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Hot Sex In Mountain Trip – Part 2

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Hi readers, this is Isha with the second part of my story. Then Neil touched my waist under the cover and said –

Hi readers, this is Isha with the second part of my story.

Then Neil touched my waist under the cover and said –

Neil: Or maybe you are just too hot.

I came out of my blanket and touched his hand over my belly and said, “It’s very cold outside.”

He looked at my breasts and hard nipples, sitting just 2 inches apart and said, “Yeah it shows.”

There was something in this voice. The way Neil looked at my boobs with a wild hunger in his eyes, my pussy started dripping. He felt that too. Neil cupped my face and brushed his finger over my lips.

I was so horny, I wanted him to fuck me right that moment! I pulled him by his collar, leaning toward him with half of my bare boobs visible. He smiled and said –

Neil: You are such a tease.

I asked innocently: What did I do?

He glanced at his pant, there was a visibly big bulge in his pants even on a such cold nights.

Neil: You can do a lot of things without actually doing anything.

I placed my hand over Neil’s big bulge and felt his warmth.

“Not so fast,” he said and grabbed my waist to pull me closer. He placed his lips on mine and started kissing me like a thirsty guy in the desert. I could feel his hunger and I was waiting for it long. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. His tongue was dancing in my mouth while his hand moved under my nightdress.

Then I broke the kiss, my lips moved to his neck with a horny moan. My hand was touching his hard length and he cursed in my ear.

Neil cupped one breast in his hand and sucked my earlobe. His right hand moved inside my panty and started touching my wet spot. I hurried to remove his t-shirt. He paused for a moment and tossed his t-shirt fast.

Then Neil removed my dress while feeling my boobs. I started playing with the zipper of his trouser. He quickly pressed my body to the pillow. He wasted no time removing his trouser and slapped his dick over my ass. I turned around under his well-built tattooed chest and kissed him.

Neil took half of my right breast directly into his mouth and his right hand grabbed my full left breast. The way his mouth was sucking and his fingers were pinching my nipples, I squirmed in pleasure and started moaning without any control! He bit my nipple and started to suck the opposite one. His mouth was sucking my nipples so hard that they became red immediately.

I bruised very easily, but I was getting such pleasure after so long that I could not say anything. This guy was a great multitasker. His left hand already went inside my panty and started to rub my wet clit.

Neil then put two of his fingers inside my hole and bit my lower lip hard. I moaned his name loudly. By the fraction of a second, he took to find the right angle fuck my pussy with his fingers. I knew that he will fuck me well that night. I was almost on the verge of having my orgasm. It felt so good.

Then he said: I want to taste your warm pussy.

Suddenly, he sat between my legs and started to kiss my feet, then my thighs and came to my clean-shaven pussy and kissed there.

Then he said: Your pussy is so wet for me and it smells like summer rain.

Neil licked my dripping pussy like a skilled pussy-eater. I screamed in pleasure and closed my eyes with a burst of excitement. I could see stars in the way his tongue was playing my clit like an instrument.

I could sense that I could not hold any longer. So I grabbed his hair and moaned so loud that he shut my mouth with his wet fingers. I came so hard on his face that I think I blacked out for a second there! Neil looked at me with my juices on his lips. It was the dirtiest and sexiest sight of a man I had ever looked at.

He touched the red bruises on my boobs and smiled pinching my nipples again. I was screaming in pain and pleasure. He looked me in my eyes and hissed, “Oh, you little screamer, I have to keep your mouth busy.”

He removed his underwear. It was longer than average size and it was the thickest dick I had ever seen. Then I sat on my knees on the carpet completely naked. He grabbed my hair and positioned my face just two inches away from his erect dick.

I asked him to hold my shoulder so that I could have better reach. He smiled and touched my lips with his fingers.

Neil: I am gonna fuck your brain out.

I knelt to reach his dick. My boobs were jumping with each move I made. I licked the tip of his penis and he moaned with pleasure. Then I started licking all over his huge dick like it was my favorite popsicle. I made his balls all wet with my spit.

Neil was getting impatient by now and grabbed my cheek to open my mouth. I took his erect dick in my mouth and started blowing him hard as if my life depends on it. It was so thick that I couldn’t fit it inside my mouth.

Then I opened my mouth so wide that my cheeks were hurting. I started moving faster. He grabbed my hair in one hand and my shoulder in another and started to thrust fast. I could see that he was enjoying this too much, but I wanted him to cum as fast as he made me. I started sucking his balls as well.

He hissed and took full control of my mouth and started to fuck me so fast that I almost could not breathe. My mouth was so full of his dick, and he was pushing it down my throat. Neil looked at my face. I could see that he was close.

He asked me: You want me to cum inside your mouth?

As much as I like to suck a dick, I do not like to swallow it that much. He then took out his dick and aimed it at my breasts. Soon, my boobs and neck were covered in thick cum and it started dripping down my belly.

The warm sticky cum was all over my body and he was looking proudly like he created some art. “Wow, it was good; you have got some mad skills!” he was huffing after his big outburst.

Neil picked up a water bottle from the bedside table, drank half of it then passed it to me.

“You need tissues?” he casually offered to see my struggle to clean up the mess.

I took a bunch of tissues from him and cleaned as much as I could.

“You look so gorgeous and beautiful right now that I feel I need to capture this photo, but I shouldn’t do it.” He murmured under his breath. I laughed tiredly, looking at his sexy naked body standing in front of me.

While blowing his dick, I stretched my mouth so much that it was starting to hurt now and I could not utter a word. I then stood up and started to walk toward the bathroom. He grabbed my ass.

Neil: What are you doing?

Me: Getting cleaned up, it’s cold.

Neil: I will make you feel all kind of warm now, I am yet to fuck your pussy.

I looked at him, his dick was getting hard again. Neil grabbed my small waist and whispered while kissing me from the back.

Neil: It was just a warm-up, touch me and I will be good to go soon.

Then, without waiting, Neil pushed me down and started rubbing his dick onto my nipples. He slapped his dick onto my cleavage. I grabbed his dick, pressed my boobs around his thick length and started rubbing. Soon, he was hard.

Neil grabbed my hair and made me stand up to kiss him hungrily.

Neil: Oh! You are so ready to get fucked. I like this look on your face.

His fingers were rubbing my wet clit so much. It felt like my whole body will explode soon.

I could not take it anymore and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me hard, fuck me now!”

“How ready are you?” he lightly bit my lower lip.

I took a pillow, placed it on the floor and bent down like a doggy. He smiled in a low voice, “Oh, you’re dripping now.”

Without waiting, he just slammed half his dick straight inside my pussy entrance. I gasped at the amount of push. Neil grabbed my waist to adjust and started to fuck me in a steady rhythm. The pleasure of getting fucked roughly after so long, that too by a huge one! I started massaging my boobs and moaned his name, “Oh Neil!”

Every time I uttered his name, he was giving an extra rough push inside me. My pussy was tight and his thickness was making me scream. But he covered my mouth every time I was loud. I sucked his finger like a professional slut. He was fucking me so hard that I was sweating in the freezing temperatures.

After 10 minutes of non-stop fucking, I finally came. He was not there yet. Then he turned my body and said, “I want to see your face when I fuck you.”

Neil sat down on the side of the bed and made me sit on his lap. Within a few seconds of adjustment, I guided him again inside. My boobs were jumping out of control and he started to play with them while fucking me. He was teasing my nipples and pinching them while drilling me down to my core.

Then he increased his speed and started to go so fast that I uttered some words that I couldn’t even understand. His lips came crashing down to mine and kissed me for a long time and asked, “Are you close?”

Before I could answer that question, I came like a waterfall. Then he kissed my lips again and started to grab my boobs so tight that I almost screamed again.

His stamina was surprising me, if in this cold mountain he could last so long, how much time would he take to cum in a warm bedroom?

Finally, Neil’s face was turning red with his increasing speed. He murmured something under his breath and took out his dick just before it exploded like a volcano.

This time, he did not spare my face. My whole face was covered with his semen. I tasted it while cleaning it with my fingers. It took me 10 minutes to remove all his cum from my neck, hair, and face. Then I came out of the washroom and sat next to him fully exhausted.

Neil then kissed me again. It took a long time to catch my breath. In a few minutes, I could feel the temperature of the room was very cold now that the excitement of getting fucked wore off.

We wore our clothes fast and went under the blanket. He held me in his arms and I fell asleep soon. When I woke up, he was not there. I freshened up and went down to the kitchen for breakfast. Neha came looking apologetically and said, “Sorry, I slept in the guy’s room with Veer. Are you angry?”

Just then, I saw Neil coming back with his camera. He stopped and looked at me for a second and then went to the room. I looked at Neha with huge disappointment in my eyes, though I was happy about the room switch.

Me: He is okay, but still you could have told me that Neil was going to sleep in my room!

Neha: So, he did not make a move? See, I told you. Neil is shy. He never flirts with any girl. Now, get ready, we need to go to see the cliff.

I almost laughed, only I know how shy he was with me while fucking my brain out last night. I controlled my expression and said –

Me: I have a few calls to make, you go ahead, I will join later.

Then I came back to the room; the whole floor was empty. Only my room was unlocked.

I peeked inside, there he was in his towel.

Neil grabbed my hand and locked the door behind me quickly, “Join me in the shower?”

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next installment.