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Lost My Virginity To My Favorite Teacher

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Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 19 years old. I’m here to share my first crazy hot sex with my favorite teacher. Her name is Maya Iyer.

Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 19 years old. I’m here to share my first crazy hot sex with my favorite teacher. Her name is Maya Iyer.

She is 33 years old. She is super fair and looks so beautiful and charming. She has a regular body type with plumy cylindrical arms and no visible belly fat. She is the mother of a 7-year-old girl.

Maya was my physics teacher from 6th grade till 10th grade. To my surprise, Maya was deputed as my physics teacher for my junior college year again. She always used to be in a saree during classes. I attempted to peep into her saree from the side view to check on her boobs and lemony waist.

She has noticed me gazing at her often during classes but never bothered. She only used to give a smile back at me. Maybe, she thought I was only a kid having no ill intentions.

I used to check what could be her boobs size by randomly typing the breast size in google and trying to match it with her size.  From what I could see through her saree and tight blouse, her boobs would be the size of about 3/4th of musk melon. I assumed it was 34D and masturbated thinking of her.

As you all know, I spent the entire junior college online classes during the COVID period with absolutely no sight of her. In December 2021, I saw her passing my house at around 5:30 pm. I was coincidentally standing outside my home.

We met each other after close to 20 months. Both of us looked pleasantly surprised looking at each other. I was only blushing to look at her on the road. She told me that she came to pick up her daughter from dance class and left the place after bidding bye to me.

Just as she passed me, I rushed into the restroom and got my cream out in no time. I used to wait for her at the same time, at 5:30 pm, to see her. I used to hide. I did not want her to be mistaken and create complications in college. She used to be in her saree or a kurta-leggings as she came to pick her daughter up.

After hide and seek for 6 months, I finally made up my mind to tell her that I liked her. It was the day of our board exam results, 20th June 2022. As the results were declared, my few friends and I decided to go to school and thank the teachers.

I met Maya there in the open ground. I asked her for a selfie. She agreed. As I took the pic, I told her, “Ma’am, I wanted to say something.” She willingly asked me with a smile, “Yes, Arun. Tell me.” I hesitated a little and said, “I don’t know if you would like, but… You are very beautiful, and I like you.”

She gave a suspicious smile at me and said with a nod of her head, “Ok. Is that a compliment, or are there any other intentions to this?” I gave her a confusing reply, “Ma’am, it’s more than a compliment, but I don’t have a forcible intention at you.”

She understood my intentions in a flash and, with a stare at me, said, “So, you expect me to say on my own that I like you too?”

Before I could reply, she started advising me, “See, you have been a good student. I have noticed you gazing at me many times but have not bothered to make it an issue, as it would hamper your studies. To add to that, I’m 15 years older than you. Almost double your age. And I’m married with a 7-year-old kid. So, don’t have any intentions with me.”

She finally concluded, stating, “As I already said, you are a good student of mine. So, I will not hold any grudge against you for this. All the best for your future. I have a class. So, I’m leaving now. Bye.”

I felt disappointed that day. Only her anguish-filled words were running through my mind that entire day. But still, I continued to see her, hiding every day when she used to pass my house. A month passed by. I was peeping through a narrow opening in my living room window, waiting to see her.

As she passed by, I noticed her stopping and looking at my house. She stood there for a few seconds and then left. I was confused about whether I needed to open the door and go out. But then decided not to do as she would get to know that I was looking at her by hiding if I suddenly opened the door and went out.

But then, I decided to stand outside my house from the next day onwards, waiting for her. I stood outside my house the next day, waiting for Maya at 5 pm. She came dot on time at 5:30 pm. She slowed down with a smile seeing me there.

I wised her, “Hello, ma’am.” She said, “Hi. So how are you?” I replied, “I’m good.” She asked, “Is your mind cleared now or still cluttered?” I said, “It’s a 4-year-old clutter. Cannot clear so easily.” She gave me a surprised smile at me and asked, “What?”

In a shy tone, bowing my head down, I said, “I have been looking at you for a long time, ma’am.” She was even more surprised. With an open mouth, not knowing what to speak. I thought there was a chance here. So, with a little hesitant tone, I said, “Aah. Yes. But one correction, ma’am.”

She asked, “What is it?” I replied, “I said I have been looking at you for 4 years. But the correct way to say is I have been trying to see you for 4 years.” She did not understand me for a few seconds as she looked confused. But then she picked the threads up and slapped my arms hard.

She said, “Imagining your teacher nude and saying that to her openly. How audacious?” In a lighter tone, she said, “Come inside your house. I’ll talk to your mother. Your mind will get cleared in a minute.”

With my tongue out, I told her, “My parents come back from work at 7 pm. But you can come in if you want to clear my mind yourself.” She looked stumped yet did not lose her cool. With a smile at me, she said, “You have just finished junior college. And look at the dirt filled in your mind.”

I laughed out loud. She bit her teeth, and with a smile, she pushed my head to the side. That smile on her face made me feel that she was getting interested in me. I took this opportunity and asked for her mobile number. She gave me a long look at me with a smile to give her number.

I asked her, “What happened?” She paused for a second and said, “Nothing. I don’t have an issue sharing my number. I’m just thinking if I’m slowly starting to… Anyways, you leave that. You take my number.”

I was getting a little anxious about what she was about to say. I first took her number. I asked her, “You did not complete what you wanted to say.” She asked me, “What did I not complete?” I repeated her words to her and asked her, “What after that?”

Maya blushed by saying, “Assume whatever you want to complete that sentence. I’m sure you will not be wrong.” She started to move, bidding me bye.
As she moved, the broad smile on her face did show that she was getting interested.

I started messaging her from a “Good Morning ma’am, Good Night ma’am” to general chats throughout the day. She was responding well except during her class hours. We also started meeting every evening when she passed my house. After about 10 days, I slowly started flirting with her.

I started admiring her beauty, and I even said, “If I get a wife who looks like you, I swear I will not sleep the entire night.”

On 15th August 2022, as we were chatting, my lust was hitting the roof. After about 20 days, I took that topic again and asked her to complete her sentence. She sent a shocked emoji and asked, “You have still not figured it out?” I said, “No. I want to hear from you.”

She replied stating, “Go up and check your messages. See how you are flirting with me. I have already told you I’m your teacher and almost double your age. Despite that, if I have given you the room to talk to me like this, can’t you understand that I’m ok with your intentions about me?”

I replied, “Yes, you give me a lot of room to get personal. Can’t you understand that feeling of mine?” Maya did not reply to any of my messages after that.
The next day, on 16th August 2022, I was lying on my living room sofa. At about 4 pm, the calling bell rang.

As I opened the door, Maya stood out in a lemon-yellow saree and the same-colored blouse with a horsetail ponytail. She was staring at me with her hands folded. It seemed she was coming directly from the school. I was a little confused by her stare. She came in and asked me to close the door.

As I closed the door and turned around, she came close to me with our upper bodies rubbing against each other.

She then asked, “What’s your problem? You are my student. You said you like me. I sensed it was more to do than just a compliment. I did not make it an issue. Then you asked for my number and started flirting with me. Even then, I entertained you. Now seeing and talking to me looks elementary to you, is it?”

I got nervous that she was so angry at me and might complain to my parents. I stood, unable to move, with the main door behind Maya and me standing almost over my feet. I got scared and started to sweat. As I blinked at her with a heavy breath, not knowing what to tell her, Maya’s reaction slowly changed.

She smiled and asked me, “What? You don’t want to go beyond talking?” Slowly looking down at my lips. With some hesitation, I slowly placed my hands on the side of her thighs over her saree. Maya immediately grabbed my hands and placed them over her waist.

Just as my hands touched her soft waist, Maya grabbed my cheeks and jammed her lips over mine. I could not control my emotions as I rolled my arms around her waist and started kissing her. She was even more passionate than me. She grabbed the hair on my head and started to kiss me sloppily.

I loved the way Maya dominated me physically. We moved inside the house, slowly kissing each other deeply. After about a minute of intense smooching, Maya slowly withdrew her tongue from my mouth. She grabbed my T-shirt, pulled me inside the house and pushed me onto the sofa.

I fell and sat in the middle of the 3-seater sofa. Maya unpinned her saree and blouse on her left shoulder. I got so desperate. I removed my T-shirt and slipped it on the handrest of the sofa. Maya then raised her saree to her knees and climbed on the sofa.

She placed the safety pin on the windowpane behind the sofa and sat right over my hard dick, resting on her knees on either side of my thighs. I could not resist anymore. I grabbed her saree pallu and pulled her saree down her shoulder. I had just started to undress her.

But I was getting more and more desperate to see her nude. As her saree dropped down her shoulder, her glowing fair cleavage made me drool. I hugged her tight and jammed my face into her cleavage, kissing and licking her bust. I grabbed her boobs and, squeezing them hard, continued kissing and licking her.

Maya allowed me to caress her upper body. She closed her eyes, held my head with her right hand and placed her left hand on her head. It was getting too sultry. Her blouse was almost completely drenched in sweat. I continued licking and kissing her cleavage.

I lifted both her boobs up and slowly unhooked her blouse with my teeth. As I unhooked the third and last hook in her blouse, I tried to open it up quickly to check on her bust. But the blouse was soaked so much in her sweat that it was sticking tightly over her wet body.

Maya then helped me by slowly removing her blouse and dropping it on the floor. Her grey bra was equally wet and looked almost black. I raised her bra cup and pulled her soft big musk melon out. Wasting no time, I grabbed her boobs and engulfed her dark brown mammae into my mouth.

I sucked her fat protruded nipples so hard as if I was going to get milk. I could not stop squeezing her big spongy breasts and sucking her fat hard nipples. I took turns and sucked both her nipples for a few minutes. Maya allowed me to caress her boobs.

I slowly took my hands off her boobs and rolled them around to her back. Licking her cleavage, I unhooked her bra behind her. I tried to pull her bra straps down her shoulders. Maya helped me by pulling her arms out of her bra straps.
Her wet bra stuck between our bodies. I quickly slipped it down on the floor just beside her blouse. As I got a better sight of her boobs, I spotted a small mole on the top-right side of her left boobs. I lifted her little sagging left boobs again and slowly circled my tongue over her mole for a few seconds.

I then slowly went up, kissing her body. As I reached her chin, Maya grabbed the hair behind my head, tilted my face towards her and whispered with a little heavy breath, “Want to go further?” I blinked at her for a few seconds as I simultaneously went through excitement and nervousness.

Not knowing what to say at the moment, I stuttered a little and asked, “What do you mean?” Maya stared at me and said, “Don’t pretend to be innocent. You know what I’m asking.” I slowly started to smile with some shyness. She asked me, “Have you done it before?” I shook my head, indicating “No.”

Maya raised her eyebrows and asked, “Virgin?” I said “Yes” and quickly followed it up by saying, “But I would love to lose my virginity to the woman because of whom I have wasted liters of my semen into the toilet commode.”

Maya giggled and asked, looking around, “So, where do you want to lose your virginity? On the sofa?” I quickly loosened her horsetail ponytail by removing her hairband and rolling it on the floor. I then lifted Maya on my waist and carried her to my parent’s bedroom, as I had only a single bed in my room.

As I got to the bed, I walked on my knees and placed Maya at the center of the bed. Maya removed the two hairpins on the top of her head. She also removed her mangalsutra and slipped her hairpins and mangalsutra under the pillow. I could not resist the sight of her wet glowing upper body.

I was getting too desperate to experience sexual feelings for the first time in my life. Without wasting time, I pulled the saree tucked inside her petticoat over her abdomen. I then randomly pulled her saree down without bothering about the layers of saree circling her waist.

As I managed to lower her saree a little, her petticoat knot was visible. I quickly untied the knot and pulled her petticoat and saree down her thighs and legs. Maya raised her buttocks, allowing me to remove them. I removed her saree and petticoat, rolled them like a ball and threw it on the floor.

My dick was almost tearing out of my underwear and track pants seeing her juicy and fleshy thighs. With one hand holding my hard dick over my track, I advanced towards her on my knees between her legs. I grabbed her panty on either side of her waist and got her nude by pulling it down her thighs and legs.

I removed her panty and slipped it on the bed. My mouth was drooling to see her dark hairy pussy and pussy lips folded a little to the outside. I slowly put my hand into her bush. I dipped my middle finger inside her wet pussy lips. In a loud tone, Maya said, “Oh God.”

I lifted my face to look at her and asked her, “What happened?” With a broad smile, she said, “It just flashed in my mind. About 2 months ago, I saw you as a kid. Now, look at what we are up to here.”

I removed my track pants and underwear flashily with a lusty stare at her. I could see the same emotions flowing inside Maya as well with the way she was giving a staring smile at me. I lifted my hard dick. Maya’s eyes went down at my dick for a few seconds.

As she looked up again, I asked her, “Me? A kid? I’m on the verge of becoming a man now.” Saying that I slowly rubbed my lubricating dick over her pussy lips. As I stuck my dick into her pussy hole, Maya lifted her upper body.

By saying, “You will become a man when I say so,” she pulled me down with her on the bed. We cuddled on the bed for a few seconds kissing randomly. Maya then got on top of me. I was lying flat on the bed. She lay a little on her sides.

With her right breast jammed into my chest, she grabbed my dick and started stroking it gently. She then bent her face down, and we started kissing as she continued to stroke my dick. I felt the inner flesh of my dick coming out slowly, with my foreskin going down every time she stroked my dick.

I was silently praying that I should not ejaculate just with this kissing and hand-job from her. I badly wanted to experience my first intercourse somehow that day. After about a minute of gentle hand-job, Maya pulled her lips out from mine. She glanced at my dick, looked at my face and said, “Come.”

Saying that, she lay down on the bed. I slowly rolled over her. Maya spread her legs wide and allowed me to get in between her legs. My eyes were just over her chin. I lay over Maya grabbing her shoulders from underneath. My lust and anxiety were hitting the roof. I started hitting my dick into her bush.

She stopped me, saying, “Wait.” Maya then put her hand between our waists, grabbed my dick and slowly rubbed it over her pussy lips a few times. As my dick got stuck into her pussy hole, she grabbed my hair and whispered, “Yes. Now you are indeed on the verge of becoming a man. Go on.”

Without thinking for a second, I pushed my dick inside her pussy. Both of us gasped loud as the head of my dick penetrated her pussy. I experienced a mixture of feelings at that point. I felt pain, tickles, heat and gripping sensations over my dick as I penetrated her pussy.

Maya closed her eyes tight, shrinking her face. She had spread her hands across the bed, exposing her even-toned broad armpits with a long oval-shaped patch of minute hair sprouts. I could not resist the feeling. I grabbed her shoulders tight from underneath and pushed my dick deeper inside her pussy.

With almost 3/4th of my dick inside her pussy, I started fucking her by moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy. It was painful initially, but then I started loving the feeling of her wet, sticky and tight pussy flesh on my dick. I loved every second of my intercourse with Maya.

There were multiple sounds every time I screwed Maya. Sounds of Maya’s sensual moaning, the bed creaking, and the sticky sound of my dick rubbing the inner flesh of her pussy. I continued fucking her deep and hard for a few more seconds.

I suddenly felt a strong tickling sensation through the length of my dick. My semen gushed out of my dick, and I splashed multiple rounds of my semen inside Maya. I started to moan this time as I felt the extreme pleasures of sex. I fell over Maya jamming my face into her wet underarms.

I even went on to chew her rough armpit flesh as my dick splashed my semen inside her in multiple installments. I ejaculated my semen for the first time through intercourse. We were breathing heavy, sweating heavy and stinking heavy. But I was overjoyed with what I experienced.

My dick shrunk in size and slowly oozed out of her pussy. I rolled down from her and lay down tired on the bed. Maya slept beside me for some time, after which she woke up, freshened up and slowly started putting on her dress.

She even flicked my mother’s bindi from the dressing table as she lost her’s during the intercourse. Maya completed her dressing and hairdo as before we started. We hugged each other tightly. She bid goodbye to me and left.

From that day onwards, we started fucking regularly and are continuing our affair to date.

So, friends, this was my real-life sex experience with my favorite teacher, Maya Iyer. Please let me know your feedback on the day of kinky sex in my parent’s bedroom. You could also write to me at my mail id [email protected]