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Diwali Rockets – Part 1 (The Beginning)

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Hey guys, I would like to share my experience of Diwali. How a small rocket can change the sex life of people in a neighborhood. Some lucky bastards got to enjoy the best Diwali of their lifetime fuc

Hey guys, I would like to share my experience of Diwali.

How a small rocket can change the sex life of people in a neighborhood. Some lucky bastards got to enjoy the best Diwali of their lifetime fucking the hottest girl.

It was Diwali, and everyone in the society was outdoors, enjoying loud music, picnicking and partying in a playground.

We were 5 friends there bursting crackers. 2 girls and 3 boys. Me (Rimi), Shweta, Rishav, Sunny and Riju. Though we were friends, we were of different ages. But we grew up together in the same neighborhood. I was the eldest by age.

Sunny is the notorious one of the group. He talks in double-meaning sentences to get me and tries to touch me accidentally. It’s clear about his lust. He thinks between the legs.

I had my fair share of dicks (read my previous stories). But I wasn’t interested in a sexual relationship with anyone from the neighborhood willingly. No one expected this Diwali to end up the way it did in bed.

What do you want to know about my figure?


From uncles to young guys in the neighborhood fuck me with their eyes every time they see me. Who knows how many of them masturbate thinking about me? Some did call me the hottest girl in the neighborhood.

So getting back to the story:

Due to lockdowns and restrictions, most people could not enjoy Diwali on good terms in the last couple of years. So, this year 2022, it was decided that there would be a party. DJ, music and a good celebration for Diwali the whole night in the playground area.

We 5 were bursting crackers and rockets. It was around 8 pm, and loud music was being played. I was wearing a pinkish crop top with a cream-colored skirt. I was aware that people around me were eyeing me from top to bottom, as usual.

Even Sunny couldn’t keep his eyes off and kept staring awkwardly. An unfortunate scenario was that one of the rockets got into an apartment. The apartment owner was in the verandah. The owner started shouting as the rocket entered his room, damaging a flower vase.

The uncle called us to his apartment from the verandah to see the mess and help him clean it up. The brave boys ran away scared, which left Shweta and me in a tight spot. Shweta begged me to go. She didn’t want to go to the apartment. Trying to convince me that I am the eldest, I should check what happened.

So, I walked up to the apartment. Uncle opened the door fuming. He took me inside. I saw a damaged flower vase and a few other things that were hit too.

Das uncle – Who is going to pay for all the damage?

Me – Sorry, Das uncle

I was terrified at that point and was looking at all the damage. It would cost a large amount. I was thinking about how I would pay for all these items.

Das uncle – You will have to pay for them right now.

Hearing Das uncle say those words terrified me. I was so engrossed in observing the damage I didn’t notice what Das uncle was saying and doing. It was too late when I realized.

Das uncle didn’t receive any reply from me. So he said again, but this time in my ears.

Das uncle – Ready to pay for all this damage your rocket did?

Me – (unconsciously) Yes, I know I have to pay for all this damage, Das uncle

Das uncle – That’s like a good girl.

Then suddenly I realized Das uncle had said that to my ears and was standing right behind me. I got goosebumps and turned around.

Me – (shocked) What the fuck!

I screamed out. Das uncle was naked. He put his hand on my mouth and pressed it hard to stop me from making any sound. His other hand grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him.

I didn’t realize when he locked the door and when he stripped down his clothes. I was so engrossed in observing the situation. I didn’t realize what Das uncle schemed when I panicked.

Das uncle – So you like to play with rockets? We have the whole night, and you will play with my rocket. The best Diwali gift for your slutty body.

Das uncle got the opportunity to get me into his bed, and his quick thinking made it possible. I guess it was his luck because I came alone to his apartment.

I was cursing the guys in my mind at that point.

Das uncle – Your skin is so smooth. I always wanted to fuck you. You are the hottest girl in the neighborhood, and many people want you. I am lucky this one will be the best Diwali of my life.

His hands were caressing my waist and pinching me while he was expressing his lust. He was whispering everything in my ears. I was trying to say something. But he kept his hands on my mouth tightly, not letting me speak. So whatever I said came out in a muffled voice.

He was taking his sweet time running his hands all over my bare waist. I was trying to break free from his grip but to no avail. He held me tightly in his arms.

Das uncle – Don’t try to resist. You will be in my bed tonight, and no one will disturb us. The party will be long. No one will know you will have sex with your favorite Das uncle.

After 5 minutes of fondling my waist and rubbing my skin, he dragged me into his bedroom. He threw me on the bed and bolted the lock from inside.

Me – Oh my fucking god!

I was scared. I wasn’t scared because he wanted to fuck me, but I was scared when I saw his dick dangling down between his legs. It was a fucking thick 8 inches! It was so thick and big, I was scared!

I had lots and lots of sex before. But this was the biggest Indian dick I came across. I didn’t see his dick before as he grabbed me tightly earlier. But now, after seeing the size and girth, I was awestruck and very afraid.

I was staring at his king kong dong. Das uncle was now eyeing me from top to bottom and rubbing his dick.

Das uncle – Like my rocket?

Me – It’s not a rocket, uncle. It’s a monster dong

Das uncle – Aunty is afraid of it

Me – No wonder

Das uncle – Aunty will not come home tonight. She knows I will use the whole night with her. So, no one is going to disturb us.

I looked at his dick growing while sitting on the bed and didn’t say anything.

Das uncle – I will live my hot fantasy tonight!

Me – Fantasy of killing me with that?

Das uncle – Don’t worry. I will take care to give you only pleasure the whole night and make you beg me for more in the future.

Me – No, no, no, once is more than enough. I am just allowing you tonight because of the damage.

Das uncle – Yes, you don’t have a choice tonight. You are mine now. But this won’t be the last time. I want you.

Me – Please, Das uncle, no! Just once tonight.

Das uncle – You know every guy in the neighborhood wants your body.

Me – Yes, I know.

Das uncle – Then why not give them what they want?

Me – No, no, uncle! Absolutely not. Promise me, uncle. You won’t tell anyone else about this in the neighborhood. Then I might think about letting you do it again in the future.

Das uncle – That’s great. Just be my fantasy, and we will make lots of love. Now ready to make your uncle happy, dear Rimi?

Me – If you promise not to tell anyone, I will make you happy tonight

Das uncle – Ok dear, it’s a promise

Saying that uncle slowly approached me. His huge dick was semi-erect. I was staring at his dick. It was so thick I couldn’t even begin to explain. I know I am literally fucked tonight with that thing. But I had no other choice now. It was going to be his lucky night, and I hoped it was not my last night.

When uncle was standing with his dick right in front of me, I noticed his body. He was fit and muscular, even in his forties. I was so engrossed I didn’t notice when his hands slid on my thighs. He was caressing my legs. I was mesmerized by his body and unconsciously opened my legs to him.

His manly aroma made me tingle inside and slowly aroused me every second. I placed my hand on his chest and slowly started sliding it down. I touched his nipple and went down towards his abs. I felt his abs and skin while slowly making my way toward the king kong dong.

The moment I touched his dick, he grabbed my legs hard. I used both hands, one to play with his balls and one to hold his dick. His eyes looked at me hungrily with so much lust. I could sense him fucking me in his mind. His dick kept growing till it reached full length.

Uncle was standing, and I was sitting on the bed. I leaned forward and took my mouth to play on his muscles. I first kissed his chest. His grip on my legs tightened. My hands were now rubbing his dick head while my mouth went down toward his abs. I kissed each ab and licked them.

His hands started moving toward my inner thighs. Uncle was expecting a blowjob, I think. But I disappointed him and went upwards. I made my way up to his nipple, licked them, and started to jerk his dick. I could feel uncle getting hotter as his breathing started to become heavy.

Uncle found his way underneath my skirt and touched my wet pussy. He used 2 fingers to rub my pussy over the panty. The moment I felt his fingers deep between my legs, I couldn’t control myself and bit his nipple hard.

Uncle didn’t react much but became forceful. He started massaging my pussy harder. I sucked his nipples for a few minutes more, and he kept teasing my pussy.

The moment my mouth let go of his nipple, he grabbed my hair with his free hand and pulled my face up to his face. I could see his eyes lost in lust. He was staring at my lips. He dug his lips deep into mine and started kissing and sucking my lips. It was a sloppy wet kiss.

He held my hair and kissed me non-stop for more than 10 minutes. His other hand never stopped rubbing my pussy which was only getting wetter and wetter. I was jerking him with one hand and playing with his chest and nipples with the other hand while kissing.

After 10 minutes of tasting my lips, he pulled me down on the floor. Now we were standing face to face. He pulled me up on his lap and started kissing again. I held onto his neck and shoulder with my hands. My legs crossed around his waist while kissing him back.

His dick poked me from below, rubbing on my pussy. I moved my waist a bit to get a feel of his dick. It felt like a hand on my pussy instead of a dick.

He constantly kept on sucking my lips without breaking them. Uncle took his sweet time of more than 15 minutes, tasting and sucking my lips before letting me down.

Uncle then turned me around and held me from behind. He grabbed my boobs while licking, kissing my neck, and biting my ears. He was moving his waist and rubbing his dick on my ass. I was getting turned on while he played with my boobs.

Me – Aah, Das uncle.

Uncle just kept fondling my boobs over my top until he was satisfied. He was enjoying the opportunity to the fullest. Seemed he was satisfied after fondling me for quite some time.

Das uncle – Now dear, it’s time to wear your birthday suit like your uncle

Saying that he started to remove my crop top. He threw away the top, then removed my bra. My naked melons came into the limelight.

Das uncle – wow! What a sight! I dreamt of those for a long time.

Then he removed my skirt and pulled down my panty.

Das uncle – Ufff, so sexy!

Don’t forget to tune in to the next part to find out what happened.

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