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Devouring the pure pussy of Pavana Jain

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Hi readers. How are you all? I am back after a very, very long gap. I was busy with some important stuff, so I didn’t have time to visit this website. As you all know, I’m Sarfaraz Khan,

Hi readers. How are you all? I am back after a very, very long gap. I was busy with some important stuff, so I didn’t have time to visit this website. As you all know, I’m Sarfaraz Khan, a 24-year-old Muslim boy from a South Indian city.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with women from various backgrounds and different types. Let me tell you all my personal experiences are real except those I have mentioned. I’ve written more than 40 stories. I request everyone to read and enjoy my stories.

This incident happened when I was in junior college with a girl named Pavana Jain. She was a beautiful girl but with an ultra-strict family background. I had seen her not speaking to anyone except one or two girls from the class. I heard that her father and brother were members of some local political organization.

She had taken a different language as optional, so she used to be in my same class only half the time. I admit I had an instant crush on her the day I saw her. But I thought (at least then) that she was beyond my reach. My masturbation sessions used to imagine her seeing her display pic or pics on social media.

Let me describe her in detail. She was blessed with angelic beauty. Almond-shaped eyes with dark black eyeballs, small pink lips, dark brown colored hair, and a cute nose. A perfect bust, neither too huge nor small, a slim waist, a zero waist and a protruding ass.

Wow! My dick jumps even now while writing. Her figure was like the actress Neha Sharma, and her face was cuter. But due to her strict family background, nobody talked to or became friends with her much.

The first time we met was in a class. That day almost 70 percent of the students had bunked. The teacher told us to sit on the front benches so it would be easy. I sat on the same bench as her but on the opposite ends. But that was enough for me to smell her heavenly aroma and watch her every gesture.

My heart beat faster, and I knew I was developing a crush on her. That day our talk was brief, something about the class. But that allowed me to become close to her. I wanted her badly to make love atleast once. I didn’t think about any repercussions or consequences at that time.

I didn’t find her as strict as everyone had thought. She was kind-hearted. I started using every opportunity to talk to her inside and outside the classroom. As she didn’t have many friends, there was a lesser problem of anyone informing her parents. In such a case, I don’t know what they’d do.

Only my close friends knew about us in college. Soon we started meeting alone. I knew she had started enjoying my company. Her eyes would search for me as soon as she entered the classroom. Things progressed over the days. I started holding hands while talking to her.

Though she was initially very shy, she started enjoying it. One day I don’t know what gave me so much courage. I confessed that I was madly in love with her. She knew this would come one day. But she was not ready to hear the words. She told me it was impossible to go further though my love may be true.

The stupid societal norms would never let such things happen. I said that I understood it. But I couldn’t control my heart which had a mind of its own and didn’t listen to anyone. We continued to meet after that day. But I was hurt, and it was showing up on my face.

One day she said, “Sarfaraz, I can’t see you sad like this, I know what feeling you have for me, but you know my family. I can’t think what they’ll do if they get to know anything.”

I silently told, “Pavana, I know everything. It’s like I can’t hold my feelings whenever I see you. I find some deep happiness in my heart. I feel like hugging and kissing you and making love to you. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met.”

She was listening with teary eyes. “Sarfaraz, please understand. We can’t marry. But if you have so much love for me, we can have sex once and let nobody know about it.”

I was elated. I immediately gave a peck on her lips that day. She wasn’t ready but immediately blushed. No male had ever done that to her. So we planned to make it happen at a hotel during college hours. Her family would never suspect anything, and beyond that time, they strictly monitored her.

So the day arrived. We both bunked after the first lecture and left on my bike. She covered her face with her dupatta until we reached our hotel. As soon as we reached the room, she sat on my lap. My crush was in my arms, and I jumped to kiss her lips.

What a sweet pair of lips she had. Delicate-skinned, small and cute. I was madly pushing my tongue inside her. She was a good kisser for a beginner. My dick must be poking her thigh. I slowly held her dupatta and threw it away. She was blushing like a bride.

I returned to kissing while my hands felt her back, hair and neck. I felt myself melting in love. I slowly held her shoulders, unbuttoned her top hooks, and slid up her top. Oh my goodness! Even in her bra, her breasts looked so cute. They were just the perfect size pigeons caged in a pink bra, ready to be explored.

I began fondling her boobs over the bra as she pressed the bed hard. I wasted no time unhooking her bra to release her milk tanks. I can’t describe the beauty in words. They were perfect milky white boobs topped with small pairs of hard brown nipples with perfect size areolas.

The nipple buds were already poking out. I couldn’t hold from bringing my mouth onto the nipples and sucking it like a baby. Alternatively, I was pressing her boobs which had a dough-like consistency. She was now bobbing in pleasure and moaning, “Ah, Sarfaraz, this feels so good.”

She was pressing my mouth more firmly. I immediately undressed except for my boxers and made her lie comfortably on the bed. I climbed on top of the beauty and began kissing her body inch by inch, from her lips to her neck to her boobs to her navel.

I could see her salwar sticking between her legs due to excitement. I slowly put my hands inside her salwar nada and loosened it a bit. She lifted herself to remove it. She was wearing a matching pink panty underneath, already soaking in her juice. I planted a kiss on it, and she arched her waist up.

I couldn’t wait for more and slowly slide down her panty. Her pussy was short of words. Perfectly placed between her milky smooth thighs, small, firm lips, and pinkish inner lips. I split it with my hands to see her inside. It was glowing with her juices.

I went straight to sniffing her pussy and tickling her with my tongue. She was now out of control and moving her body from side to side. My tongue made its way inside her virgin petals.

“Ah, Sarfaraz, I love you, jaan. Fuck me today. Make love to me, aah!” She was moaning and leaking her juices already flowing on my tongue. I didn’t waste any of her nectar.

Now I moved to the 69 position. She delicately sucked my circumcised 7 inch dick with her beautiful lips and warm mouth while I continued to tickle the inner walls of her pussy. Now my dick was rock hard and ready to penetrate her unused pussy.

I positioned her below me in missionary style. I spread her legs, kept them as far as possible, and came between her. “Jaan, please bear some pain for your love,” I whispered in her ears. My 7 inch circumcised dick smoothly made way until her hymen stopped it.

I applied some pressure to keep pushing and felt it stretch like a balloon. “Ah, no, please, it hurts,” she started screaming. I supported her waist and liplocked her as I slowly made my way inside. Tears were rolling in her eyes, and I licked them off.

I kissed her deeply and pushed another bit until her hymen tore up, throwing out some blood. She was shivering in pain now. I kissed her more to calm her as I left my dick to get adjusted inside her. After she calmed down, I began making strokes inside her pussy.

I can’t describe the grip and heat inside this virgin girl’s pussy gripping my circumcised Muslim cock. I found it difficult to hold cumming. I began increasing the speed, and she started getting the pleasure now. She was relaxed and moving her waist up with me in every shot.

I held her and made love to her. “Ah, Pavana, I love you. You have the best pussy in the world.” I moaned as she made cute sounds. My dick had now made her a woman from a girl.

“Fuck me, Sarfaraz. Ah, I love you. I love making love to you, ahhh.” We both were sweating even in the AC. I thumped her pussy hardest, making her screech in pain and pleasure. I knew my cock would explode now. I came in a huge amount inside her warm pussy.

Our juices mixed and flowed through her thighs. We hugged and slept like two inseparable lovers. Again, I made love to her in a missionary and doggy position. It was tremendous as I came even more. Both were tired like hell from our lovemaking.

After lunch, we left for our college, and she left for her home as usual. Nobody knew that an ultra-conservative girl with such a strict family was no longer a virgin now. This secret remained between us as we fucked 3-4 more times until our separation. Both didn’t want to stop but couldn’t do anything.

Now she is married and pregnant, I heard. I am both happy and sad for my love. But I will never forget the pleasure she gave me those days.

So girls and boys hope you enjoyed reading this incident of mine. Kindly do tell me in the comments how you feel. You can also mail me your suggestions, opinions and feedback at my mail id [email protected] Any horny ladies or unsatisfied housewives can reach out too for some online fun.