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Domination of The Hotwife and The Cuckold

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A text ‘Hey’ came into my inbox from someone named Salman. He claimed to be a huge fan of the stories I wrote on ISS and wanted to know if they were real. I explained that some stories like ‘

A text ‘Hey’ came into my inbox from someone named Salman.

He claimed to be a huge fan of the stories I wrote on ISS and wanted to know if they were real. I explained that some stories like ‘Gangbang of owned slut’ were inspired by real-life events. Some details were added or removed to make them better.

Listening to this, he was on cloud nine. At the time, I didn’t know why he was so excited, but later I learned he was a cuckold. He explained to me in great that for the past 4 years, their sex life has been dying because he has erectile dysfunction.

Because of that, he was not able to satisfy her sexually. As time passed and Salman grew close. From being a fan of my stories, he soon became my fan. Once we were talking, and the topic of his wife came up. I asked him why his wife read my stories, and he reluctantly said she did.

I asked what does she do after reading my stories. He explained that his wife is very submissive. Because of my stories, she was aroused to a level he could never achieve. He and his wife had a contract that whenever she had to masturbate, she had to do it in front of him.

So every night, she used to strip and sit in front of her husband and finger herself to orgasm. Her husband only watched her getting overwhelmed by the thought of getting fucked hard.

Laiba, Salman’s wife, found my stories and masturbated to them, later showing them to her husband. He later told me that she used to scream, “Thank you, master,” and “Yes, master,” while masturbating.

That’s when he had the idea to ask me to be his bull. He was subtle in his approach. He first showed me a picture of his wife to me and asked how did she look?

I replied, “She looks like a princess.” Then he said, “Doesn’t she look like the girls you ram your dick into, and they reach oblivion?” I replied, “I’d only know when I put my cock into her because yours isn’t going inside her anytime soon.”

He gave me her contact info and asked me to talk to her since she was also a fan like and wanted to talk to me.

I texted you on Instagram, and we immediately clicked. We talked about life, how you didn’t have sex in 4 years because of your husband’s limp dick. How you were very submissive, but he couldn’t dominate you, couldn’t inflict pain onto you.

By listening to all this, my cock was getting hard. I sent a short video of stroking my cock captioned, “Would you like to get your holes stretched by this cock?” She replied, “Definitely yes, my master.” I said, “Master?” She said, “Only if you accept me as your submissive.”

I said go and discuss it with your husband and come back to me. She texted me a few minutes and said, “We have talked, and we both want to be your submissive, even Salman. Salman aims to be a sissy sex slave. I want to serve you however you like, and only you’ll have the right to exploit me sexually.”

Calmly, I said, “Okay, then I’ll draw up a BDSM contract. After you agree, I’ll officially accept you as my submissive.”


This is a provisional contract of consent between master and slave.

The Slave/Submissive Agrees to

-To address the dominant as master or Sir
-If that Sub fails to obey the master, then the master may inflict the required punishment
-Sub may be allotted two kinds of limits, soft (which can be pushed to some extent) and hard limits (which won’t be crossed no matter what)
-it may have ‘RED’ as its safe word to stop everything and ‘MERCY’ to slow down the current act
-Sub submits to acts of humiliation, degradation and objectification

Master agrees to the following

-To take control of the pain and pleasure of the Sub and give it as he pleases
-To mentally control the Sub
-To take care of well being of the Sub
-To Humiliate the Sub to its accepted limit
-To not cross the hard limits

The clause related to the cuckold couple

-Laiba khan consent to be a Sub for her Bull/Master
-Salman consent to Laiba being a Sub to her bull
-Salman consented to be a Sub for his Bull/Master
-Bull may be responsible for Sexually pleasing and punishing Labia while also taking Salam as a Cuck Sub

I, The master, Agree to The following.

Do you, The Sub, Agree and give your consent?

They both sent a voice note and agreed to the terms.

After accepting to be my submissive, she no longer listened to her husband. Whenever she and I used to talk, she would finger herself without being in front of him.

She would go to another room and send me photos of her tits and videos of her rubbing her pussy while her husband was clueless.

Once, her husband asked what do you do for him? And she said everything, master makes me masturbate whenever he wants to, even when I’m in the office.

I send him photos and ask for his permission before buying new lingerie, and recently he made me drink my cum. He has total control over my life. He owns me.

Listening to this, he was surprised. But a wave of excitement ran through his nerves because even he was doing the tasks I assigned, like writing, “I’m a pathetic Cuck,” 500 times. Buying a chastity cage, keeping his dick locked all day and rubbing his dick to extremely humiliating cuckold porn.

Soon they were both comfortable serving me while in front of each other. Once Laiba video called me. Upon picking up her call, I saw her in sheer white lingerie kneeling on the floor while Salman was naked and in cock cage.

After seeing this, I asked Laiba to tie a rope to his cock cage and attach it to her nipple clamps after I ordered her to sit on a vibrator. With one hand, she held the vibrator, and with the other, she rubbed her clit, and at the same time, she pulled her tits backward to pull his cock cage.

But by doing that, she was also hurting her nipples. This went on for a good 20 minutes. In the end, the nipple clamps were ripped apart from her. She wailed a loud moan and cum at the same time. After this, they both showed me marks they got because of pulling. I praised them for being obedient submissives.

After that, I asked them to come to Delhi. Listening to this, they jumped like 9-year-old kids being excited over a piece of candy. They immediately went online and booked Flight tickets for the weekend.

*At the Indira Gandhi airport, Delhi*

Laiba came running to me, ignoring her husband and asked permission to kiss me. I said nothing and grabbed her neck, pulling her towards me and kissing her. While all this was happening, Salman was behind, slowly dragging their luggage with him.

“Pleased to meet you, master,” said Salman.  I replied, “You are a pathetic cuckold. You can only be pleased when I rail her all night, and you can only watch.”

Soon I booked a cab and went to the hotel we booked. Even in the cab, I rubbed Laiba’s clit while Salman was sitting with the driver, clueless. When we arrived at the Eros Hotel, the cab driver was paid. We went to the reception, where we all gave our IDs.

I asked for the room key and took Laiba with me while Salman was left at reception to take care of basic formalities. Our room was on the 7th floor, so we took the lift, and as we exited it, I ordered Laiba to crawl beside me on the way. She crawled like a bitch.

I occasionally spanked her in between. A stranger also saw her crawling, which only added to her excitement. Just when we were about to reach the door, I grabbed her neck and pinned her against the wall choking her. Meanwhile, with my other hand, I opened the door and threw her inside without closing the door.

She was confused because sometimes I treated her like a princess, and other times I treated her like a whore. But she liked to be both. When inside, I grabbed her from behind and slapped her like a bitch in heat. Further, proceeding to rip her clothes.

First, her top, then her leggings and then her panty and bra proceeded to use her mouth as a hole for my cock. Meanwhile, Salman entered the room. I ordered him to strip and wear the ripped clothes of Laiba. After he wore everything, he resembled a homeless sissy who was fucked on the roadside for 100Rs.

I pushed Laiba away and took a few ropes out of the bag. I grabbed Salman, ordered him to sit on a chair, and tied him up. Just when I was about to forget to put the chastity cage, Laiba said, “Sir, I brought a smaller cage for him. Can I put it on him?”

I replied in affirmative soon. She started to put on the small cage on an even smaller cock. Compared to my cock it looked like a pinky finger. After he was all tied up and caged, it was time to abuse Laiba like a cheap whore. I ordered her to wear a 3-piece-lingerie we bought.

She then went into the bathroom and looked like an absolute angel. But the angel was a slut for me. For me, she was just 3 sets of holes. She liked that I treated her like an object and used her without caring, unlike her husband. He was a goody-two-shoes nice guy unable to abuse her.

As soon as I saw her, I removed my jeans and kissed her, passionately attaching a collar and leash to her neck. After that, I pulled the leash towards me. Soon I was sitting on the bed while she gave me a heavenly blowjob. Meanwhile, I ordered her to punch and slap her husband’s dick while blowing me.

So he was getting his locked dick slapped, and I was getting a blowjob from his wife. Holding her hair, I pushed her head deep into my cock. I made her a deep-throat whore who only opened her mouth to get it stuffed into my cock. My right hand reached and pulled her up.

I placed her on the bed, doggy style facing her husband. Then I brought my face close to her throbbing pussy. I touched it with the tip of my tongue, teasing her by nibbling her labia. Finally, inserting my tongue into her while I rubbed her clit with my hands.

All the while, she was moaning, “Thank you, master. I’m your slut, master. Abuse me, master” Just when she was about to cum I stopped. With force, I inserted my hard cock into her and started pounding her. With my right hand, I pulled her hair back, making her look at her husband, all tied up.

She looked into his eyes and said, “You can never fuck me like this. You can’t even touch me now. Our master now owns me, and he is the only dick I’ll have. You don’t deserve an orgasm, cuckold. Only a cock that can make a woman cum deserves an orgasm, and your dick certainly isn’t capable of it.”

Salman was looking at his wife getting fucked by their master, who completely seemed to own his wife. He did not mind that she no longer wanted to be with Salman sexually. He was happy that Laiba was getting used and abused by a dominant master because he knew he could never dominate her.

He had comfort in the words of Laiba, “I don’t want you or your limp dick, but I still love you.” It was about when Laiba was near cumming. But I’m someone who likes to tease until they beg for it. So to stay true to my nature, I pulled out my cock and ordered her to suck it.

When I was near, I ordered her to lay on the bed and came on her pussy. Then I untied Salman and made him lick my cum from his wife’s pussy. When he had all my load in his mouth, I ordered him to swallow it whole. He did with a little bit of hesitation, but ultimately his cuckold nature overtook him.

He readily cleaned my cock too. Just when they thought I was done with them, I held Salman’s dick. I tied a small rope to it, tied it to a 1L water bottle, and told him to stand. Because of the weight of the water, his small dick was being pulled down.

He could do nothing about it. I asked them to hold his hands at the back and tie them. Now it was Laiba’s turn. I attached three clamps to her, one on her clit and the other two on her nipples. They are all connected in the middle. Then I took her to the bathroom, away from Salman’s eyes, where he could not see her.

As soon as I came inside, I hung the hanging thread which held all three clamps to the door handle. My cock was ready to fuck again, so I inserted it from behind. I grabbed her neck and fucked her. Her nipples and clit were hurting because of the clamps, but she liked the pain. It added to her pleasure.

All this time, Salman was outside. He was suffering because of the bottle tied to his small dick. On top of that, he could hear Laiba moaning in the bathroom, getting fucked by a hard dick. Laiba was getting fucked inside the bathroom like a whore, and she embraced every second of it.

Soon she was on the verge of cumming. This time I finally let her cum. While cumming, she screamed like there was no tomorrow. Maybe she knew Salman was outside, tied up and listening to her. When she was done, I took her inside and asked her to change into a crop top and a skirt with no panties.

I let Salman out of his misery and asked him to change too.

Just before going down, I ordered both to present me their ass. I inserted one butt plug in both of their ass. While they were getting ready, I booked a cab for us to Select city mall. In a few minutes, we were downstairs and got into the cab which took us to the mall.

*At the Select City Mall, Delhi*

Laiba wanted to buy some clothes. So we went to Zara and found some dresses for her. To try them, I took her to the changing room. Behind me was Salman walking without saying anything. As I entered the changing room with Laiba, I ordered Salman to keep a watch for us.

Inside I made Laiba kneel, and with one swift moment, my cock was out of my jeans. Laiba proceeded to suck it. I held her head, and soon I came deep into her throat, making her swallow it.

After our blowjob, I let Laiba try out a few clothes and choose the clothes she wanted. Soon, we reached the billing counter. I ordered Salman to stay in the long line while I took his wife to a restaurant in the mall.

Surprisingly he was done with the billing quickly and walked behind us, holding 5 bags in his hands. Laiba knew he was walking behind her, but she didn’t care. She just ignored him and treated him as a valet.

Andrea’s Eatery was the restaurant we went to. Once we started talking, Laiba opened up. She told us how she wanted to be owned by me for a long time and was not attracted by Salman.

She even told me they were getting re-married (re-doing their vows) in a few months.  She even wanted to cuckold Salman on the wedding night by getting her ass rammed by my cock.

Under the table, I rubbed Laiba’s clit, but over the table, no one suspected a thing. After we finished the food, Salman picked up the bags while Laiba and I walked like a couple in front of me with my hand on her waist.

Then we got back to the hotel

*At the hotel room*

It was about time to sleep, but there was only one bed. So I ordered Salman to strip and sleep on the cold floor. He only had his cock cage on. Not even a blanket. Laiba and I were into comfortable clothes and warm quilts and slept peacefully.

The next morning when Salman woke up, he couldn’t find Laiba or me. After a while, he called us, but Laiba rejected his call and video-called him. When Salman picked up the call, he saw that his pretty wife had a ball gag in her mouth.

Her hands were tied at the back while her ass was spanked continuously. A huge cock was going inside her and coming out, and it didn’t stop for anything.

Laiba said, “Babe, why don’t you come here? You were asleep, so we started without you.” Laiba and I came to my flat in Kalka ji, which is very near the hotel. I had a few things here I wanted to try on her.

Soon the doorbell rang, and Laiba went crawling and opened the door. She asked Salman to come crawling naked before me too. As Salman saw me, he said, “I didn’t know, master, you were a morning person.” I replied, “I’m not, but Laiba saw my morning wood and woke me up with a blowjob.”

Again I tied Salman to the chair and tied a small bottle hanging from the chair along with the butt plug in his ass. My right hand grabbed Laiba and positioned her in the doggy style. But this time wasn’t going to fuck her. I took a few things from my bag and ordered Labia not to look.

Then I asked her to give me three numbers between 0-60. The first was 16, the second was 46, and the third was 35.

“Okay, Laiba, here’s how it will go. I will spank you with the paddle 16 times, with the bull 35 times and with the flogger 46 times.”

She had a wave of excitement and fear in her eyes. Before going further, I attached nipple suction to her nipples with the highest setting and ring gag to her mouth. As soon as I started hitting her ass with the paddle, she let out a huge moan.

But this was nothing compared to when I used the bullwhip on her. She was on cloud nine, but her ass looked like a wild animal ravaged it. Soon I was done with the whip and started flogging her again, bringing her deep agony but with pleasure.

After I was done with her ass, it resembled a red tomato. Without any wait, I pulled her up and commanded her to put on the schoolgirl outfit. As soon as she was back, I placed the suction dildo on the floor. I made her sit on it and ride it while she sucked my dick.

While taking my dick deep, she thanked me for using her. She degraded her husband by saying that this was the kind of porn he watched. How does it feel it see it in real?

When I was close to cumming I threw her on the bed and tied her spread eagle. I fucked her until she came. I cum inside her. After that, I made Salman lick it up inside her pussy.

For the next two days, I fucked Laiba day and night, full-filled her forced breeding kink. I made her my complete slave while Salman sat in the corner doing nothing.

We three have a good relationship even now.

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