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The Valentine Virginity – Part 6

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Hello, Horny readers and ISS fans. This is your Arjun back again. Thank you, readers and my dear fans that contacted me and appreciated my story. Special thanks to my female fans too.

Hello, Horny readers and ISS fans. This is your Arjun back again. Thank you, readers and my dear fans that contacted me and appreciated my story. Special thanks to my female fans too.

I request the readers (both boys and girls) to reach out to me on Google Chats so we can stay connected. I would love to connect with more like-minded ISS fans.

Re-introduction about me. Arjun is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 27 years old, 6 foot tall, fair and regular gym guy with an athletic fit body and a 7.5-inch dick. I work in an IT company near OMR, Chennai.

About the Heroines of my life. First is Megha, my sex partner. 25 years old, 5.6 feet tall and stats of 34-30-36. She looks like Shraddha Kapoor. Next is her Younger sister Anika. Age 23. 5.6 feet tall and stats of 36-30-36.

She resembles South Actress Ishwarya Menon. I kindly request you to read the last parts for the flow of understanding.

Anika (again with her evil smile): You think you fucked me by mistake? Do you think Megha asked you to come here? Do you still think I was a victim of your identity mistake, Arjun?

Me: What’s happening here, Anika? I am fucking confused now.

With her evil but a cute smile still on her face, Anika lay back on the couch, her face away from me and her legs on my lap. We both were still naked from the previous session. Very casually, Anika started explaining to me what was happening.

Anika: Even before you came to know about my sister’s love for you, I knew.

Me: Megha told you? I didn’t know that.

Anika: No. She didn’t say anything. Her moans did. (Smiling)

Me: What do you mean?

Anika: I don’t know if you and Megha are aware of this, but the wall separating our rooms is very thin. I can very clearly hear all those happening in her room. I have often heard her moaning your name while rubbing her pussy. That’s when I came to know that bitch is horny on you.

Anika: It was then that Valentine’s Day came. Do you want to know what I witnessed that night?

All the while, she was talking to me. She rubbed her cute little feet on my dick and all over my body. She even teased me by rubbing her toe fingers on my lips. She was giving me a foot job on my dick, and her soft toes were creating magic in my dick.

Anika explained how she could hear Megha’s moans in her room. I understood she must have heard everything that happened between her sister and me that night. But what excited me the most at the time was the moment that was unfolding before my eyes.

My girlfriend’s sister was lying on the couch beside me, displaying her gorgeous boobs and pinky pussy to her sister’s boyfriend. Giving a foot job to my dick and very sensually explained how she used to hear her sister’s finger by moaning my name. I wanted to hear more of what she had to say.

I caught her toes, brought them to my face and rubbed those smooth rosy toes all over mine. I started sucking every finger of her toes. I don’t have a feet fetish, but I still loved playing with her foot and sucking them.

Me: Yes. Tell me what you saw that night.

Anika was twisting and moaning a little due to her toes’ pleasure. Still, she continued explaining to me the events of that night.

Anika: I woke up to some low-moaning noise in the night. I realized it was my horny sister who was moaning. I guessed, as usual, she was fingering herself thinking of you. But as time passed, I realized the level of intensity in her moans was different today, and something was strange. This made me curious.

Me: You can recognize the intensity of your sister’s moaning? That’s strange.

Anika got up from the couch, pushed me back on the couch, made me lie on it, and she sat on my chest. Her moist and wet pussy lips were split open and were rubbing on my chest and nipples. She bent down near my face, licked my lips, went near my ears and started chewing my ears with her lips.

This was sudden and too pleasurable. I grabbed her naked ass and kneaded them very hard while she attacked my ears and neck.

Anika: I am a horny bitch like my sister and sometimes even more horny and dirty than her, Arjun. Wanna know a dirty secret of mine, fucker? I sometimes watch her fingering her pussy, and I finger myself.

This was too surprising and one hell of a secret. I was too stunned to speak.

Me: WTF? You finger yourself watching your sister masturbate?

Anika: (Sat on my face now) That’s why I said I am a horny little bitch than my sister. Now eat and suck my pussy Arjun. I have been dying for this moment for a long time. Hear me spill my secrets while you feast on your girlfriend’s little sister’s pussy.

She often kept mentioning “girlfriend’s little sister” to address herself. I understood that the little slut enjoyed that. Even hearing her say that each time turned me on even more.

Anika: Yes. Even though she is my sister, I am too a girl. I, too, get turned on. While a person is fingering and pleasuring herself next room, how can I control myself? Curiosity made me peek at her for the first time, and ever since then, it became my fingering routine to peep at her masturbating.

Every dirty word out of her mouth and every little secret she spilt turned me on. Also, her young, sweet pussy. I am briefly breaking up from the story to describe you guys about her pussy.

She had a clean waxed pussy. She must have done it just that morning. It was like a teenage girl’s fresh pussy. They were like rose petals and so pinkish too. Have no idea if it’s her body smell or the fragrance of the body wash she uses, but her pussy smelled so damn fresh and juicy (even after I fucked her.)

Also, her taste. Though her cum and juices were salty, she had a strange flavour. It made my tongue dig deep into her and suck more of her honey. Now back to the story.

Anika: Holy fuck yeah Arjun. Keep sucking and eating my pussy. Oh, God. I guess you are getting turned on by me saying about your girlfriend’s fingering sessions and my pervert nature of spying on my sister’s naked boobs and pussy. You like it, don’t you, mother fucker? That’s it. Twist your tongue like that inside my pussy Arjun.

My tongue was obeying her commands and doing its business deep inside her wet, dripping pussy.

Me: Continue with the story slut. I want to hear more.

Anika: Oh, Yes. I will say everything. On Valentine’s Night, I peeped through the keyhole, hearing the intensity of her moaning. That’s when I saw you between my sister’s pussy, eating her out like it was the last meal of your life. I was excited to see you there. But what got me more excited was Megha’s reaction.

Anika: From her facial expressions, I could understand the level of pleasure your tongue gave my sister’s pussy. I was turned on instantly. Like a programmed response, my hands automatically reached my pussy. I started pleasuring myself. It was then you displayed your Royal cock to my sister.

Anika: The first sight of it made me cum uncontrollably. I collapsed near the door due to the pleasure of cumming, seeing your dick. While I regained myself after a few minutes and again started peeping, I noticed you ramming Megha’s pussy.

Anika:  Not only that. I was so jealous of my sister for every single item you used on her (please read the previous parts to know what those were) and the way you showed her heaven.

Anika: At that moment, I wanted to run into the room and join you both and get fucked by my sister’s boyfriend’s dick in front of my sister itself. The whole time you were there fucking her lick a horse, I watched every second of it. The moment you entered my sister, for the first time in my life, I squirted looking at you both.

Anika: I was surprised you both didn’t hear my moan outside the door while I cummed like a dog. At that moment, I decided that I must somehow seduce and make you fuck me, Arjun. So I planned for a long time and created the perfect situation today.

Anika: My Mom and Megha were planning to go out today. So I took Megha’s mobile and texted you to come here, even dressed like her. I thought of making my move on you first and submitting you to me. But your surprise attack was unplanned.

Anika: As per my plan, I got fucked by your dick and even lost my virginity. And now I am living the dream of my life by getting my pussy sucked by my lovely sister’s hot boyfriend, who is under my pussy. Good Arjun. I am cumming. Don’t stop.

As she was about to complete the words, I reached her g-spot and played my tongue skill exactly there. Like a dam burst open, Anika started squirting out her juices. She cummed continuously for 2 mins. Her juices completely drenched my face.

Even the couch was soaking wet and dripping onto the floor. Like dead meat, Anika just fell on her back onto the couch. I sat back on the couch, wiped away her squirt from her face and dived right into her lips. She lay there like a lifeless body, completely surrendering her lips to me to get feasted.

After a couple of minutes of feasting on her lips,

Me: Anika. Are you alright?

Anika: Fuck yes, Arjun. I have never squirted this much in my life. My pussy is on fire. You have some oral skills. My bitch sister is too damn lucky to get you.

Me: Why only Megha is lucky? From this day on, your pussy, too, belongs to my dick, and you can share my dick along with your sister. I love your sister. That doesn’t change. But I am not a fool to let go of such a precious bitch in my life who is so addicted to her “Sister’s boyfriend’s cock”.

Anika: Are you serious, Arjun? I thought you would enjoy once with me and stop it. I never thought this would keep continuing.

Me: Are you fucking kidding me? I still haven’t fucked your cute little pussy to my heart’s content. You are yet to face the complete wrath of my cock on your virgin pussy and asshole, Anika. Both you sisters now belong to me.

Anika: Really? If so, I have a wish that I guess only you can satisfy me.

I was intrigued by what her wish would be. Also, I know that I would do anything she asked me cause, like Megha, even Anika had got me addicted to her body.

Me: What wish? Tell me bitch. My dick would make it come true for you.

Anika: (slightly hesitantly) I want to taste my sister. I want to eat her. I want to fuck Megha. As you did, I want to make her body mine too. I need your help to fuck my Elder sister Megha. Will you please help me, Arjun?

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