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Fantasy Becomes Reality – Part 3 (Drama For Fucking Sister)

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This is a fictional story. All the characters are above 19. In the previous story, we saw how the son fulfilled his fantasy of having oral sex with his mom and sharing his interest towards his sister

This is a fictional story. All the characters are above 19.

In the previous story, we saw how the son fulfilled his fantasy of having oral sex with his mom and sharing his interest towards his sister. Then he ends up telling a marriage proposal.

The story continues.

Only one day was left. My dad and sister would join us anytime. Thinking about this, my beautiful milf mom and I were having sex everywhere in our home. She became my slut already.

Her gag reflex was completely vanquished. Now she could give ten blowjobs at a time. I mercilessly squeezed her boobs, and they got bigger than ever.

We both were almost naked for the next two days. Now she liked to sit on my face anytime. She would give me a blowjob whenever I want. We both brushed once, peed once, pooed once, bathed once, ate once and we were one.

Our main door was locked and I was sitting on the sofa watching cricket. On my lap sat my sex queen – my mom. I placed my left hand on her left boob from her back and started squeezing it. She put her hands over my head and kissed me passionately. Saliva dripped from over mouths. Who cares?

I put my right hand on her neck and pulled her towards my lips. We kissed roughly while she dug holes with her nails on my back. And I was squeezing her boobs mercilessly. We both broke the kiss and started staring into eyes of each other. We held each other’s heads tightly.

Then I put my hands on her neck under her hair and she put her hands in my hair. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back and bit her neck.

Mom: It is time, son. Your dad and sister might come anytime.

Me: Let them come so that I can fuck your daughter and you both at a time.

Mom: Do not speak like that son, she is your only sister.

Me (kissing her on the cheek): That is why I am fucking interested in her. She is your daughter first, then my sister.

Me: She came from your vagina. And you know better than anyone else. In this world, if there is only one person who cares about your vagina is no one other than me.

Me: You allowed me to drink your cum from it. Why in the hell you do not allow me to fuck your daughter who came from the same place?

Mom: Isn’t it illogical what you told me just now?

Me: Whatever humans do not like, is illogical to them. Why can’t she have sex with me while you can have it?

Mom: I do not know. I like you, I love you, I care for you. And I care about your sister as well.

Me: I love you too, mom. Even I care for her. She is my sister. Don’t you think she wants to have sex?

Me: It is our prime age to have some. And I have a strong feeling that she also wants to have sex with someone. So, why doesn’t that someone can be me?

Mom: I do not know, whatever I say first, later on, I end up giving up on it.

Me: You won’t give up on me. I know that.

Mom: Oh really, how do you know it?

Me: Because I am your son. I love you more than anything. You are my bitch, my only bitch. My only sex queen.

Mom: That I know. But how you are going to convince your sister about it?

Me: I will think about it later. Now, let me enjoy you.

With that, I and mom again started kissing, hugging, and caring for each other. She always wanted to sit on my lap. She would never leave it for a second. And I enjoyed it a lot.

Then I pulled her toward me tightly holding her back. And every time her soft fluffy boobs touched my chest gave me a rock hard-on. I immediately asked her for a blowjob.

Me: Mom, can you blow me?

Mom: Seriously, now?

Me: Yeah, please.

Mom: Ok. Anything for you, babe.

With that, she bent down and I stood up. I stripped my pants off. My bitch knelt before me, kissing her way up my inner thighs giving me no time to appreciate the always glorious moment.

Me (in my mind): Oh my God! This gorgeous woman is going to suck my dick again.

My milf mom became an exceptional bitch in giving blowjobs. She took all my cock in. My dick was in my mommy’s throat, saliva dripping out of her mouth, and eyes got watered. Still, she was not stopping.

She went up. I sat on the sofa and locked her around her waist with my legs. I started thrusting her throat and she was giving me the ultimate pleasure. I then put my hands on her head and pinned her down to my cock. The cock went deep into my mom’s mouth. I was in that position for a while and my mom bitch was not even giving flinch.

Suddenly, she patted me on the thighs, not because I came, but because of the sound of the doorbell. Yes, my father and sister were right behind the door trying to get in if someone opens the door.

Now I could not let my mom go. No man would do it for sure. And she knew it well. She then suddenly popped my cock out and said-

Mom: Son, do it quickly. They are here.

She stated sucking my dick very hard. The way she thumped my cock with jet speed gave my balls an unstoppable satisfaction and got tighter.

Within no time, I came in her throat, she took everything and popped my dick out. And a part of my semen fell on the ground. Then she bent down and licked it with her tongue.

While cleaning her face, she went to open the door and I stopped her holding her waist. And I pulled her onto my lap. Then I locked her with my hands and kissed her on the neck.

Mom: Son, they are here. Leave me.

Me: I will. But do not forget, dad should not lay hand on you. You are mine (I hugged her tightly). You are only mine. It is your responsibility to be safe. He should not touch my wife. Is it clear?

Mom (she did not know what to do): I will try. Leave me.

Then she opened the door and my dad was very much angry about it.

Dad: What is wrong with you, guys? Where were you all this time?

Me: I was in the bathroom dad, mom was having my ice cream and she put headset for listening to music. So we did not make it in time. Sorry, dad.

My dad ignored it and went inside. And my other wife came in and hugged my mom.

Sister: Mommy, I missed you so much. I wished you were there.

Me: Mom was busy with her work kiddo. Didn’t you miss me?

Sister: Oh yes my brother, that I did for the past seven years.

And she hugged me. Although my sister’s boobs did not comfy me as my mother, they were okay. Her hair held loose as always. I hugged her very tightly and looked at my mom. She was confused that she was not understanding what was going on.

It was dinner time and we all had our dinner. After dinner, everyone went to their respective rooms to sleep. My mom was washing the dishes. Then I went to the kitchen and hugged her from the back. I kissed her on the ear and told

Me: Come to my room in the night, bitch.

Mom: Leave me, son, if anyone sees us that’s it.

Me: Ok. Come soon.

She went to her bedroom and I went to mine. All the lights were off. It was midnight and she was still not coming. I got something fishy and went to check.

My parent’s room was locked. Then I put my ear on the door. My instincts were right. My dad was fucking his wife, who is my wife now. I was so angry and went from there thinking how my dad was fucking his wife. Then I slept thinking about them.

I slept on the sofa where she gave me a blowjob yesterday night. Then I woke up with the voice of the woman I loved, my mom. I opened my eyes and saw my mom. She just took bath and her towel was wrapped over her head as every woman does after a bath. She was in a green saree and wearing a pink blouse. Then I said-

Me: I am leaving for the hostel, bitch.

I already packed my bags in the night and waited to tell to my mom.

Then mom asked: What is wrong with you, son?

Me: Where is your husband?

Mom: He went to the office.

Me: What happened between you two in the night?

Mom: How, how do you know?

Me: I got to know somehow. I gave you a simple task that no one should touch you, which you failed to do so. You broke my trust. And I don’t want to live with you. So I am leaving.

And I started going out. She held my hand and started crying.

Me: Leave me, bitch.

Suddenly, I saw my sister standing far besides us and listening to us. Then she came near us and asked mom –

Sister: Mom, what is happening?

Sister: What did you do to her, brother?

Me: You want to hear it out?

Sister: Yes, I do.

Me: I will show you instead.

I held my sister’s hand and took her to the sofa and I made her sit on it.

Me: Whatever happens, do not shout and speak until I finish.

And then I went near my mom. I pulled the towel over her head and threw it away. The water droplets ran down her neck and breast, magnifying her beauty.

I pulled her onto me and started licking the water droplets on her neck. I held her by the waist and pinched her belly hard for which she moaned, “Aaahh..”

Now my sister went into shock. It took her a couple of minutes to gain her senses and then she spoke loudly –

Sister: What the fuck?!

Me: Told you before, be silent and speak in the end.

My mom was not able to do anything. She did not know how to react now. So she stood silent while I was doing my work. Then I held my mom tight and continued licking her neck while fondling her tits over her saree.

I pulled down my pants and revealed my huge big black cock to my sister and mother. My mother knew it well, but my sister didn’t.

I then removed her pallu. I tore the pink blouse open aggressively. Her tits popped out. Looking at those tits, my sister went into a dilemma. I kissed, licked, and sucked those boobs in front of my sister over which my mom stood silent. I bit her tits where I made red marks on the white skin.

Then I removed my mom’s saree and petticoat too. My sister saw with intriguing eyes. I turned my mom and pushed her toward the wall. I then pinned her toward the wall directly staring into my sister’s eyes.

Me: Look what I am going to do to our mom.

Then I grabbed her by the waist. I pulled my mom close and bend her down, with her ass pointing at me. I held the hips and inserted my dick from behind.

I slowly went near her navel to her breast with my hands while I fuck her from behind. I pinched my mom’s erect nipples.

My sister was not in this world right now. She was not understanding what the fuck was going on. Then she dropped her jaw and looked at us passionately.

I moved my hip back and forth, pulling my dick in and out of her. And I grabbed my mom’s hair and pulled her back very hard. Then I pulled her hair and thrust my dick deep inside her pussy for which she moaned, “Aaaahhhhhhh.”

My mom was moaning loudly in front of my sister. Automatically my sister put her hand on her pussy.

After a few very good rounds of thrusts, I came. I pulled my cock out and ordered my mom to clean it. She put my cock in her mouth and cleaned it freshly.

Looking at this visual, my sister got dumbfounded, her jaws  dropped in awe, and she completely went into shock. I kissed my mom on the lips while looking directly into my sister’s eyes.

Me: Now, listen carefully my dear sister. I want to fuck you also. I will only come to the home if it happens. Or else, forget me.

My mom stood silent and watched us.

Me: I love you, mom. Please convince her. I know you’ll call me after it, I’ll be waiting for your call. (And I went out kissing my mom on her lips.)

This was all my plan. And I knew this would work definitely – telling my mom not to indulge in sex with his husband, intentionally messaging my sister to come out of the room to hear our conversation, and doing all this drama just to have a threesome with my mom and sister.

Now I love them both, my mom and my sister.

It was been 27 days now. I did not get any call till now. On the 28th day, it was a Tuesday again and I got a call from the woman I loved, not before, but after my sister. I answered the call and spoke –

Me: Hello.

Sister: Hello, bro. What’s up?

Me: Nothing much. How is it going?

Sister: Very well. I want to talk about that thing.

Me: What thing?

Sister: Actually, you do not need to do that much drama. If you would have asked me before itself, I would have told ok to it. Fuck, all the drama, all the fun part, everything gone waste.

Me: I knew it before, but women don’t open up first, right? So I had to make a move.

Sister: Yeah, I know. Mom told me about it. And she told me many things about you.

Me: How is she?

Sister: She is doing good. But she is angry at you for leaving her again. She doesn’t want to speak to you.

Me: Ok, put the phone on speaker my love.

Sister: It is on speaker, my dear brother.

Me: I am sorry, mom. I do. I shouldn’t have done this. But I had to do it. You know it better than anyone.

Me: I am coming home, mom. Please accept my apology.

Mom: You bloody bastard! Come home quickly. I want to sit on your face. I will kill you, bastard.

Me: Only you have the right to do anything to me, mom. I am coming home.

Sister: And we have a surprise, brother.

Me: And may I know what is it?

Sister: Mom did not let even dad touch her in these 28 days. You are so lucky. And we both are ready to marry you.

Me: What the fuck did you say?

Mom: Yes, she is true. Now you can fuck us both at a time.

Sister: I barely want to feel your cock in my cunt bastard brother. Come soon.

Me: I will teach both of you bitches a lesson once I get there.

Mom: Come bastard. We will see.

Me: I will be home in 4 hours. I am coming.

Me: I will marry you both and fuck then and there itself.

Then I hung up the call and went to my home again.

To be continue.

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