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Diwali Rockets – Part 2 (The thrilling sex )

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Welcome back to the second part of the event. Hope you guys liked the first one. So continuing with the story, where uncle made me naked.

Welcome back to the second part of the event. Hope you guys liked the first one. So continuing with the story, where uncle made me naked.

Uncle was enjoying the view and rubbing his dick. I held my boobs to give him a sexy view. Uncle got excited, held my shoulder and pushed me down on my knees. His king kong dong was right in front of my eyes. He held his dick and started rubbing on my lips.

The aroma of his dick on my nose was making me crazy. My hands reached down to my pussy, while my lips opened to let his monster in. The dick head went in, and I could barely take his dick in my mouth. I held his dick and started stroking while sucking his dick head.

He held my head and started pushing his monster in. It went in a little more and got stuck. He started to slowly move his dick in and out of my mouth. It could barely go 2 inches inside, and I felt like getting gagged. Uncle enjoyed the visual and physical act of getting his dick sucked and kept fucking my mouth.

His precum flowed like a river down my throat, and he was waiting to flood it with his cum. He kept fucking my mouth, holding my head for the next 7-8 minutes and then cummed inside and on my face. It was a heavy load he dropped. I was trying to catch my breath.

The bedroom had an attached bathroom. I went and cleaned the cum and came out. His king kong dong was taking a nap after cumming. Uncle came and grabbed my ass and pushed me onto the bed, and got on top of me. He was drooling over my boobs.

He was sticking his tongue out and licking my nipples. His hands pressed my breasts, alternatively sucking on them. I was moaning while uncle was sucking and licking my boobs. I didn’t expect him to suck them literally for more than 30 minutes. I became very sensitive and was very wet by now.

I was moaning quite a lot and held onto his body. My hands were on his head, holding him while my legs wrapped around him. I pushed him more on my boobs. He even bit my nipples when they were quite sensitive from getting sucked.

Me – Uncle, uncle, uncle!

Das uncle – Want more?

I was moaning, unable to reply, when I felt his fingers reaching between my legs and rubbing my pussy. His mouth magic kept me moaning and fingers playing with my pussy. Within moments I felt a finger enter my wet pussy. I spread my legs and held him tight.

My moaning was getting a bit louder. He enjoyed playing with me. Suddenly he put 2 fingers and started fingering me hard. His thick fingers slid in and out easily. I started pulling his hair, biting his shoulder and arm in ecstasy. My pussy started leaking juices.

Das uncle – Enjoying now?

Me – Hmmmm.

Seeing me give a positive response, uncle, now without warning, forcefully put in three 3fingers and started fingering me. I started to moan and scream hard. 3 fingers were too much to handle. My hand reached out for his dick and grabbed it while I scratched his back with the other hand.

I was screaming. It was pain and pleasure. My whole body became too sensitive. My legs were spread wide, my boobs were sucked, and I was fingered crazy. Never have I been dominated by anyone like this, and I was losing my mind to lust and pleasure. I was wriggling like a fish, and uncle played his magic. It drove me crazy.

Me – Oh uncle, uncle, fuck me.

Das uncle – Don’t worry dear, you will get my rocket

Me – Please fuck me.

Das uncle – You want it now?

Me – Yes, please, I want the rocket now. Put it in my pussy.

Uncle saw my state, understood that lust had taken over, and obliged my request. He got up, took his fingers out, placed his king kong dong on my pussy, and made a big push.

I screamed hard. His throbbing dick was halfway inside. But its thickness made me scream more and more. It was thicker than the 3fingers. He got on me in missionary and started pushing. It took a couple of minutes to get that monster full inside me.

I was screaming my lungs out. Everybody around the next 2 buildings could hear me on normal days. But the loud music playing outside was a boon as everyone was outdoors in the playground. My screams were not louder than the music. This was when he only put his dick in me.

Then he started fucking slowly, and my moans kept rising. Uncle held my waist and started thrusting. He was looking at my face and had a big smirk. He was living his fantasy fucking me on his bed. Uncle was getting turned on by watching me moan on his dick and my expression.

His thrust picked up speed, and within 5 minutes, he was fucking me in full force. All I could do was moan and enjoy the dick of a mature person taking me for a long ride. After a while, my pussy adjusted to that of king kong dong, and my scream was converted to a pleasure moan.

Das uncle – Enjoying the ride now?

Me – Yes, uncle

Das uncle – I am also enjoying your tight pussy. Imagine riding this every day.

Me – Fyck, I will die then.

Das uncle – no, my dear, you are my prized possession. I will fuck you and give you pleasure and satisfy your lusty needs.

Me – Not every day, maybe sometimes.

Das uncle – Come and ride your uncle whenever you want.

Me – And aunty?

Das uncle – Don’t worry, I will take care of that

Me – How?

Das uncle – You tell me when you want to ride. I will arrange everything. You don’t have to worry about it.

Me – Remember you promised not to tell anyone only then

Das uncle – Who would want to lose the opportunity of fucking the hottest girl?

Me – Yea, right.

Das uncle – let’s keep enjoying ourselves now.

Das uncle resumed fucking me. This time he started ramming me harder than before, holding my boobs with both hands. His waist plays a hard tune between my legs, going in and out in force and speed.

Thap thap thap thap fucking sounds were produced that filled the room with my moaning. Uncle grabbed my boobs hard like the handle of an autorickshaw driving his dick in my pussy. Changing gears with slow thrust and hard thrust alternatively.

It was a different sensation. When that long king kong dong slowly entered and left my pussy it was a very pleasurable moment. It touched every corner of the pussy as it came in. The hard thrust, on the other hand, made me crazy. The force and speed got me screaming and moaning.

Uncle fucked me for about 10-12 minutes, then turned me around. I lay on the bed with my belly. He laid on my back and slid his dick in. I gasped as he held my shoulders, licked my ears and kissed my neck while fucking. I enjoyed both the action.

My pussy became a bit tighter because of the excitement, and felt his throbbing veiny dick deep inside me. Uncle fucked me in that position for the next 15 minutes holding me tightly and constantly kissing and licking my neck and ears. I cummed already before, uncle.

After he finished, he cummed all over my ass and back, then lay beside me. I was taking heavy and long breaths. His dick made me feel crazy moments of pleasure that I didn’t feel before. After resting and catching my breath, we rested on the bed for half an hour.

Uncle pulled me on his lap while he was sitting on the bed. He kissed me while his dick entered my pussy and made me ride him. I held him tightly, my boobs crushed on his chest. He sucked my lips and started fucking me. I was jumping on his lap.

My legs wrapped around his waist. My moans were lost in his mouth. He held my ass with both hands and enjoyed his dick, tearing my pussy. This was a hard ride as jumping on that massive thing. It was a bit difficult, and every time it went in, it sent waves of pleasure down my spine.

My nails dug onto uncle’s back! Yet he held my ass and made me ride him for around 12-15 minutes. After I got down from his lap, he dragged me to the verandah stark naked!
Luckily we were on the fifth floor. Most people enjoyed the party and music rather than prying in someone else’s apartment.

Me – Are you crazy, uncle? Someone might see us!

Das uncle – let them see, I will make the whole neighborhood envy me. They will see me fucking the hottest girl in town.

Though we both knew no one would be able to get any clear view of what was happening as the verandah brick partition was around 4 feet high. So from below, people will see our faces but won’t understand what is happening.

Me – You are taking full advantage of this situation uncle

Das uncle – Obviously, my dear. On normal days we will never be able to fuck in the verandah like this.

Das uncle made me face the playground. He pushed me onto the partition wall, grabbed my hair and entered my pussy from behind. He made me bend down over the partition wall. Half my body was visible if anyone would take notice. My boobs were hanging and bouncing over the partition wall.

My hair was pulled back. Uncle grabbed my waist with his other hand while thrusting his dick deep inside me. Uncle fucked me the hardest now. It was extremely difficult for me to subdue my moaning. However, I tried to contain my moans as much as possible.

Anyone looking at the verandah from the playground would see my boobs bouncing and my face while Das uncle was behind me. Both were topless and would understand the scenario. I hoped no one saw us there as they were busy with the party.

He fucked me there, and I cum a couple of times. It was sex not only in the open, but the cold winds blowing kissed my bare skin, turning me on even more and more. My nipples were also getting rubbed on the partition wall when it bounced.

The cold touch of the bricks made my nipples hard. The winds blew on my face and hair, which was a strange sensation. The wind worked as a catalyst as uncle’s cock was fucking me. It made me more horny and wet. Uncle now held my waist with both hands and rammed me like a bull.

I didn’t realize it when I started to moan hard. That king kong dong doing a number on my pussy was too much for me. I cum hard, screaming. The moment I reached my climax and cum. I couldn’t stand it anymore. My legs gave out, and I sat on the floor, breathing heavily.

I was exhausted and laid down on the floor, sweating and panting. I knew my pussy was roasted. Das uncle was a lucky bastard living his best moments. Uncle took me inside and made me lie down on the bed. He lay beside me. Both of us were exhausted and resting.

I was tired after fucking with uncle’s king kong dong and fell asleep. I woke up and felt my boobs being sucked. I moaned, enjoying getting my boobs sucked and licked together. Suddenly it hit me that both my boobs were sucked. I was afraid, and I got up and opened my eyes.

The night was going to be long.

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