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Beautiful encounter with a sex starved writer Rachna

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Hi Guys, I am Ashish, a 22-year-old boy. I am a college-going boy residing in Mumbai. I am above average in my studies. I stayed with my father as my mother left him for someone else.

Hi Guys, I am Ashish, a 22-year-old boy. I am a college-going boy residing in Mumbai. I am above average in my studies. I stayed with my father as my mother left him for someone else.

I don’t have a girlfriend since I am dark-complexioned. I am a 5’8” tall and fit boy, and love running. I am proud of my 8-inch-long 4-inch thick tool.

The heroine of my story is a 40- year old lady named Rachna. She has a wheatish complexion, a height of 5’4” and a fit body. She does yoga almost daily and has fat stored in the right places on her body. It makes her desirable to be banged.

Her husband is a successful man working as a top-level marketing manager in a well-known firm. He is a workaholic, so he doesn’t get to spend enough time with her, let alone coitus. This story is about how she taught me to satisfy women in bed.

I met her on an online Q&A writing platform named Quora, where she writes beautiful answers, which I loved. I am a naive writer who has less than 100 followers.

Once, I had a minor disagreement in the comments section of one of her answers which we sorted out in DM. That’s how our conversations started. This was nearly a year ago. Now, we share a good camaraderie.

I met her once at a restaurant in Mumbai a few months ago. We talked about life and experiences in general. I was happy to meet her. That’s when she asked me about my girlfriend and love life.

I was completely down after thinking about it. I told her I was single and had no GF to shower my love. I also told her about my mother, who left my father and me for someone else.

Rachna: I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Don’t worry. You are a good boy, and things will be fine soon.

She rubbed her hands on my back, which I felt soothing. After a few days, I had my 22nd birthday. She wished me (she knew my birthday) and said she had a gift for me. I said that she could send it to me. She said it wasn’t something she could send and asked me to meet her at her house.

When I received the address, I realized she lived only 5 km from me in Thane. I lived in Mulund. I was eager to know what she would gift me. I generally don’t receive gifts. I reached her place. She opened the door and looked beautiful in a pink evening gown. As if she was ready to welcome me to her house.

I greeted her with a small bouquet, and she invited me inside. Just then, a whiff of air blew, and she smelled like sandalwood. It was an aphrodisiac that mesmerized me. She was happy that I brought a bouquet for her and reached her house so soon.

I told her I was eager to meet her and know my gift. She said, “Ahh, don’t hurry, dear. It’s not running away.”

She got me a small pineapple cake. I was fairly surprised that she would take so much effort for me. I appreciated her efforts which she liked. Nevertheless, I was elated with the cake, which I liked.

I sat on the sofa and asked her to get me some water. She got me a glass of water and bent to give the glass of water in my hand. Her boobs made a parabolic shape right before my eyes. I could see her nipples because she hadn’t worn a bra.

OMG, she had voluptuous 36-sized boobs, which were quite titillating for any man. I felt that she bent in such a way so that I got to see her milky boobs. My eyes were locked on her boobs. My dick already started drooling at the sight of her braless boobs.

Rachna: O Ashish, kaha kho gaye? (Where are you lost?)

Me: Oh, I’m sorry.

I quickly lowered my eyes in shame.

Rachna: Don’t worry, dear. I understand your predicament. Don’t worry. I will help you out.

I was taken aback by what she said.

Me: Pardon, I didn’t get you.

Rachna: I said, don’t worry, I will help you with your problem.

Me: Thanks, dear, for understanding me.

Rachna: I am a grown-ass woman. Having spent much time with you online and offline. If I won’t understand you, who will?

I hugged her and kissed her forehead out of slight affection for her. She loved the gesture. I had water, and we then proceeded to cut the cake. I had my part and fed it to her. We took pics from my phone and had a good time. I was on the verge of leaving when she stopped me.

Rachna: Where are you going? What’s the hurry? Your gift is pending.

Me: Then what was this cake? Wasn’t this a gift?

Rachna: A part. The second part is waiting for you. Come let me take you on a tour of my house.

She showed me her house. It was a beautiful spacious 3 Bhk. She kept touching me at places like my chest, abdomen, and buttocks while showing me her flat. In the end, she took me to her guest bedroom, which they didn’t use daily. She looked into my eyes with love.

She commanded me to remove her gown (a single piece). She was only wearing a red colored panty underneath. This exposed her torso, which was mesmerizing. Her large boobs were all in front of me. She has dark brown colored areolas and 2 beautiful nipples.

I was amazed at the sight of a naked woman. She looked like a sex goddess Shilpa Shetty. Her body stats were 36D-32-38. She removed my t-shirt. My thin, lanky and dark torso was exposed in front of her. She then unhooked my jeans, and my legs were exposed too.

She noticed a wet spot on my white underwear. She got the signal, and I was getting hornier. She held my hand and took me to her bed. We both lay down and started lip kissing me. I thanked god (in my mind) that I could feel her heavenly body with my skin.

Oh my goodness, she was an awesome kisser. I couldn’t believe my luck that I was kissing a perfect MILF. I started to have an erection that formed a tent in my underwear. We broke the kiss after 5 beautiful minutes of our life. She pulled my underwear down and caught hold of my 8-inch-long dick.

She was astounded by the sign of my large penis. She said, “Oh My God, your dick is humungous. I have never seen such a large one before. My husband has a 4.2-inch small dick. This is double the size.” She immediately took my penis in her mouth.

I said, “Hey, what are you doing, Rachna,” She replied, “Just wait and watch, young boy; I am going to give you such pleasure that you will never forget.” I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t know it was a part of foreplay. She started licking my penis like a wild woman.

I moaned, “ Ahh, too good, Rachna.” It was one the best pleasure that I have received till then. I didn’t know about masturbation till then. She then took a part of my erect penis in her mouth. It was evident that it would be difficult for her to suck my penis.

She slid my foreskin to the base, exposing my penis glans, and then started licking my penis. OMG, This was the ultimate pleasure. I immediately ejaculated in her mouth, for which I was sorry. She said it’s normal for first-timers to cum so early.

She licked away all the semen and gulped it down her throat. She liked my cum, and I was happy about it. I then pinned her on the bed, kissed her breasts, and bit her nipple. She moaned. She wasn’t expecting this but liked it since I was a little wild.

She then took the lead, came over to me and kissed my face, neck and specific points on my torso. It charged me up sexually. I started regaining my erection soon after that. I held her close to my body to feel her warmth. We had an eye 2 eye contact.

I could see the lust in her eyes. She knew everything as to how to satisfy a man in bed. I then asked her for directions as to how to satisfy a woman. She said she would teach me one by one as the days passed. I have been curious to learn things since day 1.

I asked her to teach me at least 1 trick for today. She told me to remove her underwear and lick her pussy. I started removing her sexy lacy underwear and pulled it down to her feet. She got rid of it. This revealed her beautiful hairy pussy. I sniffed it.

Oh my goodness, her pussy smelled good. I loved hairy pussy. It affirms that I will fuck a woman, not a young teenage girl. I then obeyed her orders and started licking slowly. She started to moan lightly. She liked my slow and light licking strokes.

I then applied more pressure and licked her pussy. It started releasing a liquid that was leaking out of her pussy. I asked what that was, Rachna. She said it’s just like precum in men. I understood and continued. I found a structure hanging from the top of her pussy and touched it gently. She moaned like anything.

I asked her about it, to which she said that it’s the clitoris that is the most sensitive part of females. Triggering that in the right manner can excite any woman. I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers making circular motions.

She couldn’t control herself and released a spurt of liquid that directly came onto my face. She asked me to penetrate her without delay. Before I could penetrate, she made my dick ready for fuck with a quick blowjob. She told me to insert it.

I gave my dick a light jerk in her pussy, and it entered smoothly. Ahh, her pussy was warm and tight, just like a virgin’s. The pleasure was unmatched. The tunnel was like parking for my truck. I asked, how come your pussy is so tight. She expressed sadness.

She said her husband hadn’t fucked her for a year. She was sex-starved and planned to have it with me. I assured her I would give her a good fuck if she gave me proper instructions. She agreed and was happy about this. Since my penis was a huge dick, she ordered me to go slowly.

I followed her orders and continued with my thing. It was like a dream come true for any man to lose his virginity to a beautiful woman. Once we were comfortable with stable strokes, she ordered me to go deep. I gave her slightly more pressure, and my penis went right to her cervix.

She screeched for the 1st stroke, but my penis went in smoothly after that. I continued with my long strokes. I then asked her for the pace at which I should fuck her. She told me to continue at the current pace, which was comfortable for us.

But for a slightly shorter stroke, not to hit the cervix every time. I adjusted my stroke after a couple of them. I was enjoying the session, and so was she. Soon I was experiencing something like I was going to ejaculate. I told her immediately. She sensed it and told me to do it within her pussy.

She moaned as I ejaculated my entire load in her pussy. She looked relaxed and satisfied with the act. I asked her about the consequences, and she said, “Don’t worry, Ashish, I have undergone sterilization after having two kids.”

She licked my dick and took the rest of my semen in her mouth. I heaved a sigh of relief after that and hugged her. We both were fairly tired and then went into a shower, where we bathed together and got refreshed.

Later, when we dried each other and dressed up. In the end, she thanked me for the wonderful fucking experience I gave her, and the quality time I spent with her and satisfied her.

I asked her whether she would teach me creative writing if I paid her a fee. She agreed and asked me to pay Rs 5k/- upfront and 2k later if I had to learn it from her. I knew it would disturb my budget quite a bit.

But I agreed to the same since she was an awesome writer and I wanted to be a good writer in a newspaper as a journalist. My classes started the next week, twice a day for 2 months. I started to learn creative writing from her. She also taught me how to satisfy a woman in bed in the upcoming days.

In a way, it was a great experience learning from her.

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