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Losing my virginity to Vidya and deflowering her

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I’m Aravind, 26 years of age, basically from Bangalore. I’m 6 ft tall and medium built. I was not great at my studies. I met Vidya on my 1st day in the college classroom, sitting in the c

I’m Aravind, 26 years of age, basically from Bangalore. I’m 6 ft tall and medium built. I was not great at my studies. I met Vidya on my 1st day in the college classroom, sitting in the corner next to my bench row. Initially, I did not notice her. But later had a glimpse of her, and it was pretty normal.

Over time we started to speak and became good friends. We had a boy’s gang who used to check out girls. One day our boys were talking about girls, and one guy mentioned Vidya. Initially, I had no intentions toward her. But after hearing people check her out, the devil inside me awakened.

Let me describe her. Vidya was of fair complexion, height 5’3, and had bow-shaped lips. The lower lip was like a cherry that would tempt saints. She had a cute chubby face, 2 cute tiny moles on her neck (which were attractive), and 34 C-sized boobs which would pop out in any dress.

She had a bit of fat on her stomach, and her curved round ass was amazing. She was from the coastal side of Karnataka and had very pretty fish-shaped eyes. We grew close by the end of semester 1 and used to talk over the call and click selfies. Later I used to jerk off looking at her pictures.

She was decent, and I learned that her previous boyfriend had cheated and broken up. It all happened on the ethnic day of 2nd sem. She draped in a blue satin saree above her waist. She ensured every bit of her skin was covered by pinning her saree. But her huge juicy, poppy breasts could not be hidden.

I could see everyone in the class staring at her breasts and erect nipples due to the cold weather. Most seniors came to look at her, and everyone had that lust for her physique.

We decided to take pictures and found a nice place. She looked like a goddess and smelled wonderful with her perfumes that day. While taking the picture, I could sense her popping boob touching my shoulder. I was on cloud nine and put my hand around her sponge-like waist for the picture.

Since she was perfectly draped, I could only feel some part of her skin. I jerked off 5 times looking at her picture that day. Our calls and conversations grew deeper. We started making dirty jokes and started meeting outside the college near our home and used to hang out for some time.

One day I got a call from Vidya. She asked me if we could meet near her home. I jumped right away and went to meet her. She said that she wants to try boozing at least once in her life. This was a good time because her parents and brother were away in their hometown. She was alone at home.

She asked me to get some wine as she was trying alcohol for the 1st time in her life. I immediately rushed to the bar nearby. I got an OMR (that hits you too fast if you are a 1st-time drinker) instead of wine. I had planned it and got 2 packets of condoms from the nearby store.

I went to her home and called her. It was 5 pm, and she already had some snacks at home. She sneaked me through the door. She didn’t want neighbors to notice me). Vidya was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts at home, revealing her buttery thighs, and her cute cleavage was popping out when she bent.

She got the glasses, and we started the party. Initially, she hated the rum, but after I repeatedly insisted on trying it out, she had 3 glasses. She was already high. By this time, I had a small boner in me. I loved her smell and peeped to see her half-shaven armpit.

She wore a black bra which was visible through the strap. I went to the washroom, where I could see her unwashed undergarments. I sniffed it, man those were so intoxicating. I came back and asked her to have another glass. She refused.

But this time, I went too close to her and tried forcing her a bit. The glass slipped from my hand, and I spilled the rum on her t-shirt. I told her we’d clean it up and asked her to get up. She was unstable, already high and needed support.

I held her, and this time I took advantage. I pressed her waist and took her inside the washroom in her bedroom. I got some water, splashed it on her neck, started wiping it, and slowly tried touching her boob. Vidya was high and did not realize what I was doing to her.

I splashed water on her t-shirt and made it fully wet. I asked her to change because she was drenched. I took her into the room and made her sit on her bed. I asked her if she needed help changing. She said no but was still unstable and fell over the bed.

I had been waiting for this moment. I slowly went next to her and sat beside her. I started lifting her t-shirt and removed it completely. She was not in a state to resist. I slid my hand into her shorts and could feel the bush down and her milky thigh and slowly took that out too.

Now my lusty angel was lying in front of me with only a bra and underwear. I crawled over her my pants could no longer hold my boner. I unbuttoned my pants, and 1/4th of my dick was hanging out from my underwear. I always loved her neck, especially her moles, and planted a kiss on the right side.

“Mmm,” I heard a noise. I kissed her neck region for about 5 minutes. I slowly moved up to her lips, inviting me for a smooch. I opened my mouth, took her lips, and started kissing her wildly. She resisted for some time but later responded.

Our tongues started swirling around, and we started licking each other, exchanging saliva. I removed my t-shirt, threw away my pants, turned Vidya around unhooked her bra. The amazing round-shaped boobs popped out. They were tankers. Every man would lust for such heavy breasts.

The nipples were erect and brown. I supported her to a sitting position with one pillow. I took her left boob in my mouth and sucked it. I was playing with the right boob with my hands pinching and twisting her erect nipple. Vidya had gone wild. She was enjoying the foreplay.

Her panties were soaked wet, which was seen. I helped her get rid of those panties. The smell of her oozing cum attracted me. I looked down and saw a brown treasure pussy hiding beneath a busy wall of hair. I got all naked both of us were sweating.

I decided to enjoy her to the fullest and asked her to lift her arms. Her half-shaven armpit was soaked with sweat, and I sucked her armpits. Vidya was giving out moans. I caressed her tiny, fat hairy pussy, which was dripping wet.

I bowed down to her navel, sucked it and bit her fleshy belly leaving a hickey on it. I went down, and I had my legs spread. I used my mouth to taste her juices. She enjoyed it and launched a load of squirt on my face and mouth. She had a hot orgasm. I loved her squirt, went back to her mouth and kissed her.

By this time, my dick was rock hard with oozing precum. I wanted her to give me a blowjob, but she refused. I went back to my pant, took the condom put it around. I slowly just tried playing next to her virgin pussy. Slowly I tried thrusting my dick inside.

But the pussy was unexplored and too tight. I tried adjusting, applying saliva from my mouth and rubbing it across the pussy. Finally, I pushed my monstrous rock-hard dick inside her. I heard a loud moan from her. She cried in pain. Tears rolled down her eyes.

I realized I had deflowered her virgin pussy. The blood started to ooze out, but I didn’t want to give up. I thrust it again, and Vidya cried louder. Slowly, I increased the pressure on thrusts, and the cries from Vidya became moans. She started to experience pleasure after the pain.

I fucked her straight for 10 minutes and felt a sudden vibration. I knew I neared climax, and I came. Vidya felt the heat in my dick tip. She was happy, and I finally got up from my missionary position. We stank with sweat, sperm, and blood covering our bodies.

Vidya started to cry. I had to console her. I hugged her, draped her in a blanket helped her to the washroom. She was unable to walk because of the defloration. I felt happy for fucking her and felt ashamed for using the situation to my advantage.

We spoke for some time, and finally, after convincing her not to worry, I left her place with an evil smile. We also continued hooking up later. Now Vidya is married, after which we have stopped seeing each other much.

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