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Sexual Journey Of A Cheated Tamil Woman – Part 2

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Hi all, thanks for your support. When I reached that Industrial Estate, I failed to find my boyfriend. I was helped by Uncle (Ramanathan, 55) who cared and took me to a bachelor’s room.

Hi all, thanks for your support. When I reached that Industrial Estate, I failed to find my boyfriend. I was helped by Uncle (Ramanathan, 55) who cared and took me to a bachelor’s room.

It was a traditional type of home, looked too old, and had four rooms and a kitchen. The toilet and bathroom were built outside of the home. I saw a bachelor’s room for the very first time in my life.

There were ten people, ages 19 to 45, living here for work like welding, security, and helpers in the factory. They loved and cared for me during my pregnancy. They shared three rooms and gave me one room with a bed they did not have. So, I decided to live for them.

After that, I took over the house chores and maintenance of all the people in that home. Day by day, my position was becoming more valued and unchangeable in that home. I knew that it was only by my care and love towards all the people. Now, I was a mom, sister, sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law for them. I was a cook, dress selector, homemaker, nurse, and mentor to those guys and their families in the profession.

But I have faced another issue. My boobs were generating more milk because no one took it, paining day another day. I consulted a doctor, but she informed me to find an orphanage for a few days, so it would be solved.

Meanwhile, the pain increased. Usually, I pressed and emptied my boobs regularly. Last two days, I did not do that due to cleaning work. My boobs bulged and pained more and more.

Yes, at that time, my size was 32-28-36. Anyway, I tried to control the pain till everyone went to their work. Then I rushed to finish all of my work and called Uncle to have his breakfast. I served food to him and sat beside him. I could not control my pain and ran to the bathroom to empty my boobs. But a few drops only fell and then I returned to the hall.

Ram: What is happening, Jaya?

I did not answer his question. He used to call me daughter-in-law or Jaya. I replied to him, Uncle.

Ram: Periods?

Me: No.

Ram: Then, what?

Me: My breast is full of milk and could not take it out of that problem.

Ram: Can we go and consult with the doctor?

Me: Ok wait, I will call the doctor for an appointment.

Ram: Hmm, sure.

Then I called her to ask for an appointment.

Doctor: No, I am not in the clinic. Tell me what happened.

I told her everything. Then she said the same thing as she said earlier. Like go and find some orphanage or get help from someone, then cut the call. I said these things to my Uncle.

Ram: Then wait. I would buy some medicines from Medical shops.

Me: No, it will not work quickly. Please find some other way to solve this.

(I saw him eagerly and started to cry.)

Ram: What can we do?

He consoled me and started thinking about how to solve this issue. I saw him with wetted eyes.

Me: Uncle.

Ram: Yes, tell me.

Me: Why do not you suck and empty it, because you have already sucked it. And we do not have another way to help me with this issue.

His face looked sad and troubled. Then, after quite some time, he replied.

Ram: If you’re ok, no problem. But..

Me: But what uncle? It was painful. I cannot control it.

I said by looking at a crying face. Finally, uncle nodded. I told him to go and close the front and back doors of the house so that no one could come inside. Then I went to those other rooms. I put a mat on the floor and took two pillows placed on the mat.

I waited for him. He came, and then I was laying on the floor. Then I adjusted the pillow for my comfort and placed his pillow between my left hand and body so that he could access my boobs easily.

I saw him and called him to lay down on that mat. I was in a light green saree. My blouse and my skirt were dark green, and my bra and panty were black. I had already unbuttoned my blouse and then took my saree’s pallu and closed my head.

Now he could see my white skin between dark clothes. I put my right hand into my saree, lift one side of my bra upward, and bent my body towards him. I placed my nipples on his lips.

Then he kindly took them and sucked. Due to the light and transparent saree, I could easily see his face. Those feelings were what I experienced. Then I looked at his reactions and felt my motherhood because of him.

Uncle, lovely sucked on that boob without any biting. If I reacted to some of his mistaken bites, he became feared. Due to pain, my ssss and ahhhh sound increased. I did not think about how he reacted to those sounds. But still, I shouted.

Then my one hand went towards his head for caressing hair, and the other hand went on his back for roaming. That time, I felt a cow caressing its calf. When this pain got increased, I hug him tightly and dragged his hair with my hand. Those times, he reduced his speed and sucked me slowly. I loved those cute reactions from him. After 20 to 25 minutes, the pain was relieved. Still, some milk was in the left boob. Anyway, I told him to come to the other side.

I turned and closed my boobs with a pallu. He gently stood with his pillow and went to another side. At that time, I noticed his underwear was bulging. I was shocked to see that. It was so big.

When he lay near me, I lifted another side of the bra upward and closed his head with my pallu. Without considering me, he rushed to suck. I forget my pain here and was still thinking about his bulge. I was not sure that a man can have this much longer dick at this age. Then I tried, but I could not stop seeing his lust. Yes, I felt my underneath getting wet.

When he was biting my boobs, I hugged him so tightly and pushed his head towards my boobs.

He placed his hand on my hip and moved upwards. I felt I was getting out of control. The pain was relieved, but my feeling increased. So I thought about stopping it.

Me: Uncle, it is enough.

He did not say anything and did not get up. I woke up from the mat and adjusted my bra, blouse, and saree. Then I went out. He did not see my face boldly, and then he went to the shrine.

I checked that I fed him for about 50 minutes. But still, I had some milk, I did not know why. Then I went to the toilet and saw a few liquid spots on my panty. Yes, if I allowed him to suck another 2 or 3 minutes, I would be wet.

Then I removed my panties and cleaned my pussy. After that, I went to my room and had some rest. I could not sleep because that bulged penis came in front of my eyes.

Then I checked my uncle, but he was daydreaming. I do not know whether I was his dream girl or not. So I let him dream and went to the kitchen. I used to feed Ram 2 times in day time when no one was in the home. Usually, 10 to 11 am and 2 to 3 pm. During Sundays and holidays, I couldn’t feed Ram.

Days passed and I was there for nearly one year. Now I was aged 23 or 24 at that time and I became the leader of that home. Yes, everyone used to understand my point and used to obey it. I did not like pan masala, gutkha, and drink, so I strictly instructed everyone not to consume that. They obeyed that.

I maintained the finance of that house and they gave their salary to me. Then I put those salaries in their respective family accounts, put some in savings, and took some of the money for home maintenance from those salaries.

On a Saturday, one of my housemates came so early due to some machine problem in his workplace so that I couldn’t feed Ram that day. The next day was Sunday, and everyone was at home. So it was not possible that day also.

The pain increased on Sunday evening time. With pain itself, I served food for them and prepared the bed for them to sleep on. It was 9 pm, and I rushed to my room. Then I removed my saree’s pallu, unbuttoned my blouse rashly, removed my bra, and started to press my boobs.

But only a few drops of milk came out. I became nude lying on the bed, put some coconut oil on the tip of the nipple and massaged it gently, and slept. It was around 1 at midnight and the pain was increasing.

Then I put on my nightwear and checked whether everyone slept or not. I confirmed that everyone slept well. So I went near Ram and tried to wake him up.

Me: Uncle, get up?

Ram: Hmm Jaya, tell me.

Me: Uncle, it’s painful. I could not control it. Please have it.

Ram: But how? Everyone is inside.

Me: No, all are sleeping well.

You can suck now with no issues.

Ram: Ok (He nodded and gave me someplace to lay).

I was lying down there, then opened my nighty zip and took my left breast out. Uncle rushed to suck it.

Me: Sss… Uncle, please slowly.

He didn’t say anything, just sucking and sucking. He, again and again, had bitten my boobs. But all those times, I hugged him so tightly. I felt his hunger for my milk. He kept his left hand over my hip for support but didn’t do anything.

I felt pain relief in my left boob after 30 minutes and also emptied. Then he suddenly rolled over me and went to another side and took my right boob and started to suck. At some times, I felt something touching my right and left thighs.

Oh my god! It was his penis, what a size, I didn’t imagine this much! I could easily see that fully. His hands went over my buttocks. But suddenly, without noticing anything, he inserted fingers between my buttocks crack, and my body shook.

I had lost control and reached one orgasm after two years because of a man. He could understand that and started kissing all over my neck and boobs. I allowed him to do whatever he wanted. His hands were playing with my body, but my hands gently care for him.

He lifted my nighty up to my navel and finally placed his hand on my woman’s wood. If a loving man touches his loving womanhood, it is a heavenly feel for that woman. But suddenly, I understood my position.

If I would make a sound, anyone may get up. So, I pushed Ram outside and sat on that mat.

Me: Uncle, please stop. We don’t do this at this time. If anyone comes to know this, then it would be trouble. So, take your sleep. I will see you in the morning.

Now, uncle was looking so sad. Then I rushed to my room and slept well. Morning, once everyone went to work. I served food for Ram, then I finished kitchen work.

Me: Uncle.

Ram: Yes, Jaya.

Me: Go and take a bath and come to have milk.

Ram: Ok, Jaya.

I was waiting for him after preparing the bed for us. Review it.