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College Girl Worships My Big Ass In Front Of Boyfriend

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It’s the season of graduates shooting out of college and finding their places on the high streets…I know it because I had a stimulating experience with a couple who recently graduated. Yo

It’s the season of graduates shooting out of college and finding their places on the high streets…I know it because I had a stimulating experience with a couple who recently graduated. You see, my company visits selective colleges to grab freshers straight out because it needs more workers to make more profits. (true story!)

I recently attended a meeting in one of the prestigious institutions in the field of commerce in South Delhi. The meeting was in 3 phases each separated by an hour-long break. My team completed the first two meetings and things were looking pretty neat for our plans.

The third meeting was postponed the next day. My team left the office and were on our way out. While turning around the corner, I bumped into a girl. Now, I must tell you that it was she who was walking fast and was at fault. But instead of apologizing or even having the courtesy to check for my well-being, the college girl abused me and left!

Girl: Watch where you are going, bitch!

All night, I wished I could come across the girl the next day.

The next day, as the third meeting was more of a formality, we all were strolling on the college campus to see why youthful motherfuckers struggled in academics and to do quality work in life later on. I was on the top floor because I had an eye for the infrastructure and the surrounding area. I didn’t care which rubbish creatures we picked to do our dirty work in the office.

Since the second meeting was followed by lunchtime, I needed to go to the bathroom. The floor was almost abandoned as nobody was in the hallway of the top floor. It was my kind of place and I was loving the vibe.

I was about to squat in the toilet when I heard someone quarrelling in low voice. Reluctantly, I put my panties back and stepped out to see who it was.

The noise was coming from the last room on the floor which was for some reason next to the washroom. I tiptoed to see what sort of low-life bastards picked that place to argue.

I saw a college boy and a girl standing face to face with furious expressions. The girl had a different reason for being angry than the boy. And it was the same girl who had abused me the other day. I thought coincidences occur in fiction only.

She tried to leave from there but the boy held her by her hand and made her stay.

Boy: Don’t you dare walk away like that…

Girl: I told you that we can’t have sex in an open space like this. It’s too risky!

Boy: But nobody comes here at this hour. Hurry up, we’ll have a quickie and walk away.

The girl kept staring at him as though it was an insult to her character. The boy was a teenager with immature thinking. He was about to pull the girl into him when I stepped up and caught his hand.

Me: Now, hold on there, gentleman! I think you need to handle this situation a bit more wisely. Trust me, we both have the same enemy. (winked!)

Listening to my soothing voice and seeing the thick cleavage line from my open-neck top, he believed me.

Me: I see you have taken to satisfy yourself with this boy’s cock. There is no harm in that, but if you don’t do it the right way, it can cause trouble later.

The boy realized that I was not from the college staff and hence, there was no need to panic or fear.

Me: Typical slut behavior, I see. And why do you carry so much attitude with you, girl? The other day, you called me a “bitch” even though it was your fault.

Boy: Dear lady, I am already aroused and now your presence is making me turn wilder…

I looked at the boy for being a little too bold. He corrected his sentence by saying that if I were of his age too. I found that cute and gave him a smile.

Me: I would like to see what beauty this college bitch here possesses. Take off your clothes.

Girl: What! Are you mad? What the fuck are you talking about? It is risky to do such things here!

Me: Why not? He is your boyfriend, you are fucking him and I am a lady. What have you got to lose?

Girl: Get lost, bitch!

I snapped when she called me a “bitch” again. I approached her and took skinny arm. She was wearing a legging to show her curvy figure. I inserted my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy.

As soon as I began to spread her cunt, she calmed herself down and didn’t resist. And surprisingly, she began to enjoy the pleasure in no time.

Me: Remove your clothes, boy. Let’s have some fuck together.

The boy enthusiastically removed and threw away his clothes. He stroked his cock and tried to pull his college girlfriend’s leggings.

Me: No, mister! You are not touching her as long as I am here. You will be worshipping me in front of this skank. Here, remove my leggings instead.

The boy while removing my leggings caught sight of my big round ass. He spanked me and continued playing with my lower body. Meanwhile, I removed the girl’s clothes and picked her up in my arms to feel her tight body. For a second, I envied her for having such a lovely teen-like figure.

The girl was really enjoying my pussy fingering stimulation.

Me: Whose body do you like more boy? Mine or her?

The boy didn’t reply but kept looking at the girl time and again to make sure she didn’t get angry. The jealous girl understood whom the boy liked more and began making faces.

Me: Now, crawl on all fours and follow me. Boy, you follow this girl.

The girl was slightly disappointed that the fingering stopped but nodded in agreement. I started walking around the room slowly. My jiggling booty bumped into the girl’s nose who was crawling right behind me. Behind her was her lover who was sniffing her ass while following her.

Me: Spank her ass cheeks for me, boy. Let me see those soft jellies jiggling!

The boy spanked her soft ass cheeks and the soothing sound reverberated in the room. He knew how to get that girl moaning and wet in the pussy. I too kept bumping her face with my booty. My constant ass bumping irritated the girl but it did remind her of the situation we had when we first ‘bumped’ into each other.

I kept teasing the girl.

Me: Watch where you are going, bitch! Can’t you see such a big ass?

Watching me play with the girl, the boy too decided to switch sides with me. He too started spanking her ass cheeks and roughly rubbing her pussy from behind.

Boy: Look where you are going. Can’t you see such an amazing ass? I know you must be jealous of this beautiful booty but show some respect.

Then I made the girl stand and stood next to her. I asked the boy a few questions comparing my body with the girl. The clever pervert gave all the credit to me.

Me: Who do you think has got an attractive ass? Would you make love to my booty or fuck this ass like a bitch of this ‘bitch’?

Me: You girl, get your face right behind my booty and start worshipping it. I want you to see how smooth my ass cheeks are. Get your lips right behind my asshole and start kissing it.

The girl smiled and brought her face behind my ass cheeks. Meanwhile, the boy stuck his cock behind his girlfriend’s head and made her stick her nose in my ass.

Me: Kiss my ass. This will teach you a lesson on how to behave yourself and stop acting like an ‘attitude’ queen.

I commanded her to get up because my pussy was getting wet. The girl slipped and to get the support, she grabbed my ass cheeks with a sharp slap. It aroused my sensual self like never before. I had long forgotten how good it feels to get spanked in the ass (even though unintentionally).

The boy stuck his cock behind her ass when she moved away from me. I immediately stuck my pussy with the girl’s pussy and started scissoring her.

“Ahhhh…that feels sooo good..” the college girl started moaning in pleasure. Watching me grind my pussy with this girl’s pussy, the boy too began grinding his cock on her ass cheeks.

We both were intense in our genital rubbing seduction. The girl began to leak her juicy from the vagina. It mixed with mine and gave up a strong relaxing odor.

Me: Just cum on your girlfriend’s face as if you don’t care who she fucks with again..

I pushed my pussy in her ass cheeks. The boy first slid his cock into her thighs and started fucking it. A few moments after, he shot his cum on her ass cheeks.

Me: I am glad that this happened. Now go fuck yourself and keep bumping into cock for all I care.

I left the satisfied girl and the boy there to join my colleagues. After the third phase of the meeting was over, the college staff called all the students that were selected for the internship. I was so glad that this girl made the list.

I’ll be experimenting many more erotic bdsm things with that girl. You guys reply in the comment section to let me know what you would like me to do to her.

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