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Pussy ploughing of my Bhabhi

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Greetings to all the pussies with warm licking. I’m an Engineer. We are five members in the family, me, mom, dad, Bhaiya and Bhabhi. We are natives of the northernmost part of Karnataka. Mom an

Greetings to all the pussies with warm licking.

I’m an Engineer. We are five members in the family, me, mom, dad, Bhaiya and Bhabhi. We are natives of the northernmost part of Karnataka. Mom and dad are usually busy traveling, meeting and staying at the relatives’ homes. Bhaiya is a CA and is always busy with his work.

This story began when I was in the final year of my graduation.

Coming to the apsara of this story, my sex goddess, my dear bhabhi! She’s fair with 38C-28-38 and 5.3″ height. She’s 5 years older than me and yet to be a mother. Her naughty smile takes my breath away, and her deep eyes make me lose consciousness.

Now the heavenly time of my life goes on like this.

Mom and dad were away at the relatives’ home. Once bhaiya was out of the home for work, he would return only after 09:00 PM. The responsibility of visiting our farmland was on my shoulders only.

On this auspicious day, I went to the farm at dawn and returned home at about 09:00 AM. As I was home, I called bhabhi and asked for breakfast. She gave me breakfast and headed to take her bath. I was watching the TV while having my breakfast.

Bhabhi finished her bath and came out wearing only the petticoat. It covered half of her spongy boobs, and half of her thighs were visible. I was shocked to see my bhabhi in this avatar for the very first time in my life.

This view just blew away all my concentration on watching the TV. I felt uncomfortable, and my dick started to salute bhabhi’s curvy figure. No matter how hard I controlled myself not to think of my bhabhi that way, the hormones couldn’t just let me.

I was so lost in the semi-nude picture of my bhabhi that she had to poke my shoulder to wake me up. As soon as I came back to my senses, I saw that she was in a saree and her naked waist was close to me. She was close to me and could feel my breath on her deep navel.

She woke me up while removing the towel from her head and some drops of water fell on my face. She sat on the sofa and dried her hair with the towel. I couldn’t control myself from smelling the intoxicating scent of her heavenly body.

Bhabhi: I will also come to our farmland today.

Me: No need for that bhabhi. Since the weather is quite cloudy, do not bother yourself.

Bhabhi: I’m not bothering myself. I want to be handy to my dear devar.

It was her naughtiest smile while uttering the word ‘handy.’

Me: It could rain anytime, sooner or later. I would be back home only after dusk. You enjoy the luxury of being alone at home as no one’s there to assign you any work.

Bhabhi: (while squeezing my cheeks) that’s what I’m trying to say, my dear. I would be fed up at home being alone all day. I’m coming with you, and this is final.

Me: (holding her hands while she’s squeezing my cheeks) As you wish, bhabhi.

Bhabhi: You go ahead, and I’ll come with the lunch boxes.

I got ready and left home while bhabhi went to the kitchen to prepare our lunch.

It was noon time. I was ploughing the land, and I saw someone heading toward me. It was none other than my apsara. She asked me to clean up and have lunch. She went under the mango tree and made arrangements. She pulled my hand, instructing me to sit close to her, and we faced each other.

While serving the lunch, her saree fell off her shoulder, and I saw her spongy melons. But there’s something else too. Yes! It was her blouse. It was quite the deepest neck compared to the one she wore in the morning. Is it that she deliberately changed it?

I adjust my cock in the boxer while having lunch, and here my apsara is smiling naughtily while serving me. She asked me, “What are you doing around here?” I said, “Ploughing the land and making arrangements for the water sprinkler systems.”

Bhabhi: (still without saree pallu on her melons. She was sitting before me as if she’s my wife) Have your lunch and take some rest. I’ll make the arrangements for the water sprinkler.

Saying, she got up, giving a wicked smile. She tied her saree up to her thighs while looking at the tent on my boxer. All these actions of hers since this morning were killing me deeply. These actions made me think about whether bhabhi is up to something today!

While napping on the cot, I felt someone sprinkling water on me. When the droplet went heavy, I woke up knowing it was raining heavily. I ran to the storeroom, and bhabhi was nowhere to be found. I got the tarp and began to look for her.

She was all drenched. The saree was clung to her body, revealing her curvy ‘ass’ets! While coming to the storeroom hurriedly, she’s about to fall due to the slippery mud. I held her naked waist to escape from falling. She was so close to me that her boob was touching my arms.

Somehow we reached the storeroom. While shivering, she lifted her saree to her thighs again to squeeze it, making me lose my senses.

Me: I told you at home, but you didn’t just listen to me.

Bhabhi: Who was expecting the rain?

I gave her a towel, and she took it with a shivering body. She asked me to close the door to avoid the coldness of the rain.

Me: Look now, you’re all wet and shivering like anything. What would you do now?

Bhabhi: (Shivering and looking into my eyes) What am I supposed to do?

Me: Remove the saree and tie this lungi.

She took the lungi, blushingly pinching my arm and went to the other side. While facing me, she started to remove the saree. She asked me, “What about the petticoat, dear?” I blushed at her question and responded, “Remove the petticoat as well.”

She smiled wickedly and said, “You rowdy, turn about!” I turned away while mischievously looking into her eyes. She said while shivering, “It’s too cold, devar ji.”

I turned back and looked at her from head to toe. Lungi was tied just above her pubic area. Her naked waist, deep navel, erected nipples on the spongy boobs!! Those were driving me nuts and blowing my nuts to throb my cock to salute her luscious body. My mouth was wide open to eat this raw meat.

“Hey, rowdy! What’re you looking at?!” She asked as if she wanted to be noticed that way. Her words were inviting to me, saying, “Come over and eat me right now.”

She sat on the wooden cot and took the blanket to cover herself. She began to remove the blouse looking at my throbbing cock. While seductively looking into my eyes, she asked me to hang her blouse on the rope. While taking the blouse, I asked her about the bra.

She bit her lower lip, “I’m not wearing any bra, my rowdy!” were her words in response. She pinched my arm with force. I took the blouse and started to feel it while looking into her eyes. After hanging it on the rope, I returned and sat on the cot.

We shared the blanket. She pulled me closer to her so that her thigh completely touched my thigh. I put my hand on her thigh and began to feel it. She was losing herself to my touch and loosened the knot of lungi. Now I was feeling her naked thigh.

She began to moan while opening her legs for me to enter her inner thighs. When she opened her legs to the extent, I started to feel her pubic area. She seductively bit my arm, took my hand to the clitoris, and laid on the cot. I laid on top of her, massaging her clitoris, and she began to kiss me.

As the knot of lungi was already undone, she was all naked. She began to remove my boxer with her legs. In no time, we both were completely naked. I came down and bit the left nipple while squeezing the right one like a lemon. She raised her torso and let out a huge moan as if she had been thirsty for ages.

I was playing with her spongy melons, and she was dying to take my meat in her pussy. She looked into my eyes and signaled me to enter her. She removed the foreskin while looking into my eyes so seductively. It was the best feeling I could ever have had in my life. It’s so much so heavenly.

She set my cock at the entrance and asked me to enter her. As it was my first time losing my virginity, I couldn’t enter her smoothly. She began laughing at my stupidity and idiotic dick. Such a bhabhi she was for her stupid, idiotic devar.

She guided it near her hole. The hole was quite tight to enter, and I asked her why. She said, “Your brother never spends time with me. Neither is he interested in his wife’s poot.”

The mushroom of my cock entered her juicy, warm, flowing pussy. She hugged me so tightly and locked her legs on my hips. I was slowly entering her pussy, and tears were flowing from her eyes which was a sign of her satisfaction.

Slowly and steadily, I began to fuck her tight pussy. She was scratching my back while moaning with her satisfaction.

As I increased my speed, she also started moaning loudly as no one in the area could hear us. I was locked in her legs and arms. The sound of ‘pachak… pachak… pachak’ came from our fucking.

I can see in her eyes how much she’s starved of healthy meat in her pussy. Our eyes were locked. She signaled me not to stop anytime sooner. She was in a trance, enjoying my cock in her tight pussy.

I couldn’t handle her pussy for longer as it was my first time. I told her that I cumming. She locked me tightly into herself. It was enough to understand to fill her pussy with my seeds. Spurt after spurt was hitting her cervix, and she began to bite my shoulder while holding me tightly.

I lost all my eyesight while cumming in her pussy and searching for the breath of life. Never in my life have I cum so hugely and heavily. It took me time to regain consciousness.

She was still trembling like a fish out of water, indicating her deepest satisfaction level. I slept on her side and began to lick our juices from her pussy and let her also taste our juices. We didn’t realize when we fell asleep. The time was 07:00 PM, and I asked her to wake up.

She refused like a baby and asked me to fill her pussy one more time. I told her it was almost dark, and we got back home. We came home, and I sat on the sofa to watch TV. Bhaiya came home at about 09:20 PM. He was tired like hell and was drunk.

Upon my asking about his condition, he said his friends offered him the drinks. Bhabhi came to him and was furious like hell. She went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner. After finishing our dinner, I took bhaiya to his room. Bhabhi was waiting for him to fall asleep, and I was again watching TV.

After an hour, she came to me naked, sat on me and began kissing me. She asked me to complete the next fucking, due in the storeroom. At home, too, we fucked like there was no tomorrow. We were like honeymoon couples.

We fucked and fucked, but still, she was asking me to fuck her once again before going to sleep. I took her to the bedroom and fucked her beside bhaiya. The time was three in the morning, we wore our clothes, and I went to the hall.

I couldn’t wake up early in the morning due to yesterday’s fucking. The time was about 11:00 AM, and I felt someone on my body. It was none other than bhabhi, all naked, scratching my nipples and asking me to fill her pussy with my meat.

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