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Getting Steamy With My Sexy Teacher Rekha

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I was a guy who never liked college and used to skip most of the classes because it was boring – until this new teacher joined. Our new teacher was a walking sex bomb! She was not too skinny, n

I was a guy who never liked college and used to skip most of the classes because it was boring – until this new teacher joined. Our new teacher was a walking sex bomb! She was not too skinny, not too fat, just on point with the perfect set of boobs and ass that pops out and a pretty face with red juicy lips to match it. Her name was Rekha.

Rekha used to wear saree every day with semi-sleeveless and back-exposed blouse. So, every time she turned back to write on the board, I used to get a hard erection looking at her sexy back and her body structure. I was waiting for the college to get over so I could jerk off thinking of her sexy body.

One day, I was in the class waiting for her to enter the classroom. Rekha teacher entered wearing a black saree with a backless blouse and the saree was low enough to get a good view of her sexy fair belly. My mind was having all sorts of thoughts. I wanted to hold her tightly and lick every inch of her body but didn’t know how to do it but I really wanted to. So, I thought I should take a chance and try my best.

Rekha was very friendly with the students and used to help them clear their doubts after college hours. So, I thought I would stay back today and see how it went. I waited for that last bell to ring and was hoping nobody else stayed back that day and thankfully, nobody did. I was really glad, but also nervous.

Then I went to the staff room to look for her. The teachers were having a meeting. I stepped in and said –

Me: Ma’am, I have a few doubts. I need some help.

She told me: Wait in the classroom. I’ll come once the meeting is over.

Then I waited for 15-20 minutes and she entered the classroom. My heart started pounding.

She smiled and asked: Yes Karan, what do you need help with?

I asked a question for the sake of it. She opened her book and was preparing to answer. This was the first time I was so close to her. I was looking at her beauty from so close. That belly of hers and the widely visible sexy back! Her pink juicy lips and her musky body odor! I didn’t know what to do or say, but I was really tempted and was too scared to make a move.

Then my teacher started answering my questions with a little smirk on her face. I was not able to take my eyes off her and I was only nodding my head. But in my mind, I was thinking of all the naughty things which I wanted to do with her.

She then finished explaining and asked me: So, is that clear?

I nodded my head saying, “Yes.”

She said: Okay, great. So, I’ll see you tomorrow, Karan.

Then she smiled, got up, and went to the front of the class and was checking things in her bag. Now I had to make a move or else I might never get this chance again. So, even though I was feeling nervous as hell, I got up and started walking toward her.

I went and stood behind her and before it was too late, I went closer and put both my hands around her waist and pulled her toward me and held her tightly. She was shocked and tried to get off. I kissed her neck once tightly and took a good sniff before I let her free.

She told me: Karan! I never expected this from you. Are you out of your mind??!

I thought I’ll just be honest and told her –

Me: Ma’am, I know what I did was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. Looking at you every day, I dreamt of getting closer to you and doing all kinds of things with you. You’re just too sexy.

She was not as mad as I expected her to be and she said –

She: I know how it feels when you’re this young, but I am your teacher. And you can’t do it. I am not going to tell this to the principal, but this action should never be repeated.

I knew for a fact that she would not be in the class with me alone after what I did. So, whatever I wanted to do, could be done right there.

So I said: Thank you, ma’am, I’m glad you’re so understanding. But I have to tell you I’m crazy about you. You’re really sexy, your backless blouse, your hot waist, your scent, and your lips, I really want to get a taste. I know I’m younger than you, but I’m old enough to do it.

Even though she was acting mad, I knew that the words had hit the right spots. She took 3-5 seconds and said –

She: Just go home, Karan.

I doubted anything wasn’t gonna happen that day and so I left. But I had some good feelings about how it ended.

Days went by and there was tension between us and never looked at each other eye to eye.

After 2 weeks:

I was in the classroom when my sexy teacher Rekha entered and I was stunned. She was wearing a sleeveless orange blouse and a thin orange saree. The saree was so low that I could see her navel.

I definitely wasn’t the only one with a bricked-up bottom in the classroom. There was an event for college students so she had dressed even sexier for the occasion. Everyone was welcomed to the event and you bet, I went.

Then I glanced at the entire room looking for my dream lady and there she was, looking all sexy in that orange saree. I never liked the color orange until that day.

She looked at me at the same time. I waited 2 seconds and smiled and she smiled back. I was floating in the clouds. This was the first time we ever looked at each other after the incident and she hinted to me that she was cool with me.


The story gets way steamier. So, wait for the second part which will be coming soon.