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Pilot ended up fucking sisters friend – Part 2

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I hope you’ve read my previous story. Let me brief it for you anyways. I’m a pilot with a major airline.

I hope you’ve read my previous story. Let me brief it for you anyways. I’m a pilot with a major airline.

This story is about the time when I went to visit my sister at her university and ended up fucking one of her friends. The previous story ended with Zoya having an orgasm after I finger-fucked her.

Zoya was tired. Her body just submitted to me, roughly fingering her small tight pussy. I knew my cock would be too big for her. My dick is of decent length but has an incredible girth. I’ve had girls beg me to slow down because of the girth.

I knew Zoya’s tiny pussy would never be able to keep up with my deep strokes. Zoya had an intense orgasm. She screamed so loud I was scared her roommates would come knocking. But they didn’t.

“Babe, I have cum,” is all she could manage to say in a weak voice. I moved up and bent over to kiss her. She kissed me back but was slow. Her arms were on my shoulder. I picked her up and hugged her tight. I knew she was tired, but my dick was hard as a rock.

Zoya asked me if I could fulfill one of her fetishes, and I said what is it. “I want to see you jerk off. I want you to sit in front of me and jerk off to anything you like. Watch porn, watch me or imagine anything. I’ll do whatever you want, but just please yourself.”

My ex used to make me do this, and it made me incredibly horny. I agreed and pulled out my dick. Zoya made a sound with her lips while licking them. She knew how to tease me. I asked her to spit on my dick, and she did.

I stood right in front of her, a couple of inches away from her face, towering over her. My dick was pointing at her. She said I couldn’t touch her till I cum. I stood there and asked her to breathe hard, so much that I could feel it on my dick. She did.

I started jerking off. I was looking at Zoya, who didn’t take her eyes off my dick for a moment. Looking at her made me horny. I imagined the ways in which I’d make her tiny pussy stretch out.

Her little tits looked even smaller from that angle.  I kept stroking my dick hard and fast. I wanted to cum, cum right on her face. A few minutes passed, and Zoya started talking dirty.

She said, “Daddy, that dick looks delicious, daddy. That dick is so good it deserves to be buried in my pussy, daddy. After this, I want you to put that dick in me. And when you do that, I want you to not stop till I ask you to. Is that ok, daddy?”

The way she said daddy made me closer to orgasm. I knew I was cumming soon and told her to open her mouth.

She started smiling and saying, “Yeah, yeah, daddy cum for me, daddy. Yeah, daddy cum all over this face. Soak me up, daddy, do it all over my face. Cum for me, daddy cum for me. Yeah, daddy, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

And every time she said ‘daddy.’ I fucking was losing it. And just about when I was about to cum Zoya did the unthinkable. She opened her mouth wide and gulped my dick. She pushed my hand away and took my dick inside in a second.

Her warm mouth, the saliva of it and her tongue on the lower skin of my dick felt nothing less than heaven. Before I could realize Zoya was being deep-throated by me. My dick loved this. And I fucked her mouth hard.

I was so close to orgasm. My dick was ramming her mouth. I held her hair and moved her face in and out. I could hear her breath. I knew I was rough. I slowed down, but Zoya didn’t. She slurped my dick. She moved down to my balls and fucking worshipped them.

She kept looking up, and I loved her big deep eyes staring at me. Her tongue was making twirls at my head. I loved the intensity. A few moments later, she stopped and looked up. She started stroking my dick while looking at me.

Her eyes and the speed at which she was jerking me were a combination that could make anyone cum. I asked her to suck again, and she did. This time she was holding my balls and sucking my dick. I started fucking her mouth again.

I was close, and I started breathing her. She kind of sensed it increased her speed. I asked her to stay still and started fucking her mouth at max speed. It felt amazing. I loved this feeling, and after a few strokes, I came.

Zoya looked me up, and I screamed her name. Her eyes shot up the moment I came. Her mouth barely managed to keep it. She was choking, but my darling girl didn’t give up.

My cum was dripping from the sides of her mouth with her saliva.  I came inside her mouth so fucking deep. I pulled my dick out while I had my hands around her neck. She coughed as I did that, and her hands grabbed my ass. My cum was a lot.

I kept cumming for a long time, and she swallowed most of it. The walls of her mouth were painted with my cum. Her tongue was the perfect place to rest my dick. Her mouth was made to take a thick load of my cum.

I never felt this. No girl made me cum like Zoya. I pulled out my dick, and it was dangling in front of her face with stains of cum and her saliva. She looked into my eyes, and with a dead straight face, she said, “You will cum inside my pussy next.”

I fucking lost it. But her face, there was something about it. She wanted it. She wanted me to breed her. She wanted my cum inside. And I was not going to say no to my Zoya.

The next part is about us fucking. Let me know if you want me to write about that.