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Grandpa’s Sexual Supremacy – Part 7

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The rest of the day passed by without much action. I had lots of packing and had to reach the airport by 4 in the afternoon. Dad, Mom and Grandpa were supposed to drop me off.

The rest of the day passed by without much action. I had lots of packing and had to reach the airport by 4 in the afternoon. Dad, Mom and Grandpa were supposed to drop me off.

I was sad that I did not get to fuck my Aunt. I had made Mom promise that she would visit my hostel with Aunt so I could have fun with her. But I still wanted to fuck her at least once before I went.

Right around the time when we were loading my bags at the bag of SUV, dad received a call, and he had to go to work urgently. My happiness knew no bounds. I acted sad for a second.

I looked at my Aunt and said:

Me: Aunt, why don’t you come to drop me off? Now there is more space in the car. I would feel sad if only mom and grandpa were at the airport.

Mom and Grandpa understood my intentions and told her to join as well. Even Aunt joined happily, as she always liked me. However, she did not know what was waiting for her.

I even asked Uncle to join. Hearing that, mom seemed a little surprised, but grandpa just grinned. He knew exactly what I wanted to do. Even Uncle agreed to come.

The plan was for Uncle to drive and Grandpa to sit beside him while me, Aunt, and mom sat at the backside. I bid goodbye to dad, and we got on the road.

I was sitting in the middle with Aunt Naina and my mom to my right. I kept on ogling at my Aunt’s boob. Mom gave me little knowing pinches and smiled at me.

Even though I knew everything, I hesitated a little to make a move with my Uncle in the car and also with my Aunt, unknown about everything. Grandpa realized my hesitation.

Grandpa: Son, in life, you take what you want. You cannot wait for others to give it to you.

I understood exactly what he meant. He did not have to tell me twice. I made my move. I placed my right hand on her right boob, my right leg locked her right leg and put my lips on her.

I was on top of her and forcing all my body onto her. She was not allowing me to kiss her and moved her face around and started making noise.

Aunt: What the fuck are you doing? Have you gone crazy?

Even Uncle realized what was going on in the backseat.

Uncle: What is happening here?

Grandpa: Shut the fuck up and drive.

Uncle immediately shut up and kept on driving. That was all the support I needed.

Me: Aunty, I know everything about you, grandpa, and even Uncle. I even fucked my mom last night. I fucked her ass this morning and released a huge cum in her pussy.

Aunt looked at mom with a surprised face, only to see my mom smiling. When she realized everything I said was true, she stopped resisting. But still, she did not seem into it.

I went near her ear and whispered.

Me: Why don’t you feel my dick? It is young and as big as Grandpa. I will satisfy you properly. Are you worried your husband is here?

Aunt (laughingly): I would not care about this gay faggot husband of mine. He could never satisfy me. That is why I get fucked by his dad and now by his nephew. I am just a little surprised.

Me: I think it’s because you still have not felt my dick yet. Why don’t you give it a try?

I then returned to my seat and pulled down my jeans which I regretted wearing. Aunt knew what to do as she pulled my dick out of my boxers and started playing with it.

Aunt (looking at mom): Damn, your son’s dick is so big. I can see why you took him in the ass early morning. Even I would not be able to resist it.

Mom: If you like it that much, why don’t you put it in your mouth?

Me: You are the best mother in the world. Why don’t you join Aunt and suck my dick?

Both Aunt and mom bent over and started sucking my dick. I made mom suck the top while Aunt was sucking the bottom.

Without saying anything, Aunt started sucking my balls as well, and to my surprise, she even licked my ass hole a little.

Me: Damn, Aunt, you are licking my ass like a pro.

Aunt: I had experience sucking and fucking my gay husband on the ass once in a while when he made me happy.

Me (sarcastically): Damn, what an awesome couple you guys are.

Grandpa and Mom laughed at my comment. Grandpa had been watching our action from the front, and I could see that his dick had risen.

Me: Sorry, Grandpa, I am hogging all the fun here. You can come back and enjoy my mom if you want. I can’t give you Aunt right now, though.

Grandpa: It’s fine, son. You enjoy it for now. I will have three bitches to myself after I get home.

He was even counting Uncle as his bitch then I got an idea.

Me: Uncle, why don’t you play with grandpa’s dick while your wife sucks my cock.

Uncle: What are you talking about? Is this the way to talk with your elder?

Me: You don’t get to say anything to me, you gay fuck. Look how happy your wife looks, sucking my cock. Now start playing with grandpa’s cock. Or else we will stop the car in the nearest village, and I will get all the guys there to fuck your ass.

Uncle got scared hearing that. Grandpa seemed proud of how I was taking command. Mom and Aunt kept sucking my cock as if nothing was happening.

Grandpa: Let it be, son. I do not want this faggot to touch my dick anyway. Don’t worry about me, have fun.

I still felt bad about it. I sent mom to the front seat to pleasure grandpa so I could have the whole backseat. Mom was more than happy to oblige. She went to the front, took the dick out of grandpa’s pants, pulled her salwar down and sat on it.

She had already taken every inch of that monster into her pussy within a few seconds. Even after all this, I was still surprised at how much of a slut my mom was.

I made Aunt lay down on the seat in a missionary position.

Me: I can’t wait any longer, Aunt. I want to fuck you in front of your husband.

Aunt: Yes, please fuck me, even I want you to show my husband how a man fucks his bitch.

I did not need any more encouragement. I proceeded to insert her with all my might. She could take all my dick because she took grandpa’s cock regularly.

She was also wet, making it easy for me to fuck her. Her pussy was squeezing me like nothing else. I guess getting fucked in front husband by other guys gets her excited.

Even after fucking her for 15 minutes, I was nowhere near cumming. We were already near the airport. I was getting restless and started giving faster strokes. Aunt realized my thought and asked me to give long strokes and not worry about time.

Me: Even though I like your pussy. It is wet and squeezing my dick like nothing else. But I cannot cum, and we are almost at the airport.

Aunt: Don’t worry, I know what to do.

Saying that, she got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks. That was the best invitation. Her cave-like ass hole is right between two big valleys of her ass cheeks.

I got up and was about to insert when I got the craziest idea. I looked at Uncle, who was looking at mom fucking my dad. I then stood right beside the gearbox of the car in such a way that my dick would be right in Uncle’s face.

Me: I don’t think I have to tell you what to do. Get it ready to insert your wife’s asshole.

Uncle hesitated, but when I pushed it into his mouth, he opened it and took the tip in. After 2-3 seconds, I took it out and asked him to spit on it, which he did. Then again, I made him suck for a few seconds.

I did not want to get sucked by him but rather just humiliate him. I did not let him suck longer as I was scared I might lose my erection getting sucked by a guy. I then returned and inserted it into the ass waiting for me.

Me: How does it feel to get fucked by this huge dick lubricated by your husband’s mouth?

Aunt: It is the best feeling. No matter how many times I get fucked in the ass, it still stretches so much. It gives the feeling like it is the first time.

I then proceeded to fuck her in the ass. Mom and grandpa moaned loudly as they both came together. Mom came back after that. Even after fucking Aunt for 5 minutes, I did not feel like cumming.

So, I made mom lick my balls and ass hole while I fucked Aunt. The sensation of fucking while getting balls and ass licked was out of this world, and I came within a few minutes deep inside Aunt’s ass.

Me: Oh fuck! I am cumming.

Aunt: Yes cum deep in my ass. I can feel your cum flowing out. There’s so much of it.

Me: Yes, take it. Take all my cum, you slut. You got lucky because  I will cum in your pussy next time and make you pregnant with my baby.

Aunt: Please do that. I will be waiting for it. My womb has been barren for too long. I want a young dick to impregnate me.

Mom was surprised to hear that. Even grandpa seemed surprised, but I did not care.

After cumming I lay down satisfied and exhausted, with both my sluts at each side. I asked them to put on my clothes which they did with care while playing with my dick.

A few minutes after that, we reached the airport, and I had to go board. I said goodbyes to all. Uncle was having a hard time looking at me. I hugged him and said

Me: Thank you for marrying such a sexy bitch and not fucking her so grandpa and I can enjoy.

He did not know what to say, and I did not care.

I made mom and Aunt promise to visit me and then went in as it was already time. This was the end of my summer story. Now I am in the hostel and regularly have sex chats with mom, Aunt, and even maid sometimes.

I only visit prostitutes once in a while because after fucking your family, nothing else satisfies you much. This is it for this series.