fucking.

Das uncle’s son – Didi, you are the sexiest girl ever.

Me – So, you are fucking your didi because she is sexy?

I was unable to talk properly, getting fucked by his thick dick.

Das uncle’s son – You are the best didi ever. Every Raksha Bandhan and Bhai duj, I will give you my dick from now on.

Me – Aah, umm.

Das uncle’s son – I will come to take tuition from you starting tomorrow, ok didi! And I will pay you for every class with a ride on my dick.

Das uncle – Yes, that will be a great idea. Rimi dear, you give tuitions already. I am sure you will love to have one more student.

Me – Fuck, yes!

I was more into the sex at the moment than the conversation enjoying riding another thick dick on the same night. He was a good fucker. His stroke and power were exactly what I liked, and I enjoyed getting fucked by him the most. I started kissing him now while he kept fucking me.

After a few minutes, he laid me down on the bed. He was standing at the start of the bed, and I was lying on my back. He entered my pussy, held my waist and started fucking again. He was standing and fucking while I was lying on the bed with my legs raised. I enjoyed his strokes and moaned while pressing my boobs.

He fucked me for some time, then made me get down on all four in a doggy pose. He came from behind and grabbed my hair, and started ramming me. Das uncle came near my face and gave his king kong dong for me to suck.

Both father and son were on me now, son fucking my pussy, and father fucking my mouth. Das uncle’s son fucked me for around half an hour. He had awesome stamina already with his thick dick. Then he pulled out and cummed all over my ass.

Das uncle – Good work. Now you should play. And make sure your mom doesn’t come up.

Das uncle’s son – Ok, sure.

After a few more minutes, Das uncle cum in my mouth. I lay flat on my stomach and rested. Das uncle laid beside me and played with my ass.

Das uncle – Drink water and take a break.

I just laid there on the bed while Das uncle pinched my ass and kept playing like a kid.

I believe I had rested for more than an hour, and then Das uncle called me.

Das uncle – Time to take a bath together

He pulled me into the washroom with him. Pushed me against the wall and started fondling my boobs and sucking my lips. His half-awake dick was rubbing against my thighs and pussy.

His dick slowly came back to life. Then he turned me around. My face was facing the wall. Uncle grabbed my waist and pushed his dick inside. He started moving his waist and turned on the shower. The water was falling on both of our bodies.

He grabbed my boobs from behind and started kissing my shoulders and neck. His thrust intensified. The water was a lubricant for his thick king kong dong and helped him move easily inside my pussy. His dick showed no mercy and fucked harder and harder and harder.

Uncle was possessed with lust and only wanted to keep fucking me. After 10 minutes of intense fucking, he turned me around and pulled me up on his lap while standing. I held his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist for support.

He grabbed onto my ass and entered my pussy. He had good control in this position. I was riding his dick and moaning hard in front of his ears.

Das uncle – Is uncle taking good care of your body?

Me – Fuck, yes.

Das uncle – Good to know you are enjoying, Rimi dear. I always fantasized about fucking you.

Me – Yes, uncle, I can tell you are fucking me hard.

Das uncle – You had lots of sex before, right dear?

Me – Yes.

Das uncle – That’s why you can handle my thick dick so much better than your friends

Me – (shocked) My friends?

Das uncle – Yes, they didn’t tell you??

Me – Who?

Das uncle – Shweta and Riya.

Me – Shweta?

Das uncle – yes, Shweta! I think she sent you because she was afraid she would be fucked hard if she came.

Me – She set me up?

Das uncle – Don’t say like that, she helped us to enjoy ourselves together.

Me – I will teach her lots of things tomorrow.

Das uncle – what?

Me – Don’t worry, uncle, about her. Enjoy your night. She will be very sorry for setting me up like this.

Das uncle – Yes, I am enjoying myself with my favorite hot neighbor. So how many more neighbors had the chance to be with you?

Me – No one

Das uncle – Really? Then who fucked you so much?

Me – You don’t need to know, uncle. It’s my secret.

Das uncle – Ok, dear, let’s continue.

Uncle continued to fuck me holding me in the air while standing. I held him tightly and kept moaning and moaning in his ears. He fucked me for another 10 minutes, then put me down and cummed on my face.

Das uncle – Ok, you finish your bath and come out.

I just sat under the shower, catching my breath and relaxing with the water falling on my body. Uncle had a thick dick. I was happy that he didn’t have much stamina else I would be cooked. Uncle fucked me a few more times that night. Then we fell asleep on the bed naked.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of aunty calling me. I woke up and saw aunty. I was scared when I saw aunty. I remember I slept naked and aunty was there asking me how I was feeling. I looked at myself and saw I was still NAKED!

Why was aunty so calm and not mad? I was totally confused.

More to reveal and things to know in the next part of the series. Don’t forget to tune in and find out with Rimi what was happening.

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