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Erotic Visit To Grandmother’s House – Part 2

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This is the sequel to the Erotic visit to grandmother’s house. After fucking his granny, Dhruv and granny were lying on the bed naked. She was lying near his cock. He was slowly patting her hea

This is the sequel to the Erotic visit to grandmother’s house.

After fucking his granny, Dhruv and granny were lying on the bed naked. She was lying near his cock. He was slowly patting her head.

Dhruv: How is my little slutty bitch?

Granny was frowning at him and didn’t answer him. Dhruv grabbed her face, slammed his cock in her mouth, and deep-throated her. Granny started struggling. He then pulled out his cock.

Dhruv: Next time, answer whenever I call you.

Granny: Y-Yes.

Dhruv: Now, make some food for me.

Granny stood up in hesitation and went to wear clothes.

Dhruv: Why bother wearing clothes? It’s not like I haven’t seen those sexy curves.

Granny didn’t look at him and dashed to the kitchen. After a few moments, Dhruv went to the dining hall. Granny was arranging plates on the table. She put two plates on the table.

Dhruv: Huh? Wait, Granny, I have some special food for you.

He then put her plate on the floor and started stroking his dick.

Dhruv: I will give you something healthy to eat.

He then released his load on the plate.

Dhruv: Now lick it to your heart’s content.

Granny was still hesitating, but she had no other choice, so she started licking it like a dog. Dhruv sat on the chair and started teasing her pussy with his leg while she was licking his semen.

Dhruv: Damn. Just got wet by licking my semen. Just how horny you are.

Suddenly. Dhruv’s phone rang. It was his Dad. Dhruv picked up the phone.

Dhruv: Oh, hi, dad. How are you? Is everything all right?

Dad: Yeah, son, everything is good. I was thinking, could you and your grandma come to our house as it’s summer and there in Pune it’s very hot.

Granny tried to talk, but Dhruv didn’t give her a chance and slid his dong in her mouth.

Dhruv: Dad, it’s not that hot.

Dad: No, son, it’s bad for you and your grandma’s health.

Dhruv: Fine.

Dad: Ok, I booked the train tickets. Bye

Dhruv: You have good news, granny. We are going to dad’s place.

Granny started smiling a bit, but Dhruv came close to her face and started caressing her face.

Dhruv: Don’t get excited, honey. I am going there too. I will make sure that we both enjoy it to our heart’s content.

In the evening, they both went to the railway station. Dhruv wore a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. Granny wore a purple saree and a black blouse. Her chubby belly was visible.

Dhruv was caressing her ass and belly throughout their journey to the station. They entered the train. Dhruv got the middle berth, and Granny got the lower berth. They met a guy named Mukul on the coach. Mukul looked like a nerd.
In the meantime, tea was served.

Dhruv: Let me put sugar in your tea, granny. I know you like a lot of sugar in your tea.

When tea was served to Granny, Dhruv took her tea cup and, without Mukul noticing, pulled out his cock and put his semen on Granny’s tea. He then returns it to Granny. Granny seemed hesitant, but Dhruv glared at her with threatening eyes. So she gulped the tea.

Dhruv: How’s the tea? Is it according to your liking?

Granny: Y-Yeah. It’s Good (with a fake smile)

As time went by, everybody started sleeping. Mukul also slept. Granny was lying on her berth. At midnight, when everybody dozed off. Granny felt someone pulling her saree up. When she looked up, she saw none other than Dhruv was doing it.

She was about to say something when Dhruv put his hand on her mouth. Dhruv heard noises from the other side and quickly lay beside her.

Granny: Please, not now. (whispering)

Dhruv: No, Baby. This is the best time. I know you were waiting for me. (whispering)

Dhruv first stripped her and then stripped himself. They both were lying naked. Dhruv took a blanket to cover their naked body from head to toe. It was hot outside, and inside the blanket, they both were sweating like crazy. Their skin was sticking to each other due to sweat.

They both were so close that Dhruv was ready to have steamy intercourse. Dhruv couldn’t wait anymore and started with a steamy kiss. He played with her tongue while fondling her saggy tits. He pulled her ass closer and crashed his cock inside her dirty pussy.

Granny couldn’t moan as Dhruv was violating her mouth with his tongue.
He got on the top and pounded her. While pounding, they both heard some noises outside.

Dhruv: Shit, I guess someone is coming.

Granny: Listen to me. Let’s stop this.

Dhruv: You are such a scaredy cat. I like your this side too.

He grabbed her, ran towards the toilet, and then locked the toilet. The toilet was small and smelly. But Dhruv was so horny that he didn’t care about the smell and held both of her legs in the air and started thrusting her again. Due to the tremors caused by the train, the thrusts were hitting deeper than usual.

Granny was releasing many lewd moans while Dhruv was busy sucking her nipples. Dhruv tightly held both of her legs and released his huge load inside her. They both were panting hard.

A few moments later, Dhruv opened the door to leave. He found Mukul masturbating to the voices in front of the toilet. Mukul suddenly felt very embarrassed. Dhruv smirked at him and left. Granny hid her face in shame, and they both went to their berth.

In the morning, they both didn’t talk to Mukul. Their station came, and they departed to Dad’s house. On their way, Dhruv kept his hand on her waist tightly. They both looked like a couple. Everybody around was staring at them.

After some time, they arrived. Dad and mom both greeted Granny. They all were sitting in the living room.

Dad: So, mom, how do you like my son? Isn’t he reliable?

Granny: Y-Yeah (hesitatingly)

Dad: Mom, you will sleep in the guest room today.

Dhruv: Why guest room, Dad? Granny will sleep in my room. I love hearing bedtime stories from her. (he smirked)

Mom: See, our son hasn’t grown much yet. He still likes hearing bedtime stories.

Dad: Yeah, you are right. So Mom, do you have a problem sleeping with Dhruv?

In the night. Granny was wearing a black nighty and entered Dhruv’s room. Dhruv rushed to her and hugged her tightly.

Dhruv: Here comes my slutty grandma. Are you still wearing clothes? Don’t try to hide your sexy body from me.

He then pushed her onto the bed and gently tore her nightly. He put his fingers inside her mouth and started playing with her tongue.

Dhruv: Hmm, Your boobs never fail to astound me.

He started kneading her tits. He then pulled his monster out of his pants and put it between her boobs. He started moving his cock back and forth.

Dhruv: Ah, yes, these humongous soft breasts are best. This is the main purpose of these tits. Isn’t it?

He then cum all over her face laid beside her.

Dhruv: Tomorrow, we will do more fun things. Ok, Granny?

Granny didn’t respond. But Dhruv slept while hugging her.

Granny: No, What am I doing? Even though I love him. This is wrong. I have to tell his dad about this. (She thought)

In the morning, Granny saw dad in the living room reading the newspaper.

Granny: Son, I have to tell you something about Dhruv.

Dad: What happened, mom?

Granny was about to say something when suddenly there was a loud noise of the glass breaking. Dad rushed there. Granny also started moving then suddenly, Dhruv appeared in front of her and grabbed her hand.

Dhruv: What’s up, baby?

Then he grabbed her and went into the bathroom.

Dhruv: That was close.

He stripped her pajama and put his finger in her asshole.

Granny: No, what are you doing? That’s dirty.

He started moving his fingers.

Dhruv: Now, the main course.

Dhruv brought out his meat rod and rammed it inside her asshole.

Dhruv: Take this Slutty granny.

He started banging her ass. He also started spanking her ass while fucking her ass. Granny went crazy from the pleasure.

Dhruv: You are just a pig who likes cock in both of their holes.

He increased his pace. Granny was shaking her hips like a maniac. He released his fat load in her asshole. Her ass was twitching, and her asshole was flooded with his semen.

Dhruv: Why don’t you accept the pleasure and live like this with me? It’s not like you are not feeling good. So don’t resist anymore.

Dhruv left. Granny was lying naked on the floor with her ass upward
Granny: Oh God. What is happening to me? My body feels so hot whenever he touches me. Even my asshole is stimulating at this age. I don’t think I can resist this pleasure, and the way he makes me feel like I am his personal property makes my pussy feel so hot. (she thought)

Granny was having a change of heart. She started thinking that living her life like his cum dumpster would be the best choice.

After some time, they all sat for lunch.

Dad: Man, nowadays, cats are very naughty. A cat broke the vase in the garden. Mom, what were you about to tell me about Dhruv?

Granny: I was saying that Dhruv is a very good boy. So can you let him stay with me for a while more? As he helps me in many different ways.

Dad: Sure, mom, I am happy that Dhruv is so helpful.

Later that day, they left dad’s house and went towards the railway station.

Dhruv: I can’t wait anymore. I am booking a hotel. We are staying there tonight.

Granny agreed to this. Dhruv booked a honeymoon suite. They went to a hotel. There was a receptionist. She checked their booking and was shocked, but she handed them the keys. They both took the key and went to their room.

In the room, Dhruv locked the door and sat on a chair. Granny stood in front of him.

Dhruv: Strip.

Granny, without any hesitation, started stripping. Then she stood in front of him naked.

Dhruv: Nice. Now be on your knees like a dog and bark.

Granny came in a doggy position.

Granny: Woof (She barks obediently)

Dhruv: Today onwards, I will call you Pochi.

Dhruv pulled out his cock and started showing it to her, just like people show food to their pets.

Dhruv: Now come here and have your meal Pochi.

Pochi moves toward his cock and starts licking it like a dog.

Dhruv: What a hungry dog.

He came in her mouth, but some of his semen fell on the floor.

Dhruv: Don’t waste food, Pochi.

Then she started licking the semen on the floor.

Dhruv: Nice, Pochi. I think you deserve a reward.

With that, he went near the bag and pulled out a tail plug, a leash, and a collar.
Dhruv: With this, you look more dog-like.

He inserted that tail plug inside her ass hole and put a collar on her neck.

Dhruv: Do you like it?

Pochi: Woof woof (She barked happily)

Dhruv: I see you liked it. Now let’s go for a walk in the garden on the ground floor.

They both went to the ground floor near the reception.

Dhruv: Are pets allowed in the garden?

Reception: Yes, sir.

The receptionist was initially confused. But then she saw Granny naked with a tail plug and collar and behaving like a dog. Her eyes widened, and she was speechless.

They both went to the garden. There was no one else other than them.
Dhruv unhooked her leash and sat on the bench. Pochi started twerking her ass, running here and there on four legs. It was like she was a real dog.

After some time, She came near Dhruv and started sniffing his cock through his pants.

Dhruv: Hmm?
She started licking his dick through his pants.

Dhruv: You want my cock?

Pochi: Woof woof (She barked)

Dhruv: What a horny dog.

Then he pushed her back and got on top of her. He started playing with her chubby belly. Then he started fingering her pussy. Pochi was releasing erotic moans. Dhruv stopped his fingering and grabbed her ass to make her in a doggy position. He pushed his entire dong inside her hole in one go.

Pochi was feeling indescribable pleasure. But Dhruv didn’t stop at that. He removed the tail plug and inserted his finger inside her asshole. He started finger fucking her asshole with one hand and spanking her ass with the other.

She was moaning loudly, but her speech was indecipherable. Hearing the moans, people from other floors started gathering at their balconies. Some people started complaining about this indecent act. But some got aroused by watching a young man aggressively fucking an old lady.

Dhruv noticed people watching him. He lifted Pochi and started pounding her ass in a standing position while keeping her naked body on display to the audience. People started masturbating while recording this lewd performance.

Dhruv: Look, even the visitors got horny after watching my naughty bitch. Let’s end this lusty evening with a great climax. Right Pochi?

Pochi: Woof (She barked happily)

Dhruv grabbed her thighs and started banging her slutty asshole at full speed. Pochi’s face got lewder and lewder with every thrust. She was drooling with pleasure. People on the balconies also increased their pace of masturbating.

With this, Dhruv dumped his huge load inside her asshole. His semen was dripping from her asshole. Pochi couldn’t hold back this pleasure and started pissing all over the ground while showing her piss fountain to the audience.
The audience also started cumming in their pants.

After that night, the video of a young man fucking a whore in pet play got viral. It didn’t affect Dhruv much as his and Pochi’s face weren’t clear due to night time.  Ultimately, Dhruv and Pochi happily continued their sex life as master and pet without any issues.

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