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Wife turns into a wrestling dominatrix – Part 4

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In her sexy deep-necked sleeveless blouse and saree, Shreya draped around her tummy has put me in a brutal hold. She is pinching and pulling my nose backward with one hand and the other squeezing my

In her sexy deep-necked sleeveless blouse and saree, Shreya draped around her tummy has put me in a brutal hold. She is pinching and pulling my nose backward with one hand and the other squeezing my poor balls. I turned red and was so helpless.

Me: Aiiiiieeee…Let me go. I can’t breathe.”

Shreya: (Looks at my wife and winks) Beg to me, beg for mercy, and maybe I’ll think about it.

Supriti: (While recording) Wicked! I will show this to the ladies in my gym.

Me: Mercy, Shreya, have mercy…Please…

She squeezed my balls.

I scream, “Agggghhhhhh.”

Shreya: Hahaha! Jiju is like those little battery-powered dolls we used to play with as kids. It made noises at the click of a button, his balls being the button.

She squeezed my balls again.

I screamed again, “Aaggggghhhhh.”

Another Squeeze.

Yet another groan, “Agggggggghhhhhh.”

Shreya: Hahaha, I can do this all day. Hey, sis, I don’t want to let go of him.

Supriti: (Started tying up her hair) Do whatever you want. Listen I’m going to the gym now. I will be back in the evening. Just don’t pop his balls, or else I’ll need to pay the hospital bills.

Shreya: Chillax, sis! I’ll play with him a bit. By the way, since when did you start growing armpit hair?

Supriti: It started as a social experiment, and people started liking it. Like men keep them, so why can’t we?

Shreya: Looks so sexy. I’m thinking of growing them as well.

Supriti: Yeah, try it. Anyways have to go now. See you later, bye!

My wife went away to the gym, and I was all alone, helpless at the hands of my cruel sister-in-law. Who knew the shy, soft-spoken girl would transform into such a dom?

Shreya: You like to lick hairy armpits, don’t you?

Yet another squeeze. I screamed and said, “Aaaayeee…yes, I do!

Shreya: You dirty boy. If I grow them, would you lick mine as well?

Me: I would. You have very sexy armpits.

Shreya: Hmmm. Now listen, We are going to play a game. If you win, I will immediately let go, give you the world’s sexiest blowjob and never humiliate you again. But if you lose, I will make you my slave as well. Got it, Jiju?!

A light squeeze.

Me: Ahh…Yes, yes.

She loosened her grip, both on my balls and my nose

Shreya: Let me explain the game now. It’s simple. You say A to Z backward.
But there are 2 conditions. 1) For every missed out/incorrect alphabet, I stop you with 1 squeeze, and you have to start over from the beginning 2) If you stop in between for more than 5 seconds, I will start squeezing your balls gradually.

Shreya: You can make mistakes and start over again but not think for too long. Don’t lose the rhythm. Got it? So let the game begin!

This was her vicious plan to torture my balls forever. I began well but got V wrong first. Got a squeeze. Again I began and missed N. Got another squeeze.
Whenever I would pause, she would start squeezing. This torture kept on continuing, and she kept laughing.

Each time I was almost close, she would sexily start circling my dick with her thumbnails to break my concentration, and it worked. The loop of my suffering was endless. She kept torturing me for almost 15 minutes. I was in a pool of sweat. Finally, I gave in and cried out loud.

Me: Stop, for god’s sake, just stop it. I give up. Let me go…Please. I can’t take it anymore!

Shreya: Ok, Ok, chill. I was just having some fun.

She let me go and, in my ears, slowly whispered, “You were good today. I’ll reward you.”

She grabbed my dick and now started shaking them. I was exhausted from all the pain and just closed my eyes. It felt so soothing. She jerked me with care. Halfway through, she stopped and teased me a bit by fingering the tip of my dick. I wanted to cum so badly.

Me: Please let me cum. Don’t stop. Please suck me dry. (I pleaded)

Shreya: Hmmm, alright, as you wish, sweet Jiju.

I couldn’t believe it. My sexy Sali, who just dominated the shit out of my balls, would be giving me a blowjob. I thought I was dreaming. She started to suck my penis. She spits on my dick a couple of times for lubing it. She was a pro. I couldn’t control myself and finally exploded.

I cum in her mouth. What happened next was unimaginable. She took the whole cum in her mouth. She viciously attacked my naked balls out of nowhere and started squeezing with both hands (one in each hand). I was lying down, screaming in pain, and she was kneeling near my legs.

I screamed with my mouth wide open, “Agggghhhhhhh!”

She leaned forward to me as if she was about to kiss me. She then transferred the whole cum from her mouth into mine. She kept spitting all the cum till her mouth was clean. I had to swallow my cum and her spit. An act of pure humiliation.

She came close to my ear and whispered while still squeezing my nuts.

Shreya: Remember what I said. You lost the game. So you are my bitch from now on. I own you, slave. And guess what? I will be staying here for 6 months now for my training in Mumbai. I also plan to learn MMA. I’m sure sis won’t mind. Will you mind?

Squeezed with full force. I screamed my lungs out, “Ahhh. No! Please Stay.

Shreya: (Hahaha) Please Stay. What? Address me properly, or else I wont let go.

Me: Please stay, Goddess!

Shreya: (While smiling and squeezing) Can’t hear you. Goddess who?

Me: Please stay, Goddess Shreya.

Shreya: Louder, please, with more passion!

I screamed with all my might, “Please stay, Goddess Shreya. I will be your slave and serve you faithfully.

Shreya: Awww, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Shreya finally released me but was not done with me. She wanted to humiliate me more. She entered the living room and brought a long scarf (wife’s) and a leather belt. She easily picked me up, threw me on a chair, and tied me up. And there I was, all naked, legs spread apart.

I was bent over with the chair’s cushion pressing into my stomach. My hands were tied to the bottom of the legs of the chair, and my face pressed onto the seat. My buttocks were up in the air, ready to be spanked with my swollen red balls dangling.

She bent over. Her huge boobs almost came out of her skimpy bra-style blouse and once again grabbed my nuts. She also lifts her saree, buries her left leg to my face, and asks to lick her feet.

Me: Aaaah…aaaah..not again!

Shreya: (laughs hysterically) Huh, Come on. I am not even squeezing that hard. Lick my feet, Clean them, and I might let you go.

Me: Yes, Goddess, let me clean your feet.

I start licking them.

Shreya: Good boy. Now the other one.

Her toned legs with huge calves were perfect. I keep licking her dirty feet and sucking her toes. I had completely submitted to my mean, sexy sister-in-law.

Shreya: Look at you, you pathetic fuck! A broken, beaten-up wimp of a man. All tied up at my mercy. But lucky for you that I am leaving now. I’ll let Sup have the rest of the fun! (winks sexily) Hope she will enjoy spanking your ass red with your belt.

She released my balls, got up and started walking towards the exit as I lay on the chair, all tied up. After a few steps, she turns her face one last time and says, “Ohh! And listen, bitch. I will check out of the hotel tomorrow evening. Come to pick up my luggage. I’ll share my location with sis. Don’t be late. Or else…”

She flexed her right arm and clenched her fists, gesturing a squeeze in the air. The backless blouse showcased her toned bareback with cuts and definitions, flaunting a sexy tribal tattoo that rose to her neck. Damn, those round shoulders and biceps looked scary as hell.

She was indeed a Goddess!

To be surely continued. Happy reading!