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Deflowering Basavanagudi’s 19yo Ishwarya

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Coming to the story, Ishwarya is the heroine of this story. Ishwarya was born and brought up in Bangalore. Ishwarya is in her third year of engineering. She is a bookish girl for all her friends from

Coming to the story, Ishwarya is the heroine of this story. Ishwarya was born and brought up in Bangalore. Ishwarya is in her third year of engineering. She is a bookish girl for all her friends from school to college. She is an all-time class topper and a front-bench student.

She is known as book worm of her class. Ishwarya is a very private and introverted girl. No one knew the wilder (tempestuous) side of her. Ishwarya is a regular reader of sex stories on ISS. She particularly enjoyed reading erotic, titillating stories published on ISS.

She fingered herself to pleasure reading, imagining, and fantasizing through the stories’ characters. She never wanted to express her erotic needs to anyone. She lived a life suppressing her needs. She had her eyes on the smart boys of her college.

Guys approached her for notes/study helps only. Ishwarya even chatted with many guys, but no guy crossed the line towards flirting and sex. One night out of frustration and desperation, Ishwarya decided to have a fuck buddy. She wanted someone anonymous and secretive.

She tried online but had doubts about secrecy. She decided to approach some story writers of ISS from Bangalore. One of her approaches was me. Ishwarya came in touch with me through telegram. After a few chats knowing each other, Ishwarya gained trust and comfort with me.

First meet:

Ishwarya: I want to meet you, Madhan.

Me: Even I am waiting to meet you, sweetheart. When and where?

Ishwarya: Can you take me on a bike ride far? I want to hug you tight on a speeding bike in cool weather.

Me: If you are serious, fix a date.

Ishwarya: Tomorrow, can you? (Tomorrow was Wednesday)

Me: I will have to take leave from the office. Don’t you have classes?

Ishwarya: I have. I will bunk. Where will you take me?

Me: Where do you want me to take you?

Ishwarya: Nandi hills.

Me: We can, but you need to start very early, like 5 A.M.

Ishwarya: I can reason something out. I am ready.

I rode my bullet through breezy, freezing weather and reached Basavanagudi at 5 in the morning. Ishwarya was waiting for me at the big bull temple. She was in her college uniform and bag.

Let me describe Ishwarya, a 19-year-old tender cutie doll. She was short, around 5 ft in height, with a wheatish skin tone. Ishwarya wore a full-rim glass which gave a studious look to her. A small tiny nose and juicy lips perfectly set on her small face.

She wore a dangling silver earring on her small ears. She had extra long dark hair tied into a bun on her head. She had tiny hands, with a leather-bound watch on one hand and bangles on the other. Ishwarya had medium-sized melons hidden in her uniform shirt.

She is a very lightweight, slim petite girl. I waved my hand to her. She quietly walked down towards my bike and climbed behind me. I drove my bullet away from Basavangudi towards Nandi hills. She sat silently on the pillion seat, maintaining a distance from my body.

After driving some distance, my eyes noticed a pothole. I intentionally applied a sudden brake making Ishwarya slide onto me in a crash. I could feel her warm boob squeezed on my back and her thigh touching my thigh.

Ishwarya continued to sit, sticking her body over me, but her hands were holding the back of the bike. I slowed my drive, grabbed her small hand by the wrist, and encircled her hand around my waist. Ishwarya hugged me tightly, clasping both her hands.

Her boobs smashed hard over my back, and she rested her head over the back of my shoulder. I had an instant hard-on in my pants. She hissed in my ears, “I love this, Madhan.”

I sensed her teeth cluttering and her body shivering. She was not wearing any protective jacket over her half-sleeved uniform. I parked my bike to the side. I opened the saddle of my bullet and gave the leather jacket.

She took the jacket, her eyes locked over mine with romance. Oh god, I love young girls, a special creation. She stared at me shyly and wore the jacket. I held the lower end of the jacket and pulled her closer.

I locked the zipper and slowly moved the zip up with my hand touching through the slim navel and protruding boobs to zip close the jacket. My hands then brushed her neck, slowly traveling through her lips, small nose, and forehead, and circled to the ears. She put down her head with heavy short breaths.

Continued the ride. Fast-forwarding events: A tight hug, romantic drive through the green patch in freezing Bangalore weather. A hand-in-hand romantic walk, talk and laughs at Nandi hills. While returning from Nandi hills at the parking lot, we lost control and had a quick lip lock.

We lost sense of our surroundings and kissed an unfulfilled quick liplock tasting each other’s saliva. Lunch at a restaurant and drive back home. While she bid goodbye, I stared at her lips. My fingers touched them and tweaked them.

She messaged me, “I felt very horny to get kissed wildly and fucked hard.” She told me that she noticed the hard-on inside my pants and desired to suck my cock. On Nandi hills, I had asked her to book a room, but she denied it.

Second meet – Deflowering her virginity:

I could sense from her messages how eagerly and desperately she was waiting to break her virginity.

Ishwarya: Monday morning, can you come to my home?

Me: I have an important meeting on Monday. Are you home alone on Monday?

Ishwarya: My parents are going to function all day.

Me: Your brother?

Ishwarya: They are taking him. Also, I escaped telling them that I had an important class. Please come, Madhan.

Me: Ok, I will come.

I skipped the office on Monday. Ishwarya acted dressing up for college and waited for her family to leave for the function. Ten minutes after their departure, she texted me to start.

I bought a condom packet and chocolates and proceeded to Ishwarya’s home. Dressed in a white sleeveless Churidhar, Ishwarya waited very restlessly for Madhan. At around half past 11 noon in hot sunny weather, I sneaked into the apartment.

The flat was on the fifth floor. Ishwarya left her flat main door open.

I rushed into her flat and closed the door with a racing heart. Ishwarya was standing next to the main door with short, restless audible breaths and was shivering. Ishwarya looked stunning in her dress with damp, wet-free hair.

Her brown-colored lipstick-marked juicy lips were dying to be kissed and sucked. I got wild seeing the lusty, cajoled eyes inside the full-rim glass. Without wasting time, I clasped her face and pushed her to the wall next to the main door, toppling the shoe rack.

I cupped her small face and stared into her lusty needy eyes. She stared back with a blank expression and short warm breaths. My lips caught her lips. I started slowly sucking away the honey from her thick juicy lips.

I kissed her long-tasting saliva, inserting my tongue, which she sucked. She sucked my lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth with her tiny nose pressed to my sharp nose. I touched her pussy over the churidar and massaged her with kissing and nose clashing.

She pushed my hand away from her pussy. I forced my hand again, rubbed her pussy over the dress, and continued kissing. The kiss continued for a very long with, changing face positions until our mouths were dry, sucking each other.

After breaking the kiss, she walked me into her parent’s bedroom. I turned the photo frame of her family away, which was placed over the bedside table. I unhooked the dress and lifted the dress out of her body. I removed the grey camisole.

She hid her small melons with both her hands. I pulled free the knot of her pants and ripped them away. I parted her hand away from her slim and shaky navel. I placed a kiss on her flat navel. I could sense her shivering body.

She is now in her red bra and red panty. Ishwarya had small 34-sized boobs well hidden inside the tight bra. Two shapely circular round melons. I scooped my face onto her sexy navel, and my lips sucked the belly button. She moved her body to a tingling suck.

I enjoyed sucking her slim petite navel. I moved my lips, sucking away her neck. She started moaning, “Madhan, aah.” I rubbed my forefinger in a circular motion over her pussy, teasing her while I continued sucking her neck.

She moaned louder spreading her legs wide apart. My finger could sense her wet panty. I removed her panty. She had neatly shaved tight dark pussy. I teased, moving my forefinger in a circle over her pussy, poking pussy with my eyes staring at her.

I slept next to her and kissed her lips wildly again. I caught her tongue in my mouth. At the same time, I pushed my middle finger into her pussy. She broke the kiss with a painful moan.

I slowly pulled out my finger and sucked the slimy finger, which tasted salty. I drenched the finger wet with my saliva. Repeated kissing and pushing a finger into her tight pussy. I removed my clothes. I presented my cock to her hand. She grabbed the cock shyly.

I was very horny. I pressed her small boobs over the bra. I could feel her hard erect nipples. My finger inside her pussy sensed a sufficiently wet pussy. I asked her, “Shall we?” She signaled yes with a quick nod. I wore a condom and applied some lubricating gel over the condom to avoid roughness.

I massaged her pussy, and applied saliva, drenching it wet. I made her remove her bra. I teased her nipples with the tip of my tongue. She closed her eyes. I positioned my cock over her pussy and rubbed the cock head on the pussy lips.

My lips caught her nipple, sucked, and my dick slowly traveled inside the tight clasp of Ishwarya. She moved her body backward. I continued to push my cock into her to the moan, pain, and pleasure of Ishwarya.

I pulled out my cock, which had slight blood. I wiped and applied the gel again. I pushed my cock again into her slowly. I repeated this, and her pussy made way for my cock. I did not go rough since this was her first time. I shagged to cum, and we slept nude on her parent’s bed.

This was just the start. Over the next month, she was so crazy that we met 5 times and tried many horny things. I like young horny girls very much. I love you, Ishwarya. A petite bookish hottie.

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