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Two Guys And Their Plan To Fuck Their Moms – Part 3

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Let’s start the next part without any delay! It was around 6 pm. I slightly checked on her and she was still sleeping on the sofa. I left the door lock open in the hallway. My sister would retu

Let’s start the next part without any delay!

It was around 6 pm. I slightly checked on her and she was still sleeping on the sofa. I left the door lock open in the hallway. My sister would return at any moment now and I wanted to see her reaction to this. So I copied the video to the laptop and again set the Digi-cam facing both mom and the doorway.

My sister arrived and she rang the bell once and tried to open the door, which was open. Then she came in, closed the door, and saw her mom with her finger in her vagina.

My sister was stuck for a second and did not make any noise. She came near mom and saw mom sleeping like that. My sister took her hands away and shook my mom. She was not responding and my sister was looking here and there and started to poke her fingers in mom’s vagina.

Mom moaned a bit and my sister started to finger-fuck mom for almost 10 minutes and cum was oozing from her cunt. My sister became hot and was pressing her boobs while finger fucking her mother. She also began to pub her cunt while finger fucking mom.

Slowly, my mom was back to her senses. And she was shocked to see the scene – my sister’s eyes closed and she was rubbing her cheeks, and on the other hand, finger fucking mom.

Then mom yelled at sister to stop and asked as to what she was doing. I came out and said, “Why is there so much noise?” I came down and saw my mom with her vagina exposed. I was looking at it, and my sister was scared, looking at my mom. My mom quickly stood up and corrected her dress and asked me to go to my room. I said I came to have some water as I was feeling better.

The house was filled with so much silence. While I was in the kitchen, I heard a slapping sound and felt that my mom might have hit my sister. Mom was so angry and started to hit sister with the broom. I quickly ran to the hall, pretending to stop her. I held my mom from behind as she was tensed. She didn’t notice my poke on her ass or my grip on her waist.

Then I went in the middle and tried to make my sister move as she was crying and standing there. I made her move, but there was a hard hit from my mom. Then I hugged my sister from the front and forcefully moved her and shouted at mom, “Why are you hitting her like a mad person?”

I knew what really happened, but I wanted to see if my mom would tell me.

Mom: None of your business, get out of my way.

I said: You will kill Janani by hitting her like this.

I held my sister hand and took her away from mom. On the way, I said to mom –

Me: Cool yourself off and we can talk.

I took my sister to my room, closed my door and locked it. I hugged her tightly as she was crying in pain. While hugging her, I was almost breathing on her neck. I slowly asked why mom was punishing her. She laughed as I asked if she had failed or had any love affairs. She said nothing but slowly stopped crying.

Now my sister was just standing still with tears in her eyes. I slowly convinced her, but also enjoyed touching her here and there. My sister was also masturbating a while ago, so she had some heat in her.

Slowly, I kissed her on the cheek and neck and I made it look playful. She was standing still without any words. I slowly started to seduce my sister by saying –

Me: Are you in love with someone, which mom is not allowing?

She looked into my eyes and I said: I will not let anyone hurt you, even if it is our parents. I love you.

“Ram!” she said as she hugged me. “You are a nice brother.”

Slowly, our eyes met and she was wimping a bit. I planted a soft kiss on her lips. I assumed she would not resist or shout and began to kiss her again, parting her lips with my tongue.

Janani moved a little behind, but I kept leaning on her to suck her tongue and she got cornered at the wall. I began to kiss my sibling and suck her tongue. To my surprise, she responded. I had some real sexual luck inside my own house. I have two women I could play on now.

I slowly moved my hand from her back shoulder and started to touch my sister’s boobs, boldly saying:

Me: I too love you.

I then made her stand against the wall and again we started to kiss. This time, my hands were playing so much on my sibling’s boobs and cunt. I lifted her dress, pulling down her panties, lowering my boxer to reveal only my penis, and poking her vagina. She said nothing but tightly hugged me.

Then I fucked my sister Janani for 5 about minutes. When I was about to cum, I took out my tool and splashed my cum everywhere. My sister began to unbutton her shirt, move her bra, and suck her nipple, moaning and claiming that even her mother was horny.

I stopped for a minute and wanted to turn it into a golden opportunity. I enquired playfully –

Me: So, can you help me to fuck mom as well, if she is horny?

My sister was still. I dragged her to the bed, sat down, and made her lean on my chest so that I could have access to her boobs. I was squeezing it and talking to her –

Sister: What do you mean that mom is horny?!

Janani didn’t tell me what happened in the hall or why mom was punishing her. She changed the subject and said –

Janani: Fuck me in the same way you would fuck your mother if you get a chance.

I felt like a plan.

Me: I want to fuck mom with her full consent.

I acted like I did not have an interest in mom, but Janani was better than mom. I baited Janani by asking if she could help me to fuck mom or to create an opportunity. She said she would try. I felt really happy as I had a partner to help to seduce my mom, and I could be the master brain.

Then we heard mom banging on the door. I quickly pulled my boxers and she corrected her dress and was quiet. I went and opened the door and she was there with her angry face and asked where Janani was. Mom saw her and pushed me away. She entered the room and asked why she did that.

I thought for a second and went directly and hugged mom tightly and her breasts were crushing my chest.

Then I said: Stop mom, calm down, let’s talk.

But I was in heaven. My sister Janani started to giggle, and mom became more angry. I again held her tightly and mom started to say –

Mom: Leave me alone, Ram, you are hurting.

I left mom aside and thought she would talk, but again she started to punish my sister. So I thought to myself that this could be helpful in the future. So I blocked mom and slapped her on the face and pushed her onto the bed.

My mom was shocked and stopped a little, and the room was silent for a few minutes. My mom was crying with tears flowing from her eyes because there was no one to help.

She got up from the bed like she was about to leave, but I held her hand and made her face leaning on the wall. I held her tightly so she could not move anywhere. Now she was stuck.

Then I asked her what her problem was as she kept punishing Janani. Janani was laughing and biting her lower lip the entire time, fearing that mom would strike her.

I held my mom Swetha closely and leaned over her when she was on the wall. I went near her ears and spoke, “Come on, be calm.” I was poking my tool in mom’s ass while leaning on her. All of a sudden, Janani shouted, “Stop it, mom, it was you who seduced me.”

I was leaning on mom and my tool started to grow bigger and stiffer. I hoped my mom would notice it, but the situation was different. My mom was silent and she did not tell me anything.

Holding mom’s hands, I asked Janani about what she meant and also winked at her. Then Janani understood that I was asking her to create an opportunity. Mom was just wiggling as she was unable to move, and Janani started to talk about how when she returned home. She said –

Janani: Mom was masturbating and fingering herself.

Mom was dumbfounded as I was there in the room. Janani made up some imaginary story to help me –

She said: Mom was finger fucking saying Ram’s name and hoped the mother was thinking of her son fucking her and moaning.

My mom was shocked and Janani started to humiliate mom.

Janani: She was the one who had seduced me and I started to fuck her as well.

At this point, mom, who was wiggling, stopped moving and remained calm. So I started to dominate her by saying –

Me: So, you are the one who tried to seduce my sister and you are punishing her.

Janani: Ram, fuck her because she was thinking of you while finger-fucking herself. Make it true for her.

Mom was crying, saying: Stop this nonsense!

I let her loose in this situation, and she turned in my face. Janani pushed me saying she would hit her again. At that time, I slipped and held mom’s waist so hard that we both fell on my bed nearby.

She was not high. Mom was in total awareness of the situation and what was going on. My sister pushed me down so hard that I couldn’t get up and my mom was screaming for me to get up. Janani kept pushing me down as I was dry-humping my mom, Swetha.

The scene was so hot. Janani told me to kiss mom. And my thoughts were yes, this was the chance as my own sister was backing up. So I saw my mom in her eyes and she doubtful about what we were doing. Then Janani shouted at mom, “What you did to me is also wrong, but you did it, right?”

Mom had no answer to what happened and was stuck beneath me and Janani. Then I saw my mom’s eyes filled with lust and she could sense it. I started to smell her neck and called her –

Me: Swetha, so you want me to be like your husband and want to sleep with me? Is that all you want? Why do you have to think of me fucking you if you want? I can fuck you because no one will know.

I slowly went near her lips. I kissed her lips. To our surprise, mom was not resisting. I held her face and kissed her and started to part her legs so that my tool touched her crouch over the saree. This was the same woman I fucked 5 hours ago. I kissed her for 2-3 minutes. Thrn I tried to part her lips to suck her tongue. At this time, Janani moved away and started to record things on her phone.

I slowly sucked mom’s lips again and started to squeeze her boobs.

Me: Swetha, you are really hot.

Mom closed her eyes and started to moan. I lowered my boxers and raised my mom’s petticoat. I remember that I wanted her naked, so I made her stand, pulled her saree completely, removed her petticoat, and fell over her. All these things were recorded by my sister.

My mom was in her blouse and her pants. I removed her panties completely and started to insert my penis and pumped her 2–3 times and kissed her like I was going to die in the next 5 minutes.

Suddenly, I heard my dad’s voice downstairs calling for my mom! She pushed me away and tried to stand up. But it was the intercourse in the middle and I was so horny. So I pulled her again and fucked mom for another minute while standing. Again my dad started to call, so my mom said –

Mom: You can fuck me afterward, now please leave me alone as dad may know about our relationship.

This word represented my success in bending her to my will. Then she quickly made her dress proper and wore her saree and ran down.

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