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Vandana’s sexual discovery – Part 1

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Name: Vandana Age: 26 Stats: 34-30-34 (Hourglass figure) Vandana woke up by the gentle kiss from her husband on her forehead. As she opened her eyes, her husband wished her, “Good morning,” She smi

Name: Vandana
Age: 26
Stats: 34-30-34 (Hourglass figure)

Vandana woke up by the gentle kiss from her husband on her forehead. As she opened her eyes, her husband wished her, “Good morning,” She smiled at him with love in her eyes. It was the life she dreamt of, and she is happy with where she is now.

A handsome husband and a happy family. She is a simple girl who studied hard to get a good job. She knows nothing other than working hard and being successful in life.

As her husband left for work, she took a bath and came to the room. As she opened her wardrobe, she saw pink lingerie among all the lingerie she possessed. It brought memories that she kept with her. No one knows them, not even her loving husband.

That lingerie brought back her memories of Rishi, her senior, her Ex, her Master. He treated her as a sex slave. Within her heart, she enjoyed everything he did to her and her body. She clearly remembers her first day at her college. She started college along with her friend Sneha.

Sneha comes from a rich background and wants to be a model. She always takes care of her appearance when she goes out in public. Sneha picked Vandana on her scooty, and they reached college. Their seniors are ready to rag the new juniors.

Sneha dressed in a shirt and tight jeans showing her ass shape clearly. Vandana dressed in churidar with leggings that showed her perfect thighs. There comes the hero Rishi who called these two sexy girls near them. He started to question them regarding their details.

Sneha is so rude by nature and starts to answer them with arrogance. When they ask her to do sit-ups, she bends down seductively, giving a glimpse of her cleavage to the seniors. Vandana couldn’t believe what Sneha did.

As they left, she asked her why she did that. Sneha replied that she wanted to grab their attention and be the college’s hottest chick. And thus, they started their college life. Every day they used to come together and go to class together.

But after one month, every alternative day, Sneha used to ask Vandana to wait at the parking lot. She would come after 30-45 minutes, and they used to start home. This irked Vandana as Sneha would always tell her what she was doing. But there is something that she is hiding from her.

Vandana wanted to find out the secret behind Sneha coming late after the class. So, she decided to follow Sneha after the class that day. Sneha walked past the women’s washroom. It surprised Vandana as she thought she was going to the washroom.

Sneha entered the storeroom, which is adjacent to the washroom. Vandana went near the window and peeked at the room, shocked at what she saw. As she entered the room, Sneha slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She tied the shirt around her waist, flaunting the sexy floral bra that she wore.

Then Vandana noticed Rishi sitting on the chair. Sneha came down on her knees and started to move like a dog towards Rishi. As she came near, Rishi caught hold of her pony, dragged her face towards his crotch, and questioned her, “Why is my bitch late today?”

Sneha replied in a husky tone, “One of the professors wanted to meet me after the class. He wanted to taste my pussy again this weekend, Master”.

Rishi started to unbuckle his pant and lowered them. He brought out his 9-inch monster, which is black and the size of a cricket bat handle. Vandana looked at it in awe. It’s the first time she is watching a grown-up adult dick live.

She has watched children’s dick many times. But it’s the first time she is watching a hard adult dick. She had a lump in her throat. She swallowed and watched Sneha licking it from the bottom to the top with her tongue. Rishi continued to ask her, “Then what did you say slut?”

He caught hold of her neck and pushed his dick deep into her throat. He took it out, and the dick was completely wet by Sneha’s saliva and was shining. Vandana’s throat became dry watching it. She can feel that for the first time, her pussy became moist, watching the act directly.

Vandana never masturbates and thinks it’s wrong to do. She even skips the nude and sex scenes in the web series or the movies while watching them. But today, this is different. She wants to know what they will do now and what will happen next.

Meanwhile, Sneha started to stroke his monster and licked his ball sack. She replied, “I told him I would ask my master’s permission and will let you know.” Hearing what Sneha said, Rishi’s lips formed a smile.

He caught hold of her neck and lifted Sneha. He kissed her on her lips, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and sucking out the air from her lungs. He pushed Sneha onto the bench. He made her bend, lying her face down on the bench, and pulled her jeans down, revealing her thong.

Vandana was shocked when she saw Sneha wearing a thong to the college. Her eyes were wide open, looking at how the thong got struck between her ass cheeks. Rishi pulled it out and slapped her ass hard, and spanked them.

Telling, “That’s my slut. You should get your Master’s permission to sleep with anyone else, understood?” He pinched her ass cheeks with one hand. His grip on her throat became tight as he said those words, and Sneha nodded in approval.

He turned Sneha towards him and tore the thong apart. He said, “I love to tear your panties before tearing your pussy with my monster. That’s why I asked you to wear thongs to college.” Saying this, he started to run his fingers on her pussy.

Vandana noticed that Sneha’s pussy was wet and shining with all her juices spread. Rishi started to finger fuck her pussy deep as she could hear Sneha moan. Watching all that Vandana couldn’t control anymore. She touched her pussy over the dress.

She felt that her pussy leaked a lot watching, and a wet patch was formed over her legging. After playing with Sneha’s pussy for quite some time. Rishi rubbed his dick over her pussy. He pushed his dick in one go into Sneha’s wet pussy. A loud moan from Sneha filled the store room.

Rishi continued to bang her hard, pulling his dick out to the head and pushing it in hard and strong. Sneha continued to moan, kissing Rishi hard and responding to his strokes by moving her hip. Vandana’s throat became dry looking at the scene.

Rishi continued to pound Sneha with long and hard strokes. After banging Sneha for 10 minutes, he turned her around. He started to fuck her from behind, spreading her ass cheeks. He fucked her by pulling her hair back and slapping her ass cheeks as he fucks her.

Vandana’s eyes became wide open. She never knew that they could do sex from behind. She always thought that sex is done by women lying down and men on top. She saw Sneha moaning in pleasure as Rishi started to destroy her pussy violently.

Rishi started moving his hips fast, and Sneha started to moan, “Oh, I am cumming.” She cum. Vandana witnessed a stream of pussy juices lining up on Rishi’s dick as he continued to fuck her. Then he turned Sneha towards him and made her kneel.

He pushed his dick into her throat and cummed in her mouth. The cum overflew in her mouth, making way to her boobs. Sneha smiled as he removed his dick and spread his cum all over her boobs.

They continued to speak as Rishi asked when her parents would be out of town. Sneha replied that next week and Rishi, with a cunning smile, said, “Then be ready bitch. I am going to show heaven for the whole week.”

Sneha smiled and said she was always ready to get fucked by his dick. She kissed the limp dick and started to dress. Vandana knew that she would be at the parking in no time. So she reached and stood by the vehicle. As Sneha reached, she asked, “What took you so long?”

Sneha replied, “It’s a long story. Let’s go home.” Once home, Vandana ran into the washroom and removed her pant and panty. She saw how wet her panty was. She slept imagining their fucking and started to rub her pussy over her dress.

She came to know how good it feels to rub her pussy for the first time. She cum for the first time in her life and went into trans. She slept very well, eager to know what they would do the next day.

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