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Tits & Twists in the Jungle – Part 2

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Hello ISS readers, this is Shivani again after a long break. Hope you might remember me from my previous story, ‘Tits & Twists in the Jungle – Part 1.’ Here is the second part of the stor

Hello ISS readers, this is Shivani again after a long break. Hope you might remember me from my previous story, ‘Tits & Twists in the Jungle – Part 1.’ Here is the second part of the story.

On day 2, when I woke up, I was in a total mess, naked and sandwiched between 2 guys in the tent. A few opened beer bottles were also there. So I grabbed one and started drinking, slowly slid out from between them and got out.

Outside I saw Smita and Rakesh in a blanket, kissing each other and enjoying a joint. Seeing me coming out of the tent with a beer bottle, Rakesh said, “Tu bhi aaja kuch naya try kar.” (You also join us and enjoy something new.)

As I approached them, I heard a car stopping. Manish and Deepak stepped out of the car. They brought a crate filled with chilled beer, wines, and snacks for breakfast. Soon we all started eating and drinking beers. The guys came to me and started playing with my body.

I also enjoyed their hands all over my body, caressing my boobs and fondling them. Manish lowered his pants. I grabbed his dick and started sucking it and cupping his balls. He started to mouth fuck. I kept gagging on his big dick. After 10-15 minutes, he cum in my mouth, and I drank all of it.

Deepak made me a doggy and slowly inserted his dick into my pussy. It easily went inside and slapped my ass hard. I let out a moan. Rakesh was already fucking Smita, and she was jumping on his cock. After hearing my moan and our fucking, Ranjan and Nilesh got up.

They came out of the tent just in their shorts, watching all the fucking going on. Ranjan came to me and placed his dick near my mouth. I started sucking his dick. Soon his dick was also erect and tight. Deepak took out his dick, spat on my ass and pushed his dick in my asshole.

I let out a sigh and said, “Aaram se kar.” (Be gentle.) Soon Ranjan grabbed my shoulders. Deepak grabbed me from behind and stood up, holding me. Ranjan also stood up and placed his dick near my pussy. They lowered me on their dicks.

Ranjan was sucking my nipples, and Deepak was fucking my ass. They continued fucking me like this for about 10-15 minutes. Then they changed their positions. By this time, I heard another car coming to a halt. From the car got out 3 hunky muscular guys who were more than 6′ feet tall.

Seeing them, I gasped. They, too, had beer bottles in their hands and were drinking. Seeing them, Rakesh left Smita and went straight to them. Then he introduced them as Rajveer, Rahul and Kunal. They were elder cousins of Rakesh, who came from Haryana. They joined us.

Ranjan stepped aside, and I slowly put my feet on the ground. Then all the guys started drinking beer and left Smita and me alone. I went to Smita, and we started chatting. 10 minutes had only passed, and I felt a stream of hot water on my head.

Turning around, I saw Deepak standing on the rock and peeing over me. I turned and shouted, “Ye kya kar raha hai, madarchod?” (What the fuck are you doing, motherfucker?) I saw Smita opening her mouth. Now Deepak changed his direction and was peeing on Smita.

I asked Smita, “Tu ye sab kya kar rahi hai?” (What are you doing?) She drank the piss and said, “Maza aata hai, tu bhi kar ke dekh.” (It is fun. You should try it.) Hearing me shout and call Deepak motherfucker, all the guys came.

Then Rajveer grabbed me by the neck and said, “Saali randi zyada muh mat chala.” (Bitch whore, don’t talk too much.) Then all the guys circled Smita and me and started peeing. Smita was enjoying all this. Watching her enjoy and having no other option, I, too, opened my mouth.

All the guys started peeing on me as they saw me opening my mouth. Someone was peeing over my head, on my face, and everywhere. I was completely drenched in piss. Now Smita started licking my body and grabbed a glass. All the piss started collecting in the glass.

She started pouring it in my mouth and her mouth as well and then kissed me. I had to drink all the piss. Then she asked me, “Maza aaya?” (Did you enjoy it?) After thinking for a while, I, too, enjoyed this. Soon after that, Rajveer came to me. I grabbed his dick and started sucking it.

I called other guys and said, “Saalon Randi kise kehte hai ab main batati hun.” (I will show you bastards what is a whore.) I started sucking their dicks Rajveer’s dick was thick compared to these guys. I was almost choking on his dick. Soon, his dick was rock hard. He grabbed me.

I bent and said to him, “Ab meri gaand maar.” (Now fuck my ass.) I slowly put saliva on my ass. Rajveer came from behind. He put his dick on my ass crack and slapped my ass with his dick. Then with a hard push, slid his dick inside my ass.

I sighed and said, “Ek tu hi mard hai in sab kutton ke beech.” (You’re the only man here among these dogs.) Hearing this, Kunal slapped me hard and started mouth fucking me with full force. My face was red, and Rajveer kept fucking and slapping my ass.

He said, “Kya mast randi hai re tu!” (What an awesome whore you are!). Soon Kunal cum in my mouth, and I drank all of it. Now Rajveer picked me up and laid down and called Rahul over. Rahul came front and slid his dick right into my pussy. His dick was long but not thick as Rajveer’s.

As he slammed hard into my pussy I could feel his dick was long. They both continued to fuck me in this position for 10 minutes. I cum on Rahul’s dick, and then he took out his dick and slowly placed it on my ass. He started to push but couldn’t. I said, “Bas nikal gaya dum?” (Is that all you got?)

Hearing this, he gave a hard push, and his dick slid right in. I let out a loud moan. They both were fucking my ass like crazy dogs fucking a bitch. I kept moaning, “Yes, fuck me harder. Make me your bitch.” Rakesh came from above and placed his dick near my mouth.

I immediately opened my mouth, and he slid his dick right in. He grabbed my head and was enjoying fucking my mouth. They continued fucking me like this for some time, and Ranjan came and started rubbing my clitoris with his hand and fingering my pussy.

I was getting aroused by the intense fucking. I was enjoying everything at that point, and once again, I cum. My love juices flowed all over. Soon, all the guys also reached an orgasm. They all took their dicks out of my ass and mouth and unloaded all over my face, boobs, and belly.

Rajveer then grabbed his phone and clicked my picture. He also posed for the picture wanting more of this. I lifted my head to see Smita enjoying her fuck with Kunal, Nilesh and Deepak. I wanted to go there but couldn’t stand. I was about to fall when Rajveer lifted and took me near her.

Nilesh was fucking Smita’s ass while she was lying on top of Deepak. Ranjan came from behind. He grabbed my ass with his hands and started stretching it. I said, “Dekh kya raha hai kutte? Marni hai toh maar le.” (What are you looking at, dog? Fuck it if you want to.)

Kunal lay down and said to sit on his dick. His dick slid right into my pussy. Ranjan and Manish came to support me. I grabbed their dicks and started sucking them. They both fondled my boobs and rubbed my nipples. I was moaning and sucking their dicks one by one.

By this time, Nilesh and Deepak, too, had cum. Smita was watching. I was enjoying this feeling of ecstasy. I told all the guys to fondle my body. Then I told Rakesh to film the entire scene and put it on the internet. He was so shocked that he quickly grabbed his phone.

Smita grabbed the wine bottles, and Rakesh handed his phone to Rajveer. Now Smita was pouring wine over my head. All the guys started grabbing my boobs and biting and sucking my nipples. Rajveer, too, was busy making the video from every angle.

Rakesh was trying to kiss me. But I pushed him away and said, “Kutte face aane de video mein. Main chahti hun ki duniya dekhe ki randi ki asli chudai kise kehte hai.” (You dog, let my face be clearly seen in the video so that the world knows how to properly fuck a whore.)

I was enjoying the moment so much that I cum once again. Kunal kept on fucking my pussy. Smita was also enjoying this. I was completely drenched in wine. They continued to do this for another 5 minutes. Kunal soon reached orgasm and cum inside my pussy.

I could feel his hot cum dripping from my pussy. I then told them to ejaculate all over me and cover my entire body in their cum. They all started to stroke their dicks trying to ejaculate.

I kept on shouting at them, “Salon kutton, tum kisi kaam ke nahi ho. Tum sabse badhiya toh Rajveer hai jisne mere andar chupi chudakkad randi ko jagaya hai. Kutton chullu bhar pani mein doob maro. Tumhare pas kuch nahi bacha hai, salon tum sab ke sab namard ho ja ke apni amma ki gaand maro.”

Soon Rakesh reached an orgasm and cum on my face. Soon all the guys cum all over my body, hair, face and boobs. I was already covered in their cum. Then I said to Rajveer to stop recording and click a picture. Smita got by my side, and all guys stood beside us.

We all were standing naked, and I was completely drenched in their cum. Soon the guys left us and went towards the waterfall. Only Rajveer and Smita were left with me. I asked Smita to bring some ice from the crate and place it on my ass crack to relieve the pain.

Smita came to me and said, “Tu toh mujhe bhi piche chod degi.” Rajveer also came beside me and sat next to me. We had a little chat, and then I said to Smita in her ear, “Iska lund sabse mast hai tu bhi try kar.” Smita immediately slid her hand inside his shorts and grabbed Rajveer’s dick.

Smita got on her knees and slid his shorts down. She immediately started sucking his dick. Within 5 minutes, his dick was hard as an iron rod. Rajveer picked Smita up and lowered her. As his dick slid into her pussy, Smita let out a moan. Rajveer kept on fucking her. Smita was also enjoying it.

Rajveer started fondling my boobs and started kissing me. I, too, started kissing him. Then I slowly started rubbing my pussy. I, too, was getting aroused, and my pussy was wet. Then I lay down on the ground. Rajveer ran inside and grabbed 2 pillows from the tent.

He placed them under my hip and slowly slid his dick inside my pussy. I said to Smita to come to sit on my face. I started licking her pussy while Rajveer started kissing her. He kept on fucking me in that position. Smita was going violent while kissing him.

I was licking her pussy, and she was moaning. I kept on licking her pussy and started fingering her. After sucking and fingering her for about 10 minutes, she was shaking and cum all over my face. Rajveer grabbed her from falling and kissed her very passionately.

I wrapped my legs around Rajveer’s waist, and he started giving strong thrusts. Soon he reached orgasm. As he was about to cum I pushed him away and told cum in my mouth. He unloaded all his cum in my mouth, and then I pulled Smita near me and started kissing her.

She understood what I was thinking. She started kissing me passionately. Our tongues were dancing, and the entire was mixed with our saliva. We both kissed each other for another minute. Then we both drank the cum and started smiling. Rajveer was enjoying watching me and Smita kiss each others.

He said, “Tum dono hi ek number ki chudakkad randiyan ho.” (You both are the most slutty whores.) Then I said, “Ab bas bohut hua ye jungle me mangal. Kisi theek thaak hotel ya resort mein le ke chalo,” (Enough with this wilderness nonsense, take us to a good hotel or resort).

We packed our bags. Smita and I wore the sexiest short see-through dresses and immediately left for a jungle resort nearby. Within 40 minutes, we reached the resort in Rajveer’s car. As the guard came to open the door, we immediately stepped out of the car in high heels.

As we walked towards the reception, all the people’s eyes in the lobby were fixed on us. Our dresses were so see-through that even our panties and bras were visible. Rajveer was holding both of us in his arms. We walked towards the reception desk.

The concierge’s mouth was wide open in disbelief to see such hot and sexy girls in his resort. Rajveer asked for a room, and he said there were no rooms available. Then I took off my coat and put it on the desk.

I lowered my goggles and said, pleading, “Puri raat ki thakan mitani hai. Aur aapke pas ek room bhi nahi hai?” As I took off my coat, everybody’s mouth was wide open. Everything was visible under the dress. I intentionally wore a different color bra and thong.

He immediately said, “I will arrange something quickly.” As he said this, I flicked my hair, and hair came on my face. I stepped away from the desk so he could see my entire figure. I slowly slid down my thong, put it in my hair like a bun, and gave him a wink.

Everybody present there was watching me, and then he said, “We have a presidential suite available.” As he slid the keys, I touched his hand and gave him a wink and a flying kiss. I walked away even as the waiters tried to snatch our luggage and bring it to our suite.

Watching me doing this, Smita took off her coat and threw it. The waiter immediately dived to catch it. We went towards the room. On the way, there was the resort’s restaurant. Everyone present there was watching us. We both were enjoying the attention.

As we reached the suite, there were 3 rooms. I immediately fell on the bed, and as the bell rang, Rajveer went to open the door. I immediately pulled Smita near me and started kissing her passionately. She was surprised to see my new sexy avatar. I said, “Aa kuch masti karte hai.”

3 waiters came inside. Two were holding our bags and one was grabbing Smita’s coat. I slowly slid her panties down as they came inside and lifted her dress to show off her ass and wet pussy. They kept staring at us while trying to hide their erections.

We suddenly stopped, started staring at them, and asked, “Anything else?” They immediately came to their senses and left quickly. We both started laughing. Rajveer said, “Tum ladkiyan pagal ho kya?” (Are you girls mad or what?) We lay there for a while. Then went to take a bath and clean up ourselves.

I looked at the clock. It was 4:25 PM. As we came outside, the doorbell rang. This time I decided to have some fun. I looked through the door and saw a manager-type person and a waiter with a champagne bottle and 2 flutes. I immediately opened my bathrobe and the door as if in a hurry.

The manager said, “Compliments of the house.” I moved aside, directing them to come inside. They both came inside and saw Smita completely naked, lying face down on the bed. The lust on the manager’s face was visible. I said, “Thank you.”

As they went away, Smita immediately turned, and we both enjoyed teasing them. Soon we got dressed up. I wore a backless dress with only 2 straps coming around from my neck. It almost covered my boobs.

Smita wore a backless dress and intentionally did not put on our panties. So we both looked very sexy and fuckable. Then I asked Rajveer what the other guys were doing. He said they were also coming.

I asked Smita in a very serious tone, “Kya bolti hai? Isi raste pe aage chalen? Kyunki iske bad koi wapsi nahi ho payegi.” (What do you think? Should we go down this road? There will be no turning back from it.) Smita said, “Tu meri chinta chod apni bata.” (Don’t worry about me.)

I said, “Let us go to the restaurant and tease everybody there.” Rajveer was taking a bath. Before going out, Smita lifted our dresses to show off our asses. Then we went to the restaurant. Around 15-20 people ate at the restaurant, and around 5-6 people served them.

We sat at a table where everybody could watch us. We looked around. Everybody’s eyes were fixed on us. Even the married men coming with their families could not take their eyes off of us. Soon the manager came to take orders. We ordered wine and some ice cream.

By the time the item reached us, Rajveer had also come to the restaurant. I immediately lifted my dress to show off my ass to everybody. I hugged Rajveer and passionately kissed him. Then Rajveer sat, and I sat on his lap. I put some ice cream on my neck and told him to lick it.

Everybody was watching us, and we were enjoying each other. Then the manager approached us and asked if someone was waiting for us. I understood what was going on and immediately agreed to meet them. So we went with him to see who was waiting for us.

After crossing the lobby, we went to another wing. The office was well decorated, and the manager opened the door, and we got in. We saw a young boy around 22-23 years old with a not-very muscular body. But he looked affluent and was talking on the phone about some business deal gone wrong.

He showed us the way to sit, and we all sat on the couch. After finishing the phone call, he asked, “Would you all like to have a drink?” I said, “Sure, why not?” Then he told us his name, “Hi, my name is Vivek. This resort, along with other hotels, belongs to my family.”

I then understood what other paintings at the office were for. There were almost 13-14 photos of hotels. I understood who he was, and then I winked at Smita, calling her near me.

As she sat beside me, I said to her, “Mujhe ye ladka bohut pasand aa raha hai. Plus ye Rakesh or Rajveer in sabse bohut rich hai, tu kya bolti hai?” (I like this guy. He is richer than these guys. What do you think?) She winked at me to go ahead.

Vivek opened the liquor cabinet in front of us. It was huge, and I could see so many liquor bottles. He took out a bottle and poured us all drinks. He asked, “Water or ice?” I said, “Neither.” He brought us the drinks. I gulped it in one go.

He laughed, poured another drink for me, and asked, “Aap log pehli baar aaye hai yahan?” (Is this your first time visiting here?) Smita said, “Yes, this is our first time.”

We both parted our legs showing him our wet pussies, and asked, “Kya hum yahan kuch din aaram kar sakte hain?” (Can we rest here for a few days?) He said, “Sure, why not? Consider this as your place.” I got up, went up to him, bent down, kissed him, and said, “Thank you so much for your hospitality.”

I asked if the pool was open or not. He immediately called the manager and said, “These are our special guests. Give them whatever they want.” Smita also got up, and I said, “Let’s go to the pool.” I also asked Vivek to come along.

Smita and I went straight to our suite and changed into bikinis. Then went towards the pool area and started to swim and play at the pool. Within 10 minutes, Rajveer and Vivek came just in shorts. Smita and I came to the pool’s edge to show off our assets.

The look in Vivek’s eyes was enough to tell me that he was hooked.

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