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Sex with a Chinese co worker

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Hi, this is a story of how I got together with my Chinese co-worker. I am 5″8 guy aged 23 with an average size 6-inch dick.

Hi, this is a story of how I got together with my Chinese co-worker. I am 5″8 guy aged 23 with an average size 6-inch dick.

I started work at a new job. On my first day, I was introduced to a Chinese co-worker. Being an Indian guy, I never had the opportunity to be with a non-Indian lady. I usually don’t find them attractive. But this time was different.

She was shorter than me at around 5″ 4 with small A-cup boobs and a tight ass. She had a very pretty face and a nice fit body.

My new job involved working with her alone, away from the rest of the office. I was so glad of the opportunity for this. Being stuck in the same office room and being the only ones to talk to, we quickly found company with each other and started talking about everything and anything.

Being young and around the same age, our topics quickly diverted to sex and sex jokes while also slightly flirting with each other. I learned she was much more experienced than me, and being with many other guys attracted me.

One day we bought a new shelf for storage solutions in our office room and had to fix it. While I was screwing the top piece of wood on, she was bending down and screwing the bottom shelves when I joked with her.

“Wow, it sure didn’t take me long to get you on your knees,” She giggled and said, “Yeah, I am in a perfect position to do something interesting.”

Me: Do you think the rest of the office would know if anything happened between us?

Her: Nope, no one even comes in. It honestly gets a bit lonely in here.

Me: Then what’s stopping us from having fun?

She stopped screwing the shelf on and looked up into my eyes. She stood up and kissed me. I took up the opportunity and kissed her back vigorously with my right hand squeezing her tight ass over her jeans and my left hand going up under her shirt up her back.

I fell back on the office chair with her on top of me. Our lips did not separate before she slid down onto her knees and unbuckled my pants. She grabbed my very hard dick and started stroking it with her small hands.

It was no surprise she was quite experienced. She pulled my foreskin back to expose my red tip and spat on it, mixing my precum with her spit. She gave my dick a couple more strokes and kissed the tip of my dick. Then licked the tip a bit.

She then sucked just the tip of my dick again before slowly moving down my shaft, gobbling my dick inch by inch before deep throating my entire dick. For a small woman, she had great throat reflex.

At every motion, she would go down my shaft. Then back up and then go further down and back up till she reaches the base of my cock. She would be choking on it. Then take a break and keep stroking my dick with her hand before repeating.

She continued this process with stroking and sucking and deep throating. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and kept arching my head back. The best I could do was hold her hair back and let her do her magic.

Suddenly she stopped and said, “Stop closing your eyes, look at me” I looked down. She made eye contact with me the whole way as she again deep-throated my whole dick. This sent me crazy her cute eyes and face were gobbling my dick.

She then started doing a technique I had never experienced before. At every motion up and down my shaft, she would twirl her tongue around my dick. I could no longer hold my cum.

Swallowing it all like it was her reward. She said, “It is our turn now.” Then she started taking off her pants. I was confused but couldn’t take my eyes off her pink panties. She instructed me to get on the floor, and did as instructed. She then slid down her panties to expose her pussy.

It was quite a small pussy compared to what I had seen and was neatly shaven. It was a lot darker compared to her pale skin colour, which made it look even better. Before I knew it, she sat on my face with her pussy lips rubbing against my mouth.

I kissed the top of her clit before licking the pussy up and down. I tried to split her pussy lips and push my tongue inside her but couldn’t get far. I still got to taste the inside of her. I wanted more, so I continued to lick and suck on her pussy lips. I even ventured my tongue close to her ass.

No drop of her pussy’s wetness was wasted as I kept swallowing everything that dripped. Getting more and more turned on, she grabbed my hair and started pushing her pussy into my mouth and riding my face aggressively.

Now my whole face was covered with her wetness. But I knew she didn’t want to stop. She kept going and going before she said, “I think… I think… I think I am going to cum,” trying to catch her breath between her words.

I knew my next role and opened my mouth when I found a non-continuous cum shot squirt in my mouth. Our work became quite busy, and we didn’t get a chance again, but we were paid to go to a conference together in another city.

I will release part two of what happened there. That is the story, folks. I hope you like it. You can even read my other story here.

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