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Sexual Journey Of Cheated Tamil Woman – Part 3

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Thanks for your comments. please read my previous stories to get a clear idea of this part. Year 2012 The next day morning, I took a bath in the morning before serving breakfast to the housemates. I

Thanks for your comments. please read my previous stories to get a clear idea of this part.

Year 2012

The next day morning, I took a bath in the morning before serving breakfast to the housemates. I was in a brown saree, matching blouse black petticoat, and black pair of bra and panty. They rushed to their work and helped one by one and served food to them. Once everyone went to work, I called Ram uncle to take a bath and come for breakfast.

We ate breakfast and I told him to close the door and come. I put a mat and pillow on the floor and sat. I was double-minded and thinking about what was going to happen to me, but my breasts were somewhat paining.

As usual, he came to the room. I was lying on the mat and adjusted my pillow. Then I placed his pillow near my left breast and saw him. He nodded and lay on his pillow. I covered his head with my saree’s pallu and started to remove a few hooks in the blouse. He could see my actions inside the saree.

I had fed him many times but that day, my heart was beating again and again. Till then, he was some distance away from me.

I took my left breast out from the black bra. He rushed and took it in his mouth.

Me: Mama, do it slowly.

He did not say a single word and started sucking boobs very fast. I tried to become much closer to him and started to roam my hand over his head and back. And in return, his hand roamed from my hip to the entire back. Sometimes, he was putting his hand on my buttocks also.

Then he started to increase the speed of sucking and pressing my buttocks and the pace of my breathing changed.

Yes, I couldn’t control anything that happened there. I was about to orgasm, but he suddenly stopped. Without saying anything, he lifted my saree near my knees and completely removed my panty.

Suddenly, he started to lick my pussy. After 2 years, my pussy was touched by his mouth. I was in heaven, and moaning, “Uncle” and “Uncle.” He could clearly hear my voice.

Without seeing me, he focused on his pussy licking. Then I removed all the hooks of the blouse and completely took my bra out, slowly screwing my nipples like how Ram uncle sucked. He saw my actions. And again, I was about to cum, but he suddenly stopped licking. Then he started to remove my dress. He took my saree from the petticoat and removed my saree’s pallu from my breast. I helped him to remove my petticoat knot and made me nude.

Uncle stood in front of me.

Ram: Jaya, close your eyes. Just think about what I am doing to you now.

I nodded and closed my eyes. Ram uncle started to kiss me from my feet to my forehead, but very slowly. I didn’t know why he was doing so slowly. First on my feet, then both of my ties, and then moved above my pussy, where small hair grew. After reaching my navel, he planted a kiss for around one minute. I enjoyed his small actions and closed my eyes. Now I was feeling my half of the body occupied by him, yes he came over to me.

Then he reached my cleavage and planted a few kisses there. My nipples were waiting for his kisses, but he reached to my neck and kissed there. I was eagerly waiting for a kiss on my lips, but he kissed my forehead directly.

I was upset because no kisses on my pussy, both of my nipples, and my light rose lips. Suddenly, I felt lonely. He didn’t touch anywhere on my body. I opened my eyes and searched for him. He was shaking his penis near my feet.

Wow, such a huge penis!

I tried to get up, but he told me to lie down. I obeyed him and closed my eyes again. He widened my legs and now I understood that he was going to focus only on my pussy. Ram uncle rubbed my pussy with his hands and took my legs within his hands. I was fully locked by him. I thought he was going to fuck, but he started to kiss on pussy. His 2 fingers opened my pussy, so his tongue could go inside of my pussy.

His other hand cared for my nipples. I was near to orgasm, now dragging him towards my nipples. Then he reached near my nipples. He bit my nipples and started licking all over my boobs. Whenever he bit, I hugged him so tightly.

Finally, we kissed lip to lip and my boobs were pressed by his hands. But his penis was searching for something over my body. I knew what it needed, but as of now I caught it and shook front and back. I had never touched such a hard and huge penis ever. Ram uncle enjoyed it and slowly went to pussy and started to lick now. I could not control my orgasm now and I cummed. My juices fully fell over his lips and he drank everything.

I reached my limit, but he had not reached it. Now I was seeing his hard penis. He was preparing his penis. I was eagerly watching what he was doing right now. Then he saw me and told me.

Ram: Jaya, close your eyes and sleep.

Now I obeyed his words and closed my eyes, feeling what he was doing. He kissed my pussy, then moved his finger from bottom to top and vice versa. I adjusted my legs and started moving his penis up and down. Suddenly he pushed his penis inside.

Since I had reached the orgasm just now, it went easily inside. Ram uncle slowly started to fuck me. Some good feeling was there and I was in heaven. I was fully moaning and enjoying the sex.

After around 15 minutes of fucking, he increased his speed. I didn’t know how he was controlling his stamina for more than 15 minutes of hardcore sex at this age. I felt some heat inside of my body. But suddenly, I experienced my second orgasm.

I was moaning and hugged Ram uncle so tightly. But uncle fucked me without stopping even for a second. He held my legs so tight and was fucking me very fast. Soon, he reached his orgasm.

Oh my God! How this guy had this much stamina with him? I hugged him so tightly. His full body was now touching me, still his penis inside my pussy.

After 2 minutes, Ram uncle was laying beside me. But I needed him to stay on top of me for another few minutes. I hugged him and put my right leg over him. My hands cared for his head and his head was at my cleavage of boobs.

Ram uncle started to sleep. I checked the time. It was at 12:30 pm. We had started around 10:00 am. I was thinking about my boyfriend who left me. I was getting sad and I did not know when I slept.

Around 1:15 pm, one of my housemates called over the phone to check whether I had lunch or not. I replied to him that I was sleeping and I needed to eat and cut the call.

Still, we were in the same posture, but my left boob was on his mouth. Slowly, I pushed him out and let him sleep. I sat on the mat and checked my clothes. He was lying on my saree. I put a petticoat over my boobs and came to my room.

I checked every part of my body in the mirror. My breasts were having a few of his bite marks and my pussy was still oozing a few drops of his sperm.

I took a bath and wore some flower nighty. I again went to that room. He was still sleeping. His penis had become small. I sat on the mat and touched it. No reactions came from him. I shook that and it started to become big.

Me: Uncle, get up.

Ram: 10 minutes.

Me: Get up uncle, go have a bath and come. We will take lunch, it is already 1:45 pm.

He did not say a single word and I gave him a towel. Then he went to the bathroom. He did not have my eye contact. He was too shy to see me on eye contact. I smiled thinking about that shyness. I cleaned that room before he came. Then I saw how my saree collapsed on the mat. We ate lunch together.

While we were eating, he needed salt. So I went to the kitchen to take that. When I returned, he saw my body inside nighty. I think he was ogling at my buttocks.

Usually, I don’t wear a nighty when everyone is at home. Since my figure is quite big, I give an imaginary look to the people. So I told him.

Me: Uncle..

Ram: Yes, Jaya.

Me: Now, go and sleep. Do not tell these things to anyone. Whenever you need I will allow you to do it safely. And whenever I don’t want to, let me stay free. Ok?

Ram: Ok Jaya.

Me: Go.

He went and now I was eager for him to come and do it again. I was feeling good today. It was enough right now. Nothing was in my mind. I don’t know what others think if they see him as like him, but I enjoyed this.

Then I went to bed and slept. I will tell you what happened further until that share your comments at [email protected]